Chapter 73:Tender Pampering is the Best Strategy

Previous life extra (1)

In April, everything should have recovered. But Mobei is bitterly cold and the yellow sand obscures the sky all the year round. Now the lingering prestige of winter is even more unabated. A round of cold moon hangs high in the sky alone, and the white and cold moonlight is sprinkled on the yellow sand all the way, making the cold spring. There was a bit of coldness and loneliness in the night.

The lonely withered tree in the yellow sand in the distance was swayed by the cold wind, making miserable whimpers from time to time, and the yellow sand on the ground was swept up into the sky by the cold wind, whistling and fluttering freely high in the gloomy sky.

Upstairs, the cold wind was bitter, and the sand was whistling and wantonly patted Shen Shu's face. The messy hair on her forehead fluttered with the wind. The corners of her eyes were slightly lowered, and the long eyelashes like crow feathers were shaking slightly, and her eyes were like a pool of stagnant water. Not half angry.

The fire in the city was flickering and dimming, and from time to time there were several sounds of laughter of the Huns drinking and having fun.

"The emperor of the Central Plains thought he would be able to take the throne by sending a princess to his wife? A few years ago, I didn't make any military support, but just recharged. Even if the emperor of the Central Plains was not grateful to Dade, we still have to pay tribute every year. Does he hold it?"

As soon as the voice fell, the sound of heavy bowls falling to the ground came out, enough to hear how resentful the speaker was.

"A few days ago, I sent the things from the Central Plains princess to the Central Plains emperor, and brought a message to tell them to retreat obediently, otherwise I would kill the Central Plains princess in the Wilderness."

In the past few years, the Huns have been severely crushed, and the border has been out of balance. Now the Huns have taken the five cities of the border in one fell swoop, and are pressing on Chujing. And Shen Shu, who was married to the Xiongnu with a princess, was also accused of unnecessarily after the two sides fought, and is now tied to the tower to boost morale.

The continuous verbal abuse of the Huns in the ears continued. Shen Shu tugged at the corners of his lips like self-deprecating. The corners of the lips, which were already white and dry and about to split, pulled out large drops of blood with the action, and fell on the yellow sand. A snaking flower bloomed above it instantly, and it quickly disappeared.

Just like her lingering life now, she will soon wither and end in a foreign country, becoming a lone soul on this thousand miles of yellow sand.

Since the new emperor ascended the throne, the entire city of Chu Jingcheng knew that she, the only daughter of the first emperor who had not been out of the pavilion, was the most unwelcome princess in the entire palace.

After the death of the first emperor, the empress Feng became the queen mother as she wished. The master in the palace was given the instruction of the queen mother, and anyone could step on her foot, and the servants also used her as the air.

Thinking of this, the bitterness in Shen Shu's heart instantly flooded, and the corners of his mouth even more ridiculed.

In her life, the only use value is probably to sacrifice for Beilin to come to this barbarian land and relatives.

Fortunately, the miserable years of this half-life are coming to an end, and she can finally be free.

The gradual sound of horseshoes pulled her thoughts back to reality, and her consciousness gradually returned to the cage. Looking up, there were a few fire lights in the distance of the long yellow sand beating and dimming, and the sound of armor collision seemed to be absent.

Shen Shu still felt a little unreal when the army from the north came to the city, but when he saw people from his hometown in a foreign country, even if he had never met, Shen Shu, who is now in danger, still felt a little cordial.

The cold wind was bitter, and the armor of the soldiers was blown by the wind and sand.

Shen Shu looked down at the city wall with mixed feelings.

"Chen, Pei Yunqian, meet Princess Ling'an."

The man in the city wore a military uniform, and the whole body was more chilly than the weather in Mobei.

The man slowly raised his head, Shen Shu met his eyes, lost consciousness for a moment, the man's eyes were scarlet, and his dark eyes were frighteningly cold.

The tone was very gentle: "Don't be afraid of the princess, the minister is here to take you home."

Seeing the person in front of him clearly, Shen Shu's eyes were a little dazed, his brows frowned slightly, and he was puzzled.

he is……

Pei Yunqian.

The rumored general who is cold and ruthless in the country is not saying that he has never bowed down to anyone, but how can he kneel at her feet so easily now? Besides, Beilin has given up on her? Why did you suddenly send Pei Yunqian to rescue her?

