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The eldest daughter of Beicheng Yan’s family missing for 16 years has been found.

It was brought back from an orphanage by her fiancé, the second master of the Yin family, the capital.

Miss Yan was 18 years old in that year.


The Yin family, the top family of the imperial capital.

Yin Erye’s full name is Yin Jiujin, who is also known as Jiuye. He is 24 years old and kills gods in the business world.

Jiuye followed his grandmother’s wish to retrieve the eldest lady who had long since given up in the Yan family, and brought home to raise herself.


Yan Jinyu in the eyes of outsiders: good figure, high value, higher IQ;

Yan Jinyu in the eyes of a friend: the sister next door (strangely), she is cold and cruel with a knife in her hand;

Yan Jinyu in the eyes of Jiuye: As a young man, he has never seen the world. He is not like an 18-year-old at all. He is like a child, arousing pity.


Those who thought that the eldest lady found in Beicheng Yan’s family was a country girl who couldn’t be on the stage, and was later slapped in the face.

Jiuye thought it was a silly little girl who came back. Gradually, he realized that the little girl was sometimes very cruel.

I thought she had no backing, but she didn’t know how many partners she had experienced life and death together countless times.


Jiuye: “You should go to school at your age. Which school do you want to go to?”

Poppies drank yogurt and watched the bears appear: “No.”

“Don’t be capricious.”


“As long as you go to school obediently and put yogurt on the top of the refrigerator at home, you can watch cartoons for an hour a day.”

Poppies*Star Eye: “Deal!”

Jiu Ye couldn’t help but squeezed her cute face.

Gold Medal Assistant: Boss, you are depraved.

[This story is purely fictitious]


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