Chapter 1:The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

New home 1

"It's Fu Zhi pushing me!"

"She just can't see that I am better than her! This family has me without her, and she without me!"

"Mom, you let her go, let her go back to the orphanage! I will never see her again for the rest of my life!"


The town in September is sultry and irritable. Fu Zhi was standing outside the ward with the payment slip, separated by a wall. As the quarrel inside the room, the voice in her ear became clearer.

"Zhao Mingquan, I don't care, I must send her away this time!"

"A white-eyed wolf like Fu Zhi, I dare not raise it anyway!"

"But when we went to the orphanage to adopt Fu Zhi last year, we promised that the dean would take good care of her." The man leaning on the hospital bed glanced at his daughter with a cast on his right leg, feeling a little unbearable.

After a while, he lowered his voice and said to his crying wife: "Lanzhi, you don't know Yoyo's character, Zhizhi can't push her..."

"How can it be impossible!"

Xu Lanzhi resented that her man's elbow was turned away: "It's your girl who is lying on the hospital bed. Fu Zhi doesn't push her. Can your girl fall down and slander her?"

Zhao You You on the hospital bed also said with a cold face: "Dad, I am so miserable, do you still have to protect an outsider?"

"Yoyou, she is your sister..."

"Whose sister will push her elder sister downstairs? Let's say the doctor, your girl’s leg is easy to fall to the root of the disease if you don’t pay attention, this is caused by Fu Zhi!"

"I already called and contacted the orphanage. Someone will take her away today. You are not allowed to stop, or we will get divorced!"

The woman's voice is sharp, this move is undoubtedly a killer.

Zhao Mingquan has no opinion. He has been under the control of his daughter- in-law in this life, and he faints: "Lanzhi, don't be angry, the big deal, the big deal is that I don't stop Zhizhi and leave..."

Had it not been for the news from the orphanage a year ago that the country was willing to subsidize the families of those who adopted Fu Zhi by 200,000, and the eldest son of the Zhao family was waiting for the money to go to university, Zhao Mingquan would not be so stupid to catch up with his son to adopt. Other people's children.

Just thinking about it, the dean’s phone number hit Zhao Mingquan’s cell phone.

He glanced in the direction of his wife, saw the person with a cold face, made it clear that there is no room for maneuver, no matter how embarrassed, he still said: "Yes, we are in the hospital in the town, you can come in and pick her up directly," Zhao Mingquan said, walking out of the ward boredly, just about to light a cigarette, unexpectedly saw Fu Zhi standing by the door.

The man's eyebrows were half drooping, the eyelashes were thin and long, the hospital corridor was dazzling and bright, and her silhouette was hidden in the shadow cast by the medicine cabinet in the distance, making people unable to see clearly.

"...Then, let's do that first."

The man hung up the phone in a panic. The soundproofing effect of the hospital was really not good. He rubbed his hands awkwardly: "Zhizhi, have you heard everything?"

Fu Zhi raised his head, staring at him quietly with black and white apricot eyes.

Zhao Mingquan was guilty of being seen by her, so she simply turned away from her sight, and for a long while, thinking of something, he took out a few red tickets from his pocket and said sincerely: "Here is five hundred yuan, it is a little bit of my heart and your aunt Xu. You don’t have to be grateful. The dean will take you back to the orphanage in a while. You take the money and live a good life. You can buy whatever you want in the future and don’t feel wronged."

Fu Zhi glanced at the money the man had put in.

"No, I don't need it."

She still had the payment slip in her hand, her voice was very soft when she spoke, and her cold and bright eyes crossed Zhao Mingquan and looked at Zhao Youyou in the ward: "You know I didn't push her."

Zhao Mingquan's face froze.

Yes, the Zhao family knew that Fu Zhi would not push people. After all, the first day Fu Zhi came to Zhao's family was their daughter.

But the relatives are far away and near, not to mention that Zhao Youyou is lying in the ward now, and the couple feel even more resentful about Fu Zhizhi under the fence but can't bear it.

"Zhizhi, it doesn't make sense to say this now. Don't blame your sister and Aunt Xu, they both have difficulties..."

Zhao Mingquan stuffed money for himself: "You take it, I feel better when you take it."

Fu Zhi hid back for a while, and was stalemate. A slightly older woman walked in outside: "Mr. Zhao, I will take Fu Zhi back."

Zhao Mingquan turned his head and saw the dean. Before the money could be given out, he was stunned and nodded: "Okay."

The dean didn't look at him anymore and turned his gaze to Fu Zhi, "Zhizhi, the dean already knows about your affairs. It's not your fault. You don't need to be sad. The dean has found a new family member for you. "

She said, "Do you remember the last time you met an aunt who liked you in the orphanage? I called her before I came. She wanted to adopt you and live with you when she knew about your situation."

The dean's tone was gentle with the elders: "The family is waiting for you outside the hospital. If you want, you can come and recognize someone with me."

An extremely gentle and beautiful face suddenly appeared in Fu Zhi's mind.

She thought for a moment and nodded slowly.

The warm light outside the window poured down, smudging her dark eyes and eyelashes with a soft light.

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