Pei Yunqian's voice still echoed in her ears, and the doubts in her heart were instantly rushed away by joy and emotion. Her crow-feather-like eyelashes trembled slightly, and tears overflowed in her eyes unconsciously.

Princess Ling'an. No one has called her that for a long time. She suppressed the soreness in her heart, opened her mouth but choked to say a word.

Before Shen Shu could speak, a gust of wind passed by him, and the general of the Huns, Hezhen, laughed and slowly walked out from behind her step by step.

Seeing the people downstairs, Hezhen's face suddenly lost blood, and the spiteful color flashed in his eyes, quite jealous.

Why is he here?

He Zhen secretly cursed: The Central Plains Rats are really treachery! Pei Yunqian was actually a lunatic.

For a moment, Hezhen pretended to accompany him with a smile and said, "It turns out that it is General Pei who has missed a long way to welcome him. What kind of wind is blowing General Pei to me."

Pei Yunqian sneered at the corner of his mouth, his gaze swept towards Hezhen coldly, and he said without hurries: "It's not necessary to welcome, Hezhen, let go."

He Zhen took a look at Shen Shu with interest. He didn't think that Pei Yunqian brought his army to the city late at night. The first thing he said was not to let him come out and die, nor to recover the city, but for the princess to the north.

Thinking of this, Hezhen laughed and raised his hand to place the scimitar on Shen Shu's neck: "What is General Pei's anger and so much anger? If there is any misunderstanding, I will open the city gate and welcome General Pei in. Let's sit down and talk. Does General Pei have the guts."

With that said, Hezhen moved the scimitar that was resting on Shen Shu's neck, bringing out a ray of blood: "As long as General Pei comes in, I will immediately send the Princess Beilin out, how about? General Pei?"

Pei Yunqian stood under the city, even if he didn't know what Hezhen's abacus, he didn't have the slightest eye on him. Instead, his aura was arrogant.

"Just do as you said."

The man raised his head with a pair of dark eyes facing Hezhen, his eyes became more hostile, and he almost blurted out without hesitation.

The shadow of his eyes remained unabated, his eyes faintly swept across Shen Shu, and slowly fell on her face, with complex emotions in his eyes.

Hearing this, Shen Shu's long crow-feather eyelashes trembled slightly, suppressing the tears in his eyes, but his eyes were blurred for an instant, and the tears fell like large beads with broken threads and hit the yellow sand heavily.

The city is all deployed by the Huns. She has seen it in the past few days that there are not only tens of thousands of Huns in the city, but also quite a few. Pei Yunqian came in alone, and even if he had a man in charge, he could hardly escape death.

She wanted to speak, but her throat was like a piece of cotton, choked and couldn't make a sound. She could only watch him desperately and gratefully and shook his head desperately.

Seeing this, Hezhen's eyes lit up, and he looked up at Shen Shu who was tied to the tower. He was overjoyed, and his face was vaguely mocking.

Unexpectedly, this Pei Yunqian has been living and returning more and more over the years. He never thought that one day he would be able to hold a woman, Pei Yunqian, a murderous lunatic.

A few years ago, he led an army to attack the border to the north, and was shot in the right eye with an arrow when he fought Pei Yunqian for the first time. Now is the time to avenge the revenge a few years ago.

Thinking of this, his mockery on his face was even more serious, nothing more than a ** general.

Pei Yunqian raised his chin, his eyes surged with killing intent, and said every word: "If you touch her, I will slaughter the Huns, and I will do what I say."

Hearing this, He Zhen couldn't help trembling, and the whole body was chilly. But for a moment, Hezhen was relieved, as long as Pei Yunqian dared to enter the city, there would be no return.

The man in front of him had a strong aura, He Zhen forced himself to calm down, and said: "General Pei rest assured, we Huns have always believed in it. As long as the general enters the city, I will send someone to send the princess back. It is all up to the general to decide not to stay."

Pei Yunqian's brows wrinkled insignificantly, and her fingers slowly tightened. She did not look at Shen Shu again.

He slowly raised his eyes, his eyes were full of cold light, there was no extra expression on his face, and his tone was also indifferent. Even the wind and sandy Mobei was far less than half of his aura.

"Open the gate of the city, and I will follow you in when the son is brought out."

Hearing that, Hezhen took the knife that was placed on Shen Shu's neck and smiled heartily: "Okay! General Pei is really refreshed. Come, let the princess loosen the tie."

He Zhen gave an order, and the Huns behind him immediately loosened Shen Shu's tie, and carried Shen Shu down the tower and walked outside the city.

