Chapter 74:Tender Pampering is the Best Strategy

Previous life extra (2)

Ten days later, the news of Pei Yunqian's death in the battle was passed back to Chu Jingcheng in the early dynasty, and there was an uproar.

Xu Shi was bullied too much by Pei Yunqian on weekdays. Now that he learned that Pei Yunqian had been buried in Mobei, they couldn't help but speak up, as if they could get rid of their shame now.

"Pei Yunqian is arrogant and arrogant to support his soldiers, and he dared to lead his troops to the Xiongnu without authorization. This time, he will die in the Xiongnu!"

Hearing this, the civil servant standing beside him also snorted coldly, with undisguised disdain on his face: "The surname Pei relies on his own hands to win the soldiers, he controls the government and kills innocent people all the year round, and does not put anyone in his eyes. As I said earlier, such cruel and treacherous officials will be condemned by God sooner or later!"

"Don't say it's you and me, even your Majesty Pei Yunqian doesn't necessarily take it seriously."

The speaker deliberately lowered his voice, angrily.

Hearing this, the man frowned, winked at the minister who was speaking, and then continued: "Like Pei Yunqian, such a cruel and wicked person, it's a good death!"

As soon as these words came out, other people saw that Shen Ting was still sitting on the dragon chair above, meaning that he could not stop him for half a minute. They understood everything instantly, and they all echoed: "Yeah, yeah, good death, for us There is only one harm to the north."

"Yes, yeah, if Pei Yunqian doesn't die, maybe how long he will have to hold the government."

"If he doesn't die, no one else will have their days ahead."

"He is dead this time, and Matthew can finally catch his eyes."

In the past few years, Pei Yunqian killed three ministers in a row within ten days, and Matthew was one of them.

Shen Ting has been suppressed by Pei Yunqian more since he took the top position. Year after year, Shen Ting watched Pei Yunqian's face and acted daring not to say anything. Now Pei Yunqian is finally dead. Hearing the humiliation and abuse from courtiers, Shen Ting Not only didn't want to stop, but felt extremely comfortable, and I wished everyone in the world would spurn Pei Yunqian, as if the breath that had been held in my heart for many years finally got someone out for him.

At the same time, Fengluan Palace also received the news immediately. Xu Shi was too surprised and too excited. Empress Dowager Feng couldn't help laughing out before the person who spread the word out of the door.

Upon seeing this, the maidservant waiting for the Queen Mother Feng couldn't help but said: "Congratulations, Empress Dowager, Congratulations, Empress Dowager, finally, except for a thorn in her eyes, she can sit back and relax from today."

The Queen Mother Feng seemed very helpful to her words, the smile on the corners of her mouth could not be hidden.

She raised her hand to close the hair behind her ears, her eyes moved like water, and took a sip of the great red robe on the table beside her.

Then, Queen Mother Feng seemed to suddenly remember something: "So Shen Shu's little bitch/person also died in Mobei?"

The person who had just spread the word only said that Pei Yunqian died in battle, but did not mention Shen Shu.

The maid waiting on the side paused with her fingers, thinking repeatedly about the Queen Mother Feng’s thoughts, and then slowly said: "Hasn't the Huns sent someone half a month ago? Since the two countries started war on the border, Princess Ling'an hasn't Are you taken hostage?"

With that said, the maid remembered what was sent back in a rush from Mobei half a month ago, and then said: "Furthermore, the Huns sent Princess Ling'an's personal belongings to Chujing to demonstrate half a month ago. After your majesty's reply, according to the barbarians' savage disposition, he was afraid that he would kill Princess Ling'an immediately to vent his anger."

Hearing this, Empress Dowager Feng slowly put the tea cup in her hand on the table aside, and she gave a "hmm", not salty or weak, and then she curled her lips proudly and said, "You will pick what the mourning family likes. Say."

"The servant girl dare not deliberately coax the empress mother, what the servant girl said is true."

Having been with the Queen Mother Feng for so many years, the court lady knew the Queen Mother Feng's dislike for Shen Shu's sister and brother, so she naturally wanted to pick what she wanted to hear. If she didn't have the ability to write about her words, she was afraid she would have been up long ago under the promenade outside the Yuhuayuan Gate. It's in that well.

After hearing this, the corner of Empress Feng's mouth smiled even more. She raised her eyes and glanced at the maid next to her meaningfully, then smiled and said: "Go, go down to receive the reward, and then stay by Ai's family and wait close."

The lady of the palace who was talking on the side lit up, her face was a little bit of joy that she was finally out of her head, and she quickly took possession of her and knelt down to thank her.

"Thank you Empress Dowager for her guidance."

Queen Mother Feng lowered her eyes and waved: "Go down."

At the moment when the wooden door outside the sleeping hall was closed, Queen Mother Feng slowly raised her eyes, with a somewhat unusual meaning in her eyes.

She leaned over, raised her hand and gently placed it on the side of the Xiongnu's tribute, and the corner of her mouth was slightly hooked.

Solved the bitch/person of Concubine Su, and now solved the bitch/person who resembled the bitch/person. From today onwards, she was able to let go of the knot she had had for more than ten years.

Thinking of this, Empress Dowager Feng seemed to suddenly remember something, her eyes surged with killing intent.

One more.

But then I thought about it, it was just a fool who was poisoned by her, killing him was the relief.

"Su Xiaoran, after all, you still haven't waited for the mourning family to fight, what if you desperately give birth to a prince!"

In June of the same year, Rui Wang Shen Yue led the old Ministry of Jinghe Palace to rebel.

Jinghe Palace is the mother's home of Concubine Su Gui. At that time, the fire in Weiyang Palace was strange, and the sudden death of His Majesty put the matter down. When Jinghe Palace wanted to investigate it again, it would not have been found. The evidence was immediately sent by Shen Ting to guard in Shuzhong, and he has not returned to Chujing for nearly ten years.

