Chapter 112:The Pioneering Era of Crossing the Orc World


Muttering, isn't this a sign of a foreigner who just came here?

Before they were shocked, there was a loud noise, and a group of people gathered around Ba and He, because they were carrying a comatose foreigner in their bullock cart. When Xia He calmly looked at the person in front of him, the first thing he reacted was that God is not kind, this is a typical noble son! Look at what kind of clothes this is, he knows that the clothes on this person are purely hand-made, and the door of such a shopping mall that sells clothes is a real rich person that he can't step into! However, there is a small hole in the clothes on the left chest for the wool? Look at this extremely stalwart face, bastard!

Xia He was envy and jealous of this person's appearance and handsome tall figure! Hmm, God still has eyes. In the old world, I don't know how many men don't want to live anymore. Fortunately, there is another unlucky man who was thrown here as a female.

"Brother He, this person belongs to your hometown, right? I met on the way back. Do you want to wake him up?" He asked Xia He.

If he could be his hometown, he would be stunned by death, Xia He thought to himself, who had never changed his fortune. Now I can be regarded as the richest man, but this kind of rich sense of accomplishment is completely different from the money won by fierce competition in modern times.

"Well, no, Ba, you put him to the courtyard house and tell me when he wakes up." After Xia He finished speaking, he watched everyone look at himself with contempt, cough, and couldn't help but feel guilty. "He is from my hometown, but we don't know him or whether he is a good person or a bad person. Besides, there are not too many vacancies in my house." Female, an animal that everyone protects, Xia He comforts herself, no Ken admitted that he really envied everything about this man's appearance, so he carefully placed him in the empty house on the side of the courtyard house.

"He is right. Even if he is a female, it would be bad if he is hostile to everyone. You have to stay when he wakes up. You have to be defensive." Chi said.

Others also think that it is reasonable, and they blame themselves for being over-excited for a while, thinking that people from the outside world are like Xia He, which can make a great change in the whole world, and this change makes their life more convenient. , Healthy, comfortable, happy, but forget that there is a kind of people who attack themselves or their family like beasts.

Li Yinghuang woke up in the refreshing smell of medicine, a pair of deep phoenix eyes watched the environment in front of him vigilantly, his gaze shifted, and he saw a man with a pregnant belly like a seven or eight-month pregnant woman mixing the medicine. There was a trace of doubt in the dark eyes. This does not seem to be a beer belly. A man with a beer belly can't touch his belly with his hand from time to time and give it a kind look!

Raised his hand to touch the place of the heart, the muzzle is gone? ! Li Yinghuang was really horrified this time, but when he thought of some things in the past, he looked at this big stone house, and he suddenly let go. His eyes were no longer guarded and vigilant, but a peaceful and casual look. In the same way, the cold face also has a hint of smile.

At this time, the squid also noticed that the female on the bed was awake, and smiled in surprise and said: "Hehe, you finally woke up and slept for two days. How is it, is there any discomfort in the body?"

Upon hearing this, Li Yinghuang opened the quilt, sat up, and moved his body again to indicate that there was nothing wrong. "Heh, my body is all right, thank you very much. You... take the liberty to ask, are you a beer belly?"

"Beer belly?" Squid didn't understand, but after thinking that this term should be recognized by outsiders but the orc world didn't know it, Hou sneered and said, "Because there is a baby in it, the belly will get bigger, hey, you will also have it in the future. Such a day."

It's really a pregnant belly! No matter how shocked in my heart, there was still a faint smile on the surface. "Well, I just woke up, and I don't know what your Excellency is called, where is this place?"

"Ah...haha, you don't have to talk like that, I won't understand! You didn't know when you just woke up. Now, my name is Squid. I was a female from the Phoenix tribe who married to the Yanhuang tribe. Now this is the Yanhuang tribe. , Yes, this world is called the orc world, it must be different from your previous one. Can you tell me what your previous world was like? He didn't tell us anything because it was annoying... Uh, ha, I'm too careless, haven't asked your name yet?"

Yanhuang tribe? Yanhuang? Negatively, people in ancient times did not have the wonder of a man being pregnant. Sure enough, this is called the Orc World, and it’s no longer the same as before. Li Yinghuang was stunned for a while and laughed again. No matter what the world is, as long as you get out of there and live again, this time, you must not be the same as before. !

Wait, isn't the person named He also in the old world? Suddenly, Li Yinghuang laughed out loud, funny, so funny.

