Chapter 1:The Strongest Player Who Descended From the Wilderness


"I'm not reconciled... I'm not reconciled! If I can do it again... If I can do it again..."

The line of sight began to blur, and the world plunged into darkness.

One year? Two years? I don't know how many years, or even a moment, the feeling of being alive suddenly returned.


Ye Chen breathed greedily and greedily.

Suddenly, Ye Chen was taken aback, opened his eyes abruptly, and then sat up.

But Ye Chen, who was sitting up, still felt dizzy in his brain.

"here is……"

White walls, roofs with wallpaper, old wooden beds, broken ceiling fans, carved glass mirrors, broken tables bitten by mice...

The strange and somewhat familiar feeling suddenly appeared in my mind.

This is the house I rented for three years...

and many more……

After a short silence, Ye Chen stood on the ground "teng", hurriedly walked to the table, and looked at the dilapidated alarm clock on the table.

March 5, 2036, 18:00.

Ye Chen stared at the alarm clock closely. Gradually, his body began to tremble and tremble, becoming more and more severe.

Pangu! Prehistoric!

Yes, that is today, at 20 o'clock in the evening, a meteor from the sky rushed into the earth.

It is today that the earth has suddenly grown a few hundred times bigger.

Today, the rules of heaven and earth have changed, and mankind has returned to the era of cold weapons.

Today, the brain named Pangu appeared, the world was taken over by Pangu, and the so-called coins became credit points.

It is today that the game that all creatures can enter has officially opened...

At the beginning of the game, the Oriental Novice Zone was based on the Three Kingdoms.

As long as you get the key things in the novice zone, after you leave the novice zone and formally enter the prehistoric area, you will definitely be in the water...

Thinking of this, Ye Chen clenched his fists involuntarily.

Before his rebirth, Ye Chen was unknown and lived at the lowest level. Even when he entered the game, he was very miserable.

Because Ye Chen is an orphan.

Rootless duckweed, how could it be so simple, just mixed with wind and water.

In the game, Ye Chen is fighting alone again, how can he compare with those forces.

At that time, Ye Chen didn't know what the game of Honghuang meant.

By the time Ye Chen discovered all the secrets, it was too late.

At that time, the major forces were unbreakable, whether it was financial or strength, it was not comparable to Ye Chen's grassroots.

Until one day, the real Ye Chen was buried in the mouth of the wolf demon, and then reborn.

Dilapidated rental house.

Ye Chen was silent for a long time, until the phone rang, which awakened Ye Chen, who was lost in thought.

Taking out the antique-like mobile phone from his pants pocket, Ye Chen glanced at it and pushed it off.

The call was made by the bar foreman. If Ye Chen answered the call, he would be scolded, and then rushed to work.

This is the sorrow of the little man, to live, to be precise, to live.

Don't steal, don't grab, rely on your own hands, and live hard.

But now, Ye Chen will naturally not answer, and soon the world will usher in tremendous changes.

Although rich people still have money, at that time, what people value more is strength!

Yes, strength!

Soon, this world will become the strongest!

The law of the jungle, where the weak eat the strong, is naked and naked in the world.

Whether it is the human race, the upcoming monster race, or the witch race, without exception, it is the law of the jungle.

Ye Chen exhaled for a long time, then put on his shoes, thought for a moment, and then went out.

After getting on Line 10, Ye Chen stood in the corner of the carriage.

Like many people, standing quietly, like a stranger who hasn't integrated into this bustling city, and like a tired traveler.

It's just that those eyes became brighter and brighter as the subway passed by from stop to stop.

On the subway, men and women were discussing. The topics were many and complicated. After wave after wave, Ye Chen was unwilling to pay attention.

Ye Chen was going to the urban forest park, where there were things that Ye Chen must get.

It could be something that shortened Ye Chen's struggle.

The city is full of feasting and bustling.

On the road, the traffic jams as always, and the long car lights, like giant snakes, are endless.

The whistle of the car is always in the ears.

Ninety-nine percent of the pedestrians who come and go on the street are out- of-towners who are busy for their lives.

The locals have a house and a car, do not have to go to work at all, they can meet their daily needs, and they have surplus.

Of course, this is only a part of the locals, and there are still many locals who still have to work hard, to live and to live.

After getting off the subway, Ye Chen, like many passers-by, walked across the overpass and headed for their destinations.

Before long, Ye Chen came outside the forest park.

Looking at the closed forest park, Ye Chen exhaled for a long time, then walked to a corner with no people, over the wall and entered the forest park.

The time has come to 19:30. At this point in time, the forest park has long been quiet.

Ye Chen avoided several waves of security, and then went to an artificial lake and sat on a bench, watching the rippling blue water in front of him, waiting quietly.

When the clock points to 20 o'clock, the dark sky is instantly torn!

Numerous huge meteors shining in the sky.

Ye Chen looked up at the sky, and stood up suddenly.


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