Chapter 1749:The Strongest Player Who Descended From the Wilderness

Burn the company

Most of the demon clan's rear battalion are baggage troops, and the losses in this battle are not large.

However, this force must also number five million.

The tents were rolling up and down, endless.

Ye Chen looked at the surrounding terrain and suddenly changed his mind.

He turned his head and said to Chi You and Xing Tian, ​​"Look at the terrain where the other party is camping, do you think something is wrong?"

Xing Tian and Chi You hurriedly stepped forward, observed it carefully, scratched their heads and said, "I didn't find anything wrong? I think it's good to camp here. There are mountains and dense forests on both sides. It will be blown up, and the soldiers will sleep more peacefully."

Ye Chen took a deep breath and resisted the urge to beat Xing Tian and Chi You into pig heads. He showed his white teeth and said, "You may not need to go out today. I invite you to watch a good show."

Xing Tian and Chi You were stunned: "We don't have to go out? What drama are we watching?"

Ye Chen said word by word: "Set the company on fire!"

A cold light flashed in Ye Chen's eyes.

Burning a company camp is not only useful for mortal troops.

Although there are many masters among the demon clan, who have the ability to overturn rivers and seas, they are after all a few great masters.

Most of the demon soldiers are low-level soldiers, so they are stronger than mortal monks, have stronger defenses, and fight more fiercely. They can't resist water and fire attacks.

Ye Chen thought for a while: "The bows and arrows that I have equipped you with are still there. How is your swordsmanship?"

Xing Tian and Chi You immediately patted their chests and said, "Emperor Ye Chen, please rest assured, there is practice every day, even the most common soldier can shoot a leaf from a distance of thousands of meters."

Ye Chen nodded and said, "Very good, you all prepare for me, and ambushed in the highest places on both sides of the mountain, waiting for the leaks."

Although Xing Tian and Chi You didn't understand what Ye Chen was going to do, they obeyed his orders and directed the two teams to occupy the high ground on the mountain from the left and right.

Immediately afterwards, Ye Chen began to act. He gently pressed his hand on the ground, and saw that in the forest in the distance, one after another, towering trees rose up automatically, but did not make any sound.

Right under the eyes of Xing Tian and Chi You, the ground cracked open silently one after another, and big trees flew up and suspended in the air.

There was a huge area of ​​darkness, and behind them was a jungle covering an area of ​​tens of thousands of acres. All the trees were pulled up.

Then under Ye Chen's control, countless trees were suspended in the sky.

Then Ye Chen flicked his finger, and hundreds of lava dragons in his small world suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

"Master, what instructions do you have!"

Ye Chen smiled coldly: "Do what you do, and set off a fire!"

Ye Chen pointed to the 800-mile camp in front of him, and said with hundreds of thousands of tents, "Go and light all those tents for me, as well as the surrounding forests!"

The eyes of these lava fire dragons suddenly lit up, this is indeed their natal supernatural power, it's just setting fire, it's too easy!

In an instant, hundreds of lava fire dragons flew out and rushed towards the camp of the demon clan frantically.

Xing Tian and Chi You then understood: "Emperor Ye Chen, you are planning to burn their camp!"

Ye Chen glanced at them and didn't speak. They were all at this level, if they couldn't guess.

Xing Tian and Chi You should have found a piece of tofu and killed them.

Hundreds of lava fire dragons swept across the sky at the same time, just when they rushed to the other side's military camp.

It was discovered by those patrolling soldiers, but they didn't wait for them to sound the alarm.

There was a huge fireball spraying out.


A fire suddenly exploded, and the soldiers of the patrol team suddenly turned into a group of firemen.

Hundreds of lava dragons chirped excitedly.

Countless fireballs lifted off at the same time, each hitting the target.

Hundreds of tents were reduced to ashes in an instant.

The soldiers who had fallen asleep in the tent woke up in an instant.

They burst out in flames!

"What happened, what happened?"

After hearing the situation here, the demon general of the rear camp rushed out immediately.

But he was immediately dumbfounded.

As far as the eye can see, there are blazing fires everywhere.

The entire camp has been shrouded in a sea of ​​flames, and countless monster soldiers are wailing and struggling in the fire.

The eyes of the demon general were all red: "Hurry up and put out the fire!"

Some demon soldiers rushed to put out the fire, and even those with water-type supernatural powers spewed water dragons in an attempt to extinguish the fire.

But the fire was so big that the entire camp was set on fire, and the surrounding trees were also set on fire.

Smoke billows, fire blazes.

At the same time, there was a strange wind blowing at an unknown time, and the surrounding jungles were filled with fire.

The raging flames also rushed towards the camp, and countless demon soldiers have been killed in the fire.

The monster general flew up immediately and roared angrily: "All the soldiers with water system supernatural powers, fly up for me and put out the fire!"

At the same time, almost hundreds of soldiers flew up and suspended in the air, spitting out water dragons in all directions.

It did extinguish a small fire source, but it was quickly covered by the fire.

At this moment, Ye Chen waved his hand coldly.

Xing Tian and Chiyou immediately understood and gave the order to shoot.

For a moment, the sword was in the air.

Only hearing a swooshing sound, these hundreds of monster soldiers with water- type magical powers were shot into sieves in the sky.

He fell straight into the sea of ​​fire.

At this moment, the endless trees in the sky controlled by Ye Chen quickly fell down.

Just like adding fuel to the fire, the flames in the entire camp jumped thousands of feet in an instant.

No one can survive this fire.

Including that monster general, was swallowed up by the fire in an instant.

After letting out an extremely unwilling scream, he also fell into the fire, with no bones left.

Looking at the fire-covered camp, Ye Chen clapped his hands and said lightly, "Let's go, the camp of five million demon clans is over, and there will be no survivors."

Xing Tian and Chi You stared at the blazing camp, their faces flushed from the blazing flames.

But neither Xing Tian nor Chi You felt the slightest warmth.

Their hearts were icy cold, and there was even a cold sweat on their backs.

How this camp was destroyed, the whole process was under their noses.

From the beginning to the end, Ye Chen did not use his super strength.

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