Although the Huns are prepared and well prepared, Pei Yunqian is well-known. The battle in the past few years has made the Huns quite jealous. They dare not take it lightly. The two Huns who pressed Shen Shu towards the gate seemed more fearful than Shen Shu. a bit.

The city gate opened a few times, and Shen Shu stood in front of the city gate under pressure, but Pei Yunqian stood 100 meters away.

In the moonlight, the man's skin was cold and white, his face was cold and handsome, the armor on his body was slightly glowing, and he walked slowly into the city.

Walking to the city gate, Pei Yunqian said coldly: "Release people."

He Zhen waved his hand to let Shen Shu walk towards the gate tower, while at the same time countless archers on the tower behind him quietly hid in the night.

The two walked to the gate of the city. In an instant, countless cold arrows shot in the direction of the two in the night.

"Pei Yunqian——"

Ten thousand arrows were fired.

Shen Shu originally thought he was going to be buried on the yellow sand, but didn't want to, between the sparks and flints, Shen Shu's wrist chilled, and he instantly broke away from the control of the Huns behind him.

The guards who were a few meters away from the city gate had no idea when they quietly appeared on the walls of the Xiongnu. The archers who had been ambushing in the dark were killed one after another, and the northern army behind them also instantly covered their shields in front of them. Pei Yunqian led her out of the city gate unharmed.

Upon seeing this, He really looked at what happened at the gate of the city in disbelief, and was furious with anger.

"Give me arrows and kill them!"

"General, our archers have been killed."

Upon hearing this, Hezhen immediately set off and gave the soldier who answered the question: "Get me out of the city to chase!"

Pei Yunqian sent troops privately without telling Chu Jing, so he brought no more than five thousand people. After successfully rescuing Shen Shu, Pei Yunqian took Shen Shu to the north without delay.

But Mobei had been bitter cold for many years, and the sky was full of wind and sand. If it was fine in the daytime, but in the dark, everyone would not adapt to the weather in the desert, let alone discern the direction. Before dawn, they were overtaken by the Huns behind him.

Seeing the Xiongnu army surrounding him, Pei Yunqian's eyes flashed with solemnity, and he shook the sword in the handshake forcefully. With only one move, Pei Jiajun immediately knew how to rush up to fight with the Xiongnu army. He was born in the surrounding of nearly 10,000 people. Ripped a big hole in the middle.

It was at this time that Pei Yunqian led Shen Shu and the dark guards to rush out of the siege and continue to flee.

The day and night on the desert change quickly. In a blink of an eye, Shen Shu has followed Pei Yunqian in the desert for nearly three days. After these three days, the Huns have been chasing after him. After the last World War, the rest of Pei Yunqian did not Many, except for dozens of hidden guards, there are only less than a hundred soldiers.

"General Pei."

In the past few days, except for Pei Yunqian who rescued her three days ago, Shen Shu didn't dare to speak again after thanking her. Now Shen Shu has thought about it for a while before he decides to speak.

Hearing this, Pei Yunqian paused for what he was holding, obviously he didn't expect Shen Shu to take the initiative to speak.

After a long while, Pei Yunqian stuck the sword in his hand on the yellow sand, turned his head and said: "What is the princess' order?"

Pei Yunqian's voice seemed to be mixed with sand, low and dumb, respectful and humble, without being disrespectful.

Shen Shu pursed her lips, a little surprised, because no one would speak to her respectfully for a long time.

After a moment of silence, Shen Shu spoke again: "Otherwise, General Pei will hand over the palace to the Huns again. It's a big deal."

With that said, Shen Shu looked at the few soldiers left behind Pei Yunqian, and said warmly: "It's better than ruining the lives of innocent people, and the general's life-saving grace will be reported in the next life."

Before Pei Yunqian could speak, the Huns shouted and killed.

Pei Yunqian faintly retracted his gaze.

Shen Shu saw what he said with thin lips.

The cold wind was hunting, and Shen Shu watched Pei Yunqian's people fall one by one.

At last.

Ten thousand arrows were fired.

Shen Shu closed his eyes.

When the cold wind blew, large tracts of blood meandered in the yellow sand, and large tracts of flowers bloomed.

The moment he closed his eyes, Pei Yunqian's low, dumb voice blew into Shen Shu's ears.

She heard it, Pei Yunqian said.

"Don't be afraid, the minister will take you home."

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