Chapter 1:The Pioneering Era of Crossing the Orc World


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This is a very plain crossing orcs.

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Xia He travels to a primitive and backward world of orcs, where he uses his knowledge to lead the orcs into a new era.

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1. Get fired...

When Xia He was focusing on work, MISS Zhang, the assistant of the vice president, was wearing high heels about 7 cm high, making a "puff, puff" sound, and walked to Xiahe's post with a charming face. Looking down with pride and contempt, he doesn’t look like the old-fashioned clothes worn by people in this prosperous and fashionable city in the 21st century, although he is just a small and dispensable for small and medium-sized companies. Personnel Specialist.

Thinking of how she had a good impression of him at first glance when she first joined, MISS Zhang thought that fortunately, there was no future development, otherwise she didn't know how to regret it now.

MISS Zhang couldn't help but annoyed and said, "Xiao Xia, the vice president has invited you to his office."

Xia He stopped her work, did not look at her, said thank you, and walked away. In fact, he already knew that this day would happen sooner or later, but it came earlier than he expected, and he sighed helplessly and walked towards the deputy general's office.

"Vice President, are you looking for me?" Although I came here knowing the reason, it was the last time I called him.

"Xia Xia, come, here is your salary this month." A middle-aged man with a beer belly sat at the desk and stretched out his hand to push the slightly thick envelope on the desk in front of Xia He.

"Xia Xia, you have been in the company for almost three years. Three years ago, our company was still a small company... Our company has always kept pace with the society and keeps pace with the times, as an employee of the company. But Xiao Xia, you The dress code for the past three years does not meet the company's requirements..." He said a lot of reasons why he wanted to fry Xiahe.

Walking out of the office building, Xia He walked towards his rented house blankly, thinking of comforting words in his head.

Three years ago, he was working as an assembly line in a factory. Because of his tall figure and mediocre and kind face, he met many workers in the factory. Among them, the aunt in her forties and her can talk to him best. The aunt told Xia He that she had a son who worked in a small company, and that she might hire people to expand the company, and asked Xia He if she wanted to try.

This is a good opportunity for Xia He. After asking questions, she quit her job in the factory and learned about the personnel module and the work to be done with her aunt's son Liu Cheng for a week. Xia He has been sitting in this position for the next three years. The original personnel positions of the four people have come and gone except him. I don’t know how many jobs have been changed. Including Liu Cheng also left the company last year and is now in a certain position. A well-known company as the personnel manager.

Liu Cheng also came to ask Xia He if he wanted to do it with him. Xia He thought about it for two days and refused. That kind of large company is not something he can stay in as a country kid, and his knowledge is not enough to go to that kind of big company. The company went to work, so Xia He was timid.

The job is easy, and the salary is relative. Xia He is very satisfied with this job. Yes, he has no lofty ambitions or ambitions to achieve greater gains. He only likes this kind of plain work. After working for a few years and having some savings, he went back to his home in the country, took a virtuous wife, and had a few chubby babies. All he wanted was such a plain and happy life.

However, he didn't expect to be able to go home so soon. He originally planned to quit his job for another two years, but now he has moved ahead. It saves his mother repeatedly urging himself to go home and then go to a blind date to find his wife. My mother always talked about this on the phone, and now it's as she wished.

It's not that he never thought about finding a girl in the city, but that the girls in the city couldn't see him. Xia He has nothing other than a good figure. He is not very handsome, has no high education, no high position, and is a child in a rural mountain. Which city girl would like to go back to the village with him? So Xia He also looked away, and went back to the village to find his wife. According to what his mother said, she knew everything she knew, rest assured, and affordable.

MISS Zhang was appointed as the deputy general assistant six months ago. Xia He knew that this girl was interesting to him when she first came. Otherwise, who would just ask herself to eat and watch movies for a few days in a row, even if he had never been in love, he knew it was love. premise. At the beginning, he was also very resistant. How could he hit himself with such a beautiful opportunity when the sky fell?

On the fifth night, when MISS Zhang Yue Xiahe went for a walk in the park at night, Xia He was talking on the phone for almost an hour because his mother called that night. As a result, Xia He was almost half an hour late when he walked quickly. I was exhausted when I ran to the park.

