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Gu Yunjiao, the eldest young lady of a medical family, was reborn with a pharmacy and became a village girl who failed in Chongxi.

Her father is missing, her mother is a crybaby, her in-laws are the star of her death, and there is a mischievous femininity next to her.

Not having a good day.

Fortunately, her mother-in-law is sturdy, her younger siblings are strong, and her family is very supportive of her.

Her mother-in-law made an agreement with her to observe the festival for three years, and then set her free.

Three years later, she is already a well-known god of medicine, and she is very rich.

She packed up and prepared to go to freedom. The big one cried and the little one screamed. A certain handsome man hugged her and said, “Don’t go! You look at people’s bodies, and you have to be responsible to them.”

Gu Yunjiao snapped her fingers: “When I was treating my illness, I saw men ranging from 100 to 80.”

Someone gagged her, “They’re all sick, only I’m a man.”

Later, there was a legend in the capital that the young and handsome Lord Shoufu was afraid when he heard that.

Who are you asking about? Isn’t it just a three-year-old dumpling in the family of Lord Shoufu?

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