Chapter 1:The Rise of the European Emperor

: Recap

(This book is a sequel to the book "The King of German Mercenaries" with nearly 120,000 recommended votes. The following is a brief overview of the previous book for new readers. If you are not clear, please refer to The prequel of this book-"The King of German Mercenaries.")

Marin, a company employee of "erudition" (mainly reading more novels and miscellaneous books), because he fought for his friends, was traversed by a brick, and crossed to the Rhine River in Germany in 1494. Soon after his home, the young wandering knight Marin Hoffman was on the verge of starvation.

With the extensive knowledge and skills of "outdated" in the past, Marin solved the survival problems and survived the difficulties by hunting.

After that, relying on the knowledge learned from past life through historical novels, Du Niang and various techniques, Marin sacrificed the "Spanish Phalanx" big killer, temporarily pulled up a team of mercenaries, and fled to want to participate in the Italian war Emperor Maximilian I of the Holy Roman Empire and was reused.

As a traverser, "Prophet and Consciousness" is Marin's greatest advantage. Taking advantage of this advantage, the daring Marin, with only a square (1250 people), ambushed the busy French king Charles VIII and his 8000 French knights in the middle of the night, and achieved extremely brilliant results.

Through this amazing battle, Marin was promoted from a little knight to an imperial baron of the Holy Roman Empire with an independent baron and became a member of the hereditary aristocracy.

In the remote island territory, Marin found a suitable way to make a fortune- boiled salt, relying on the rich scientific knowledge he mastered. Using the coal produced by his manor in the Ruhr area, Marin set up a cauldron of salt on the seashore led by his island baron and began a profitable career in salt cooking (the price of salt was very expensive in those days).

Next, relying on good finances, Marin hired enough troops to thwart the invasion of the Friesian noble republic ...

After the defeat of Friesland, the peach was picked by the Duke of Saxony, Marin had to turn his attention to the neighboring country of the Frisian Republic-East Friesland.

Moreover, Marin was surprised to find that her cheap mother, Mrs. Mary, turned out to be the granddaughter of the overthrown former Earl of Friesland.

With this, Marin obtained the legal principle of coveting the position of Count of East Friesland by forging documents of the noble identity of the grandfather's family (actually a civilian identity, and the children born in European marriages have no inheritance rights). Qualifications.

Then, Marin still recruited thousands of troops, raided East Friesland, seized control of East Friesland in one fell swoop, and professed himself as Earl ...

However, things are not all smooth sailing. Despite the occupation of East Friesland, Marin was opposed by neighboring countries. Especially the ambitious Duke of Saxony who is also coveted in East Friesland.

In desperation, Marin had to recruit tens of thousands of mercenaries to fight the Saxon invaders ...

Outside the county town of Lyle in the south of East Friesland, Marin used the "Spanish phalanx" leading this era, and dug two trenches filled with spikes in front of the formation to block the Saxon army's charge.

After that, taking advantage of the chance that the handsome flag of the army of the Principality of Saxony was cut off by Marin's warship artillery, Marin learned Zhu Xu in the "Bashui Battle" and commanded his men to make rumours and fraudulently called the enemy commander Duke of Saxony "Chinese gun "Death", disintegrated the fighting spirit of the enemy, and took the opportunity to annihilate the Saxon army with more than twice the number.

At this point, Marin has stabilized his position and completed a huge change in "several jumps" from a wandering knight who has nothing to an autonomous Earl of Bosnia in a few years.

Of course, as a knowledgeable (complex) traverser, Marin is not only busy upgrading his status. He knew that this era was the beginning of the vigorous "Great Navigation Age". The great marlin of the Great Sailing is very clear, so he decisively took advantage of his territory on the North Sea to build ships and train sailors to participate in the great sailing.

Under the circumstance of error, Marin recruited Columbus and used Columbus's "tail" Da Gama's fleet, but "dragged" Da Gama halfway, delaying the opponent's journey, and then his own team first Arrived in India and received huge profits from the spice trade.

In addition, Marin also specially rescued the prince of Spain, who would have died of illness, and changed history. From then on, Charles V, who jointly ruled Spain and the Holy Roman Empire, could not appear again. And Spain, because of Marin's credit for saving his crown prince, allowed Marin to participate in the colonization of America, giving him the opportunity to get involved in America ...

At the same time, Marin also intervened in the affairs of the Teutonic Knights. In the process of running for the new chief, he supported allies, defeated the son of the enemy Duke of Saxony, and made the allies the new chief of the Teutonic Knights. As a result, Marin also got the opportunity to intervene in the trade of Teutonic countries, increasing trade routes and financial resources.

Familiar with the historical trend, after saving the illegitimate daughter of the fallen future God of War Pope Julius II, Marin resolutely pursued and successfully married. You know, the same pope with illegitimate children, the three illegitimate children of Alexander VI are all mixed into the duke. Marin's marriage to the illegitimate daughter of the future pope is obviously a form of political speculation.

After sending Columbus to discover the Indian route, Marin did not go to war with India himself, because he knew that his maritime power was too weak to compete with the Portuguese. Starting from the time of Prince Enrique, the Portuguese have developed a large-scale maritime career for decades.

In desperation, Marin can only choose to take the nautical charts of the Indian route to Spain and make a deal with the Spaniards, giving the extremely profitable Indian spices trade to the Spaniards, in exchange for permission to colonize in the Americas. Because, as the soul of China, Marin is well aware of the principle of "innocent people blame their sins". Without guaranteeing the safety of the route, Marin decisively gave up the huge profits of India's spice trade ~ ~ and instead obtained the American colonial license from Spain, which laid the groundwork for the future colonization of gold and silver origins such as Peru and Mexico. .

Later, Marin hired the equally great navigator Amerigo, and led a team to explore Grenada (a tropical island without tropical vipers and poisonous insects) in the Caribbean Windward Islands, as well as the coastal islands of North America, South Tucker Island and Horses. Savine Island, preparing for the colonization of these two places.

Chose these two places as the preferred colony, because Grenada is a tropical island, but because there are no venomous snakes and poisonous insects, the disease is not easy to spread, colonizing there, colonizers are not easy to get malaria and other tropical diseases. The choice of two small islands on the coast of North America as the preferred colony is because the Indians on the mainland are too strong. Perhaps their fighting power is average on the plains, but Indian archers who are good at shooting prey in the jungle when they enter the virgin forests of North America will become a colonial nightmare. Therefore, Marin intends to fight steadily, first occupy two small islands lacking Indians, build a base and a farm on the island, and use this as a springboard to slowly plot the Indians on the mainland ...

In the end, Marin reached an agreement with Archbishop Rovere (the future Pope Julius II) to help him defeat the rich neighbour of the Papal State in the last Pope, in exchange for the East Frisia Lambert The secular governance of Bishop Munster, the neighboring country. To this end, Marin recruited another 10,000 new mercenaries, and pulled into the allies of the Teutonic country to secretly train. In the future, it will be used to ** Archbishop Rovere to Rome .... At this point, Marin, who served 20,000 mercenaries, became The king of European mercenaries in this era ...

However, as a traversal, only to become the king of mercenaries, obviously does not meet Marin's ambitions. So, Marin, with his powerful army, began to expand and embarked on a new journey ...

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