Chapter 1750:The Strongest Player Who Descended From the Wilderness

The shock and anger of the demon clan

For example, silently pulling out the trees of the tens of thousands of acres of forest behind.

Xing Tian and Chi You can also do it.

For example, setting fire in the demon clan's camp at the same time, although the speed is slightly slower, Xing Tian and Chi You can also do it.

It can also be said that under the same circumstances, if Xing Tian and Chi You operate, they can completely wipe out this huge camp with 5 million monster soldiers.

This is a monster camp with five million people, and it was engulfed by fire.

Xing Tian and Chi You never thought that war could be fought like this.

From beginning to end, they just let their men shoot a few arrows, and the war ended.

Ye Chen took Xing Tian and Chi You along with their 500,000 soldiers and left quietly.

It was as if they had come silently.

After leaving Baili, Ye Chen turned his head and saw that many generals from the demon race had already rushed over the military camp.

But it's too late now, they can only watch the red ground thousands of miles after the fire burns out.

The 12th rank Hei Lian came back after eating and drinking.

Before Ye Chen launched the attack, he buried the 12th grade World Exterminating Black Lotus in the ground of the camp.

The fire burned the camp, and the five million demon soldiers sent out extremely powerful resentment.

The negative energy Ye Chen collected this time was no less than when the two great formations fought against each other yesterday.

He calmly put the 12th grade World Extinguishing Black Lotus into his body.

Ye Chen turned his head and asked Xing Tian and Chi You, "What do you think?"

Xing Tian and Chi You looked at each other and shuddered at the same time.

They said respectfully: "I've done it, Emperor Ye Chen, we've finally done it. Please give me some advice on what to pay attention to when setting up a camp, and how to prevent such a disaster?"

Xing Tian and Chi You were really afraid, and now they sincerely wanted to ask for advice.

If someone were to deal with them in this way, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Ye Chen didn't hide it, these were the most basic common sense among human generals.

It's okay to tell them.

It was mainly because of Ye Chen's anti-Japanese war that Xingtian and Chi You were loyal to the Houtu.

Isn't helping them to help Houtu?

Ye Chen is quite generous to his own woman.

Next, Ye Chen lightly told Xing Tian and Chi You about the issue of setting up the camp.

Including the night patrol needs attention, including what is water attack and fire attack, as well as all kinds of outlandish camp attack.

Xing Tian and Chi You's eyes flickered quickly, and they seemed unable to remember this with their IQs.

However, they memorized it by rote, hid it in their minds, and slowly digested it later.

After Xing Tian and Chi You listened, they knelt down heavily on the ground: "Thank you Emperor Ye Chen, you have given us the same kind of re-creation!"

Ye Chen looked at Chiyou and Xing Tian and shook his head. With his help, Xing Tian and Chiyou's personalities and fighting habits should have changed.

I don't know if Chi You and Xing Tian would have suffered a big defeat under the Yellow Emperor again if he hadn't intervened in the future.

Would Xingtian still be beheaded by the Yellow Emperor?

If Xingtian hadn't been beheaded, would he still be a headless ** of war?

Xing Tian saw Ye Chen constantly looking at his neck, he felt cold and couldn't help shrinking his neck.

Ye Chen couldn't help laughing at me.

Xing Tian and Chi You quickly asked, "Emperor Ye Chen, what should we do next? Are we going back to the camp?"

Ye Chen turned his head and showed a terrifying smile: "Back to the camp, it took so many battles to come out, what are you going to do? This time I will take you all and turn the demon clan upside down. Anyway, the war has already started. , I'm afraid he's a bird!"

Ye Chen turned his head and laughed: "Although this battle didn't require you to take part, but your performance also satisfied me, so let's send the rewards to you in advance."

Chi You and Xing Tian were instantly overjoyed. It was undeniable how important equipment was to a soldier.

Before, Chi You and Xing Tian relied on some of the top-quality spiritual tool suits that Ye Chen had given them, swept the four directions, and became an elite team.

And this time, what Ye Chen gave them was a top-quality fairy set for each of them.

This is absolutely unique in the entire Wu clan.

Even if some witches come, there is no top-quality fairy set.

When Xing Tian and Chi You, all of the 500,000 or so were put on top-quality immortal artifact suits, their combat power instantly increased tenfold.

There was a ferocious look in Ye Chen's eyes, and of course he had his own reasons for doing so.

Only Xing Tian and Chi You's subordinates were tough and ruthless enough to be able to maximize their destructive power.

Otherwise, how can he collect negative energy if the entire army is wiped out without three or two battