Chapter 72:Tender Pampering is the Best Strategy

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He lowered his eyes, and Mo hair was scattered behind him, with a bit of murderous color.

"Pei Yunqian."

Shen Shu tentatively raised her hand, she didn't know how much Pei Yunqian had heard of her and Ye Mingxiu's words.

Seeing that Pei Yunqian had returned, Ye Mingxiu wisely packed his medicine box and turned and left the house.

Upon seeing this, Pei Yunqian turned around and closed the door and walked into the room, stopping within a distance of Shen Shu.

The air in the room was silent for an instant, and the breathing of both of them could be heard clearly.

After a long while, Shen Shu raised his head to look at Pei Yunqian, and slowly said, "Pei Yunqian."

Shen Shu's voice was a little choked, and the sentence he said was broken into words.

"I am sorry."

Pei Yunqian moved and knelt down in front of Shen Shu's couch. He raised his hand and gently covered Shen Shu's cheek, his face was surprisingly soft, and his tone was also unusually pampering: "I never blamed you for anything stupid. "

Shen Shu's eyes gradually moistened, and her gaze slowly moved down to Pei Yunqian's left arm. She raised her hand and squeezed the corner of Pei Yunqian's clothes, her voice trembling: "Pei Yunqian, you broke your promise and got hurt again."

Three years ago, before Pei Yunqian set off on the expedition, when Shen Shu put on his safety charm, Pei Yunqian promised that she would not get hurt and make her cry again, but this time she seemed to have broken her promise again.

Hearing this, Pei Yunqian drew a gentle smile across his mouth and said softly: "Yes, how does the princess want to punish the minister this time?"

"Punish you to stay with this princess forever."

"it is good."

"Pei Yunqian, must it hurt?"

Pei Yunqian shook his head.

"I'm talking about the sword I stabbed three years ago."

As he said, Shen Shu's eyes moved slightly, and Dou's big tears instantly slipped from his face, and slammed heavily on the couch, his voice choked: "It must be very painful."

Pei Yunqian raised his hand and carefully covered Shen Shu's tears. His heart was so soft that he would never see Shen Shu cry.

"If it doesn't hurt, it won't hurt."

"Your injury..."

"The second day you were in a coma, the Empress Dowager Feng rebelled and led the Huns into the city. I led the troops to put down the rebellion. Shen Ting was killed by the rebellion army when he escaped from the palace. Her Majesty Feng is currently locked in the cold palace."

Hearing this, Shen Shu was stunned: "The Queen Mother Feng is crazy? She was treason?"

After chewing Pei Yunqian's words repeatedly, Shen Shu's face was a little dazed: "Your Majesty?"

A bad hunch spread unconsciously in Shen Shu's heart.

Pei Yunqian thought about dozens of arguments that Shen Shu would accept, but now facing Shen Shu's earlier prepared arguments, he couldn't say a word.

"His Royal Highness Rui Wang."

Pei Yunqian's voice was flat: "After the annihilation of the rebellious army, the only person in the palace who can be qualified as emperor is His Royal Highness Rui Wang."

Shen Shu was startled: "He..."

After a pause, Shen Shu looked at Pei Yunqian again, and tentatively said: "You have been in contact with him?"

Pei Yunqian didn't say a word, so he acquiesced.

Shen Shu's body stiffened, and the innocent face of the young brother flashed in his mind. He only felt that he was poured over his head by a basin of cold water, from head to toe.

"Even I did not hide it."

The corner of Shen Shu's mouth aroused a touch of sarcasm: "It turns out that he never needed my sister to protect."

By now, Pei Yunqian didn't need to conceal Shen Shu anymore, and explained the situation from beginning to end.

"The princess still remember the night you asked the minister to marry you?"

Pei Yunqian's voice was flat, but Shen Shu could see it, his jaw was tight, and the hand holding Shen Shu was constantly tightening, for fear that she would run away.

