Chapter 75:Tender Pampering is the Best Strategy

Sweet Fanwai (1)

In July of the following year, in the midsummer of the next year, the cicadas screamed and the sun became hotter and hotter. The air was full of heat. The weather was so hot that the butterflies that you can often see in the small garden on weekdays disappeared, for fear of damaging their wings. .

Shen Shu's belly gradually bulged, and the day of giving birth was approaching.

In the past month, Shen Shu's morning sickness has become more and more serious, and the food he has just eaten has been vomited up before the fragrant time. At first, I could still have a few mouthfuls of sweet soup or some appetizing hawthorn, but later I couldn't eat a bite. Even if I smell some food, Shen Shu would have to toss for a long time.

As soon as Pei Yunqian brought dinner into the room today, Shen Shu couldn't help but walk far away, covering his nose and mouth. Pei Yunqian hurriedly took away the white porridge he was holding, for fear that it would be smoked to Shen Shu.

There is a problem with Shen Shu. When she is sick, she doesn't let people wait on her side. At first, she had several tempers with Pei Yunqian about this matter. Later, Pei Yunqian could not bear it, standing far behind Shen Shu and letting her temper. , Wait until she finishes throwing up.

After a long while, Shen Shu stood up slowly, with a little tear in the corner of his eyes. Pei Yunqian also felt uncomfortable after seeing him, wishing to suffer this pain for her.

Pei Yunqian quickly walked over and carefully supported Shen Shu back to the couch step by step, gently stroking Shen Shu's back: "Is it better? I'll help you pour a glass of water."

With that, Pei Yunqian helped Shen Shu to sit on the couch, raised his hand to stand the pillow up and let Shen Shu lean on it, and then turned to help Shen Shu pour the water.

Pei Yunqian handed the water to Shen Shu: "Drink slowly."

Shen Shu raised his hand to take the water glass and leaned weakly on the couch and nodded, showing that he was tossed in his stomach.


Shen Shu's call was soft, with a pair of apricot eyes reddened with tears at the corners of his eyes, with three-point grievances, Pei Yunqian's heart also felt uncomfortable, and his tone naturally softened a lot.

"What's wrong? Isn't it uncomfortable? I will send someone to call Ye Mingxiu to show you."

Since Shen Shu was pregnant, Pei Yunqian took Ye Mingxiu to live in the mansion, for fear of what might happen to Shen Shu. Ye Mingxiu got used to it. At first, he was a hundred unwilling, but it was hard to resist Pei Yunqian's daily coercion and temptation, so he had to directly ask Qin Xun to tie people back.

With that, Pei Yunqian was about to leave the door when he left.

Upon seeing this, Shen Shu raised his hand to hold Pei Yunqian's wrist: "No, it's just disgusting and uncomfortable."

As he said, Shen Shu shook Pei Yunqian's hand slightly with his wrist slightly, a pair of wet apricot eyes looked at him, and said warmly: "You sit with me for a while."

In the past few days, things in Pei Yunqian's army have been a bit busy, and Shen Shu's number of meetings with him has gradually decreased.

Pei Yunqian was even more distressed for the appearance of such a small woman like Shen Shu. Pei Yunqian had been obedient to Shen Shu's words. Since Shen Shu was pregnant, she has been treated so obediently by her. His temper is a bit bigger than before. For a while, she was so coquettish that people wanted to hold her heart out.

Pei Yunqian's gaze fell on Shen Shu's face, petting and helpless, he raised his hand and gently squeezed the soft flesh on Shen Shu's face, and gently coaxed: "If you don't eat, let's rest and eat."

Shen Shu has been weak since he was a child. If he doesn't eat every day, I'm afraid that the adult body will collapse first before the one in his stomach is born.

Hearing this, Shen Shu frowned slightly. Before she could speak, he heard Pei Yunqian coaxing softly: "Hey, I didn't mean to eat rock sugar ** a few days ago. After dinner, let's go buy rock sugar balls."

Shen Shu raised his eyes and glanced at the porridge on the table, looking at Pei Yunqian pitifully, with obvious intentions.

Pei Yunqian raised his hand and gently rubbed Shen Shu's hair: "Add another bunch of candied haws, eh?"

That night, Shen Shu's stomach was upset.

Approaching the third watch, the entire General Mansion was brightly lit, and everyone was busy in the South Pavilion.

"Come on, go get hot water."

"You, you, and you, go and close the doors and windows, pregnant women can't blow the wind, go!"

Last month, Pei Yunqian took the two stable women that he had found to live in the house in advance, in case of emergency. At the moment, the two stable women and several effective maids in the house are helping to deliver babies. Ye Mingxiu is here. Commanding from the outside, the whole government was busy all over, and the corners of Pei Yunqian's eyes were slightly red, and his brows were never stretched.

There was another burst of pain, and Shen Shu couldn't help but scream, his voice hoarse with a little trill.

Outside the door, Pei Yunqian's heart trembled, and he didn't care about what to say, turned around and kicked the door in.

Seeing this, Ye Mingxiu was visibly taken aback, and then he was happy. The surname Pei was completely planted, and his life was complete.

As soon as Ye Mingxiu came over, he heard the midwife in the room exclaiming: "Oh, general, why did you come in?"

"That is, this delivery room is unlucky, you should go out quickly."

Pei Yunqian turned a deaf ear, and knelt beside Shen Shu's couch with one knee behind the curtain: "Don't be afraid."

Shen Shu raised his hand and grabbed Pei Yunqian's sleeves, his eyes were red immediately, which was really painful.

She tremblingly called out: "General."

Pei Yunqian's wrist moved slightly, and her palm was kicked back, coaxing warmly: "I'm here, don't cry."