Jinghe Palace was already strong and strong, and later accumulated in Shu for nearly ten years. In addition, Shen Yue had been pretending to be crazy and stupid in the palace over the years, but he secretly took the people in the palace into his own hands.

If it weren't for Shen Ting's violent, violent and stubborn, the people in the palace would have long been dissatisfied with him, and many ministers in the court were even more chilled by his tyranny, otherwise Shen Yue would not be able to do everything so quickly.

In less than three days, Shen Yue led his army into the imperial city, killing decisively, and killing all those who swear allegiance to Shen Ting and Queen Mother Feng, and the first thing after attacking the imperial city. The thing is to take Shen Ting's life!

When Shen Yue led soldiers to Fengluan Palace, Queen Mother Feng was sitting in a phoenix chair and drinking tea.

Upon seeing this, Shen Yue raised his eyebrows, raised his hand and wiped a handful of blood that had been splashed on his face during the murder, with a cold smile: "The empress dowager is in good spirits, why? Don't you ask me for a cup of tea?"

Queen Mother Feng raised her hand and slowly put the tea in her hand on the table aside, and looked up.

Shen Yue held a long sword in his hand, standing in the center of Fengluan Palace, his eyes were full of dark clouds, and his eyes were scarlet, like a trapped beast that had been suppressed for many years. Under the sword was still a red blood bead, a drop of blood. One drop hit the blanket exchanged in Fengluan Palacee729.

After a long while, the Queen Mother Feng sneered: "It's the Aijia who takes it lightly. I didn't even notice that your little ** has been pretending to be crazy and stupid."

As she said, she suddenly remembered something like Empress Dowager Feng. She leaned forward, and her eyes fell on Shen Yue: "How good is the rancid food? How good is the sugar in the Aijia palace?"

With that, the Empress Dowager Feng laughed like crazy, Shen Yue's pupils shrank slightly, and the murderous intent in his eyes could not be concealed.

Before Shen Yue could speak, several guards rushed out of nowhere and drew their knives and rushed towards Shen Yue, the knives were fatal.

Shen Yue narrowed his eyes dangerously, and slightly sideways to avoid the deadliest blow, turning around and lifting his leg was a kick, kicking the person out of the distance.

He raised his hand to rub the blood on his face, and the smile on his mouth became more and more permeating.

The people around Shen Yue had already beaten those who had been ambushing the Queen Mother in the temple, but Shen Yue always stood there and looked at the Queen Mother Feng with cold eyes. Death was also solved by Shen Yue.

With the passage of time, the number of Queen Mother Feng in the hall increased.

Shen Yue looked around and made sure that all the people ambushing in the shadows of the Queen Mother had appeared before slowly raising her head: "Play a game, and guess that the Queen Mother will kill all the people in your hall in a few minutes."

As he said, Shen Yue hooked his lips and said meaningfully: "You guessed it right, get a reward."

His expression and tone were exactly the same as when the former Empress Dowager Feng coaxed him.

Within a quarter of an hour, the Queen Mother Feng was ambushing the people in Fengluan Palace and was killed by Shen Yue's people. The last person was solved by Shen Yue himself.

Shen Yue turned around and the sharp edge of the sword swept across the man's stomach, and the hot blood splashed all over him instantly.

He glanced down, frowned in disgust, raised his leg and kicked the corpse on the ground all the way, then turned and chuckled: "Why the king forgot, this king also prepared a small for the queen mother Meeting ceremony."

As he said, Shen Yue waved his hand, and the people behind immediately took out a bag that was wrapped in something and handed it to Shen Yue.

He cast his eyes down, took the bag and threw it forward, and threw it under the feet of Queen Mother Feng. Looking at the hot head of Shen Ting who had just been cut off by him, Shen Yue's mouth sneered, with a madness that ordinary people could not get.

"I don't always respect what I brought to the empress dowager."

With that, Shen Yue's eyes were bloodthirsty and cold, and he said word by word: "Return, please, too, queen, mother, mother, laugh, accept."

Seeing the human head on the ground, the Queen Mother Feng's face suddenly changed. Even the hand holding the tea cup trembled slightly. The tea cup in her hand fell to the ground instantly, and the tea splashed all over her body, looking at Shen Yuemu standing in a sea of ​​blood. The canthus is cracking.

After a while, the Queen Mother Feng raised her hand to her chest, and said in grief and anger: "Ting'er..."

Shen Yue seemed very satisfied with the Queen Mother Feng's reaction. He moved his wrist and put the long face in his hand back on the ground, his eyes filled with bloodthirsty craziness.

After a while, Shen Yue smiled at the corners of his mouth, his voice filled with coldness, and the more he listened, the more he felt permeated: "Do you still like the gift from this king?"

Hearing this, Queen Mother Feng slowly raised her eyes, her whole body was despondent, her eyes were scarlet hatred, she gritted her teeth and said Shen Yue's name.

Standing in the hall, Shen Yue's dark and deep eyes showed bursts of coldness: "It seems that the empress dowager is very satisfied with this king's gift."

As he said, Shen Yue's mouth seemed to be smiling, and his eyes remained cold: "Nowadays, the empress dowager is going to regret not having killed this king earlier, right?"

"Don't worry, don't worry, this king will send you down to see your precious son, Shen Ting's life alone is far from worthy of my mother and concubine being trapped in the palace and burning to death, let alone making up for my sister. The pain of traveling thousands of miles and pro-Huns, and finally dying alone in a foreign country."

Shen Yue's eyes drenched, his jaw raised slightly, and he waved his hand.

"Come here."

"Send the Empress Dowager to the funeral."

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