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Under the flicker of a lingering soul, full of hope, Ye Zan came to this world of immortal civilization.

However, the Daxianzong, who thought he could cover himself, is just the downcast gate that anyone can bully.

The remnant soul, who claimed to be the ancestor, could not find the essence of rebuilding the flesh.

“Fortunately, I still have technology!”

Want to experience it? SO EASY! Just open an online game.

Want to be a genius? SO EASY! Just get the genius genes.

Want to see the world? SO EASY! Just put a satellite.

Alchemy, alchemy, rune, formation, with the help of technology, everything is so SO EASY!

Technology is not omnipotent, but technology makes life better, so Ye Zan planted a blossoming mushroom in the home of the unhappy enemy.

Technology can strengthen the country, and technology can also be a strong sect. Look at a dreaded sect. Under Ye Zan’s management, how can it become The Great Sect of Science and Technology.

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