"My name is Li Yinghuang, and your name is Squid, right? Can you take me out to see...Well, is it convenient for you?"

"Of course, I'm only five months now. It's not a problem. I'll call you Huang. We are used to having a one-letter name here. Huang, are you hungry, do you want to eat first before going out?"

"...Okay." Huang? Li Yinghuang smiled heartily again. He liked this title, simply because of his cordial relationship.

Just after the meal, as soon as I left the house, there were a bunch of men with curiosity and amazing faces that followed him and the squid. Li Yinghuang didn't care. These simple men were far better than those faces. Kindhearted people are much more cute, but some people's eyes are really only amazing. Haha, don't you know whether to conceal it a little bit.

Well, the air is naturally fresh, and when I walked out of the courtyard house, I first took a deep breath of fresh air that was impossible in the world before. As more and more people are onlookers, and they are all men, the houses built around are all made of big stones, and there is no modern burnt bricks. The most eye-catching thing is the vegetable plot next to the house. The variety of seasonal vegetables or other crops grown, the black stalks and leaves and the weed-free vegetable fields all show the diligence and care of the farmers.

Along the way, listening to the squid constantly introduce him to the origin of the tribe, until it was built as it is now, everything is attributed to a person who is also from the outside world with him, named Xiahe. Finally, Squid took him to the door of a row of two houses. He heard that this was Xia He's home, and there were several neatly dressed clever boys in front of the door. Sure enough, after a while, a middle-aged man with his hands on his waist and a huge belly was lifted out by another man, and when the man with his belly looked at him, Li Yinghuang was sure that this person was undoubtedly the same as everyone around him. It's not the same, that is, he comes from the same world as him. This person is the person who founded the Yanhuang tribe, Xia He.

Xia He stared straight at him like this, wanting to see the panic in his eyes, the desperate expression of not being able to return home, but there were none of these that should have existed, but they did. Look, a pair of contemplative black eyes have only a faint smile, which is not what I expected.

Suddenly, Xia He felt an unidentified air. He suppressed his emotions and said in plain language as much as possible: "Dear, you can't go home."

"...Well, my family knows." Ha ha, you must restrain your emotions and don't forget your abnormally big belly.

"This is not the 21st century. You will never see your family, your loved ones!"

"Yes, I won't see it if I can't go home." Even if I get home, I won't see it. It's a scene of intrigue when I meet, so it's better not to see it.

"!!! This is the world of orcs, aren't you surprised fucking, huh, don't hide it, show it, and feel comfortable after crying."

"Hehe, don't cry, I like it here." I really like it.

"..." The expression on Xia He's face at this time didn't know what to say!

"My dear, I have good news for you. I have a remedy and know how to go back to the past. Would you like to know?"

"I don't want to." If you know you've gone back long ago, besides, even if there is, he will never go back. There is no nostalgia in the previous world.

"Chacha!! Are you a human or someone from outside?!"

"I am. Also, my name is Li Yinghuang. I heard that you are the chief of the patriarch here? Well, you can work hard. You used to be a farmer, ha ha."

"...So what, what do you want to do?" Xia He glared at him vigilantly.

"No, nothing, just want to say, you know these things can be the position of the patriarch, then I will make electrical appliances, right?..."

"Fuck off, do you want to usurp the throne?" I had this idea when I first came. Don't even think about it. Sure enough, modern people are more greedy than orcs, Xia He thought angrily. But electrical appliances? ...

"Urture the throne? It seems to be good too." Haha, it is very interesting to see this person who is about to jump up. Let's forget about the position of the patriarch. In this life, he wants to live freely and freely. If he has a position to stumble, it will be as troublesome as it is.

"you you you……"


"How are you, He? Hurry up, go back and lie down." Cheeked the person who was bent over and covered his belly, quickly returned to the room, and at the same time did not forget to say to Squid, "Squid, take a look!"

"Ah, the patriarch is about to give birth?"

"After a year and a month, the patriarch is finally about to give birth."...

Did you really have a baby? After smiling, Li Yinghuang tilted his head slightly and thought.

For a time, there was a crowd in front of Xiahe's house, mainly to see how many tiger cubs their patriarch could give birth to, and another to see what this female from outside was like, and what it would bring to the tribe in the future. reform.

Some familiar females have gone in as helpers, some have come here purely to watch the fun, and some are dedicated to this newcomer

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