After comforting Shen Shu, Pei Yunqian raised his head and asked the stable wife in the room: "How is it?"

As soon as she looked at Pei Yunqian, she knew that Shen Shu was going to give birth for the first time, and she hurriedly said with relief: "This is just the beginning, and the amniotic fluid has just broken. It will probably take a while."

As she said, Po Wen paused and looked at the two people's deep affection, and thought for a while before saying: "This delivery room is not lucky and there is blood, I am afraid that it will run into the general, the general or..."

Before Wen Po was finished, she was interrupted by Pei Yunqian: "It's okay, this general doesn't have so many taboos."

Hearing that, Po Wen didn't dare to say more, after all, few people in Chu Jingcheng knew about the relationship between General Pei Yunqian and his wife, and there was even a good story in the city.

Suddenly there was a big man in the delivery room. If you want to adapt to that moment and a half, you will definitely not be able to adapt. He doesn't know where to put his hands and feet.

The woman with the deepest qualifications in the room was the first to slow down and commanded: "Go get the candles and light up the room."

Then, he raised his finger to the maid who was standing: "Go and bring another pot of hot water, and a pair of scissors, yes, and more candles."

As soon as the voice fell, a new round of pain came again, and Shen Shu only felt that something was dragging down in his stomach, as if all her internal organs were torn apart.

"It's about to give birth, madam, work hard, work hard."

"Hot water, hot water, hurry up!"

After three consecutive throbbing pains, Shen Shu had no strength for a long time, and his face was pale and pale, and his face was thin and dense beads of sweat, as if the sweat of the next half of his life would be drained on this day.

After tossing until dawn came the baby's crying in the room, the room was relieved.

"Congratulations General, congratulations Madam, it's a boy."

Wen's wife hurriedly wrapped her baby up and hugged Pei Yunqian to see, but before she came to her, she saw Pei Yunqian holding Shen Shu's hand, her eyes were red, and she comforted her in a soft voice. Apart from the finished wife, I am afraid that there is no one more person to accommodate.

Shen Shu raised his hand, turned his head and gasped slightly: "Pei Yunqian, I'm so tired."

Pei Yunqian raised his hand, slowly lowered his head and dropped a kiss on the back of Shen Shu's hand, warmly said: "Thanks for your hard work, Shu'er."

Shen Shu: "Where is the child."

Pei Yunqian was stunned. Only then did he remember that there was a child. Before Pei Yunqian could speak, the woman holding the child behind him quickly hugged the little ancestor in his arms.

"Madam, here it is."

Shen Shu moved, seeming to want to see more clearly, Pei Yunqian quickly reached out and helped him up: "It's a boy."

Shen Shu: "Well, it's a boy."

"Pei Yunqian."


"Do you like boys?"

Pei Yunqian looked down at Shen Shu and squeezed her palm: "I like it as long as it comes out of your stomach."

Wen Po was still standing by, Shen Shu was a little embarrassed, she pursed her lips, shyly turned her face away and stopped looking at Pei Yunqian: "General, I'm sleepy and want to sleep for a while."

"Well, when we wake up, we will have a meal together, and I will cook what we want to eat."

After that, Pei Yunqian only left Lin Lang and a few maids to take care of in the bedroom, and the rest followed Pei Yunqian out.

Seeing Pei Yunqian come out with a sullen face, Ye Mingxiu couldn't help but said: "Women give birth to children like this. People are so happy that Lin'er is happy, but you are better, as if someone owes you a few hundred taels of gold."

Pei Yunqian didn't say a word, looked up at Ye Mingxiu, turned around and said, "Qin Xun, send the genius doctor Ye back to the house."


Throw it when you are done.

After Pei Yunqian left, Ye Mingxiu saw that his entire right hand hidden in the sleeve of his shirt was all red with blood, and there were few good places.

That night the gift from the imperial palace was delivered to the door. There were more than a dozen large boxes. The ** who delivered the decree read the list for a quarter of an hour.

Inside the room, Shen Shu opened his eyes in a daze and asked Lin Lang, "What is the noise outside, it's so noisy, I have a headache."

Hearing this, Lin Lang hurriedly leaned down and said, "Princess, you are awake, do you feel uncomfortable?"

Shen Shu shook his head: "What's going on outside?"

Shen Shu's tone is not very good. She has been tortured in her stomach for the past ten months and hasn't had a good night's sleep. She just finally fell asleep well, and was awakened before she slept enough.

Lin Lang thought about it for a long time before she said: "Back to the princess, it is your majesty who learned that the princess has given birth to a baby boy as a gift."

Hearing this, Shen Shu's eyes flickered, and his long crow feather eyelashes trembled slightly. Since he knew Shen Yue’s previous calculations, he had never seen Shen Yue again, and he didn’t know if Pei Yunqian took the words that she asked Pei Yunqian to bring to Shen Yue, but later on, Shen Yue changed the method to give her something to see, Pei Yunqian. It should have brought the original words.

The rare things that Shen Yue gave away in the past, Shen Shu, were all returned intact, but today is different. When someone named them as a gift for the little nephew, Shen Shu could no longer go back.

Just thinking about it, Pei Yunqian pushed the door and came in. After seeing Shen Shu, his brows stretched a little, and he said warmly: "Shu'er, you are awake."

Shen Shu nodded: "Outside the door..."

"Your Majesty."

Shen Shu curled the corners of his lips: "Since it's delivered, please accept it."

Pei Yunqian: "Okay, it's up to you."

Since the last call, the relationship between Shen Shu and Shen Yue has been very delicate, and Pei Yunqian brought Shen Shu's words without fail.

On that day, he seemed to see some cracks on the face of His Majesty, who had always been so scheming and masked, during the game.

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