But what did he see? A young and handsome guy leaned on a black bridge car and chatted with MISS Zhang. Although he couldn't hear what they were talking about, he could laugh so happily. It didn’t matter. Maybe the two of them might be friends they met and talked and talked happily. Laugh, but, who will tell him why the young man's hand touched MISS's face, slowly kissed her forehead, and then moved it to his lips...

MISS Zhang wasn't resisting, and he took the initiative to reply with some shame. Xia He was so stunned, staring at it motionless, thinking in her heart: I wondered how such a beautiful and charming girl would take the initiative to chase him. Fortunately, she only liked this lively and enthusiastic character a little bit, but fortunately she still had no love. Get on her. Seeing MISS Zhang and the young man disappear into the night of starlit lights after getting in the car, Xia He's heart was only slightly disappointed. He thought that there would be girls who would not care about his poverty and whiteness, and that he could take his girlfriend back when he came home during the New Year. Mom and Dad will be extremely happy, now everything is in vain.

When I returned to the company the next day, no one talked about what happened last night. From that day on, Xia He and MISS Zhang stopped coming together in a tacit understanding, and no one contacted anyone after get off work. Two months later, I no longer saw the young man driving to the company to pick up MISS Zhang.

Soon after, the company rumored that MISS Zhang had an off-work relationship with the vice president. Since then, MISS Zhang has been targeting Xia He, always picking up his faults at work. Finally, half a year after MISS Zhang joined the company, Xia He was fired due to various issues that the company hadn't faced squarely before.

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2. Fell somersault into another world...

Xia He turned seven or eight turns and finally walked downstairs where he rented. The landlord was an old lady, but she was in good spirits. This three- story house is already very old. It is the cheapest rent in this city. For Xiahe, it's fine to live, even if you stay away from the company.

"Oh, Xiao Xia, why did you get off work so early today? It's only three o'clock. Hey, what are you doing with the cardboard box in your hand?" The old lady sitting at the door asked Xia He.

Xia He smiled: "Grandma Wu, I quit my job. I will take a day off tomorrow, and I will return to my hometown the day after tomorrow."

"How can I stop doing it? Is it anxious to go home and have something to do or what?" The old lady is strange, she knows a little bit about this young man. Honestly, it is impossible to be resigned. Did something happen at home?

Xia He knew that the old lady had misunderstood and didn’t explain much. “Well, I won’t do anything at home. Grandma Wu, I will move out the day after tomorrow. You can post the rent first. Ah, I have to go upstairs to clean up. Go up." Before the old lady was finished, she quickly found a reason and walked away, fearing that the old lady would ask the question thoroughly.

As soon as he entered the house, he locked the door and threw himself into the rather old sofa in the living room. After a while, Xia He took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket, and thought about it to make a call at home.

"...Hey, Mom, it's me. Are you busy at home now?"

"Xiaohe, haha, aren't you at work? How come you have time to call? The Chinese New Year is only a month away, and things in the fields are basically finished, nothing is going on. Xiaohe, you should be on holiday soon, too? It's best to bring a girlfriend back when you go home during the New Year." Xia Ma said excitedly.

Xia He felt helpless and funny, "Mom, go home and leave it to you to arrange. Mom, I won't do it, and I will go home the day after tomorrow."

Xia Ma stopped for two seconds and then laughed again, "Go home, I told you to go home two years ago, and you are only going back now. Now, when I come back, I will help you introduce the girl from the next village to you, and I will just I think that girl is good, able to work, with ** and big butts, and she will definitely give birth to a fat baby. Don't worry, if you are not satisfied, let's look at the next family. My son is so good to find a match."

Xia He smiled. This is his mother, the great mother who has loved him since childhood.

"Haha, I know mom. See if Xiaoshui is at home, ask them to come and listen to the phone." Xiaoshui is the only girl in the family, Xia Shui, who is 19 years old, just in his freshman year, and Xiao Tian is in his second year of junior high.

The second child is Xia Tian, ​​the third child is Xia Hai, and the youngest child is Xia Jiang. This name was taken by Dad Xia and understood the meaning.

"Xiaoshui and Xiaotian went to pick vegetables in the fields. Xiaohai Xiaojiang was playing outside, you wait for me to call them. Xiaohai Xiaojiang, come, quickly, your eldest brother will call you to listen." Xia Ma roared brightly. His voice shook Xia He had to pull away from the phone a little bit, um, his mother will always be so energetic, how good.

Soon there was a chattering voice from the two children

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