Shen Shu nodded, she remembered that that day was the first day of her rebirth in this life, how could she not remember.

"That day, the princess fell into the water. The minister didn't meet by chance, but was led by someone. And that night I knew that His Royal Highness Rui Wang was not a fool."

Pei Yunqian's throat slipped slowly. He shifted his gaze, not daring to look at Shen Shu's eyes, and then said, "He should know about Fang Nian and deliberately lead me to negotiate with him."

Hearing this, Shen Shu's heart shook fiercely. She never expected that the tragedy she and Pei Yunqian had in their previous lives started with the younger brother she had always wanted to protect. If she had not fallen into the water in the Imperial Garden, she would not have been favored by the Huns' envoys, had no subsequent marriages, and would not have a tragic ending later.

Thinking of this, Shen Shu's mouth was even more ironic. It turned out that she had been calculations by her brother who wanted to protect her for two lifetimes.

In silence, Shen Shu said: "How did he say?"

"He said that he knows the thoughts of the minister and is willing to secretly operate to become the minister. The condition is to help him proclaim the emperor, otherwise, you have to get married."

Hearing this, Shen Shu's long crow-feather-like eyelashes trembled slightly, and the already hot tears in his eyes finally couldn't hold back.

Her good brother really made a good calculation. He knew Pei Yunqian's feelings for her and forced Pei Yunqian with his family.

Although she has not married in this life, how about her previous life?

Shen Shu didn’t know where the problem occurred in her previous life, but thanks to Shen Yue’s gift, she was truly tortured in the Huns for two years, and it was also the cause of Pei Yunqian's death with her in the Huns. She couldn't forget the scene for two lifetimes, and she couldn't help trembling every time she dreamed of the scene at midnight.

But now she actually told her that everything was given by his brother, it was ironic.

She looked at Pei Yunqian, she didn't know what expression to make, from beginning to end, abandoning her, abandoning her, and pushing her out were her own brother, her only relative in this world.

The truth that had been hidden for two lifetimes was so ** uncovered in front of Shen Shu's eyes. She didn't feel the rest of her life for half of her life. She just felt cold in her heart and kept cold to the end.

Pei Yunqian leaned forward, raised his hand carefully to wipe away the tears on Shen Shu's face, and said dumbly: "I'm sorry."

Shen Shu let out a long sigh of relief. She didn't blame Pei Yunqian, she was just sad. The person she had desperately tried to protect for two lifetimes was the culprit that caused her tragedy in her previous life. If she did not live again, she would never know the truth.

After a long while, Shen Shu closed his eyes: "Tell your Majesty for me, from today onwards, he has no older sisters."

Three months later, all the dust settled.

The news that Princess Ling'an was pregnant spread like wildfire in the city of Chu Jing. The people who gave gifts to congratulate Xi broke the threshold of Pei Mansion. Pei Yunqian was irritable every day. Until today, he threw a sword outside the door, which allowed him to give gifts. People no longer dare to visit.

In the South Pavilion, Shen Shu leaned sideways on the couch, Pei Yunqian hurried back from the door, still holding Shen Shu's favorite rock candy ** in his hand.

Nowadays, the snow outside hasn't melted. Because of pregnancy, Shen Shu spends most of the time on the couch. It's not because of pregnancy. Recently, his temper has become worse.

Originally, Shen Shu was lying on the couch with a frown. He slowly opened his eyes when he heard Pei Yunqian coming in, turned his head and said, "General, you are back."

With that, Shen Shu moved.

Seeing this, Pei Yunqian hurried over and leaned down and carefully helped Shen Shu up: "Don't worry, slow down, your body is important."

This sentence didn't know which nerve was pricked by Shen Shu. She frowned, and immediately raised her hand to push Pei Yunqian's chest, and said in a bad mood: "Is my body important, or the one in my stomach?"

