Num. of chapters1713 chapters
#16 Top Monthly


In a world where ghosts and monsters are rampant, Lin Que meets a beautiful lady in red, who smiles and shows 28 teeth: little brother, am I good-looking?

Ding! The system is on!

Option 1: Don’t answer, try to escape, and call for help loudly to inform the surrounding spiritists to kill the rift girl. Task reward: One big return pill, which can increase cultivation base for 30 years.

Option 2: The answer is good-looking, the corner of the mouth is cut by the slit woman.

Quest reward: a pill for washing the marrow (as the name suggests, washing the essence and cutting the marrow, can increase the physical talent to S grade, and the martial arts will be smooth in the future).

Option three: Die under the flower on the other side, and be romantic as a ghost, don’t talk, kiss her.

Task reward: Activate the SSS-class martial arts spirit-Demon God Chi You.

Lin Que looked at the answer given by the system and swallowed secretly. I wasn’t greedy or afraid of death. I just wanted to awaken the spirit of martial arts. Lin Que silently accepted option three…

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