Pei Yunqian was obviously used to Shen Shu’s sometimes small temper, and still smiled softly. He raised his hand to put the pillow behind him, carefully supported Shen Shu and leaned on it, and said softly, "Of course it is our Shuer's body. important."

As he said, Pei Yunqian lowered his eyes and glanced at Shen Shu's stomach, and smiled: "I don't want this in my stomach unless you are pregnant."

Hearing this, Shen Shu raised his eyes and glared at Pei Yunqian, then snorted, "I am used to coaxing me."

Pei Yunqian smiled at the corner of his mouth, raised his hand and rubbed Shen Shu's slightly swollen face fondly, and handed the rock candy ball that he had just bought to Shen Shu from behind.

Seeing the rock sugar balls, Shen Shu rarely smiled: "When did you buy it? You didn't allow me to eat these."

Pei Yunqian raised his hand and rubbed the tip of Shen Shu's nose, "I don't know that you are greedy, let's eat.

Seeing Shen Shu eating rock candy ** in his arms, Pei Yunqian's expression softened, he leaned down and touched Shen Shu's abdomen with pity, his voice was low and gentle: "Shu'er, thank you very much."

Shen Shu raised his hand and fed the rock candy ** to Pei Yunqian, and said warmly: "It's not hard."

For a moment, Shen Shu suddenly looked up and asked Pei Yunqian, "Am I becoming ugly?"

Pei Yunqian had thousands of pets in his eyes, and raised his hand to close the hair around Shen Shu's ear.

"Not ugly, beautiful."

A cool breeze slowly blew into the room, and the veils in the room moved with the breeze.

Time freezes, Pei Yunqian's mouth is filled with a boundless smile, pampering and gentle.

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On the eve of the wedding, Song Qingyi dreamed that the crown prince was enthroned to kill, and blood was flowing from the ruling and the wild, and the Song family was not spared.

On the dark palace in the dream, the man's robe was stained with blood and stood in front of her, cold fingertips across her face, his voice was low and cramped: "Are you still running?"

Song Qingyi shook his head: "Your Majesty...forgive me..."

The man's eyes dazzled, and he slowly lowered his head to her ears, his voice was slightly dumb with bewitching: "Wrong again, call again."

Song Qingyi's voice trembled slightly with crying: "Husband... husband..."

After waking up from the dream, to protect his family's life, Song Qingyi resolutely married into the East Palace regardless of obstacles.

On the day of the wedding, Song Qingyi's legs trembled and walked step by step to the prince's side: "Min...Minnv met His Royal Highness."

Jing Li slowly raised his eyes, clasping the wheelchair lightly with his fingertips, and his voice was low and dangerous: "What is calling for loneliness?"

Thinking of the scene in the dream, Song Qingyi's heart trembled, and instantly changed her words: "Husband..."

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Reporter x Doctor/Long Farewell/Long Plan

When he was young, Su Yu liked to do two things most

One is to tease Fu Xiuning

The second is to watch him blush

Later, Feng Shui took turns, and the person who was blushing and heartbeat became her.

To say that Su Yu has regrets in her life,

It must be Fu Xiuning, the iceberger who violently slapped the school in high school.

I have seen him turn a blind eye to her, and I have seen him go crazy for him.

Meeting again after many years, Su Yu accidentally lives with Fu Xiuning under the same roof.

Five years later, Fu Xiuning has grown up in Su Yu's aesthetics. The suit is ironed and the ratio of shoulder width to waist narrow is perfect, and his angular face is wearing a pair of gold glasses, gentle and abstinent.

Su Yu was once again confused by beauty.

One day after the reconciliation, Su Yu accidentally visited a forum.

It is said that Fu Xiuning is the famous flower of Gaoling in the circle. No one can shake the cold ice that melts for thousands of years.

Su Yu moved her head on Fu Xiuning's legs and asked him, "Really?"

The man lowered his eyes, his eyes were hot and hot, and he gently bent over her ear, his voice was low and hoarse: "Because I have always been yours."

Only you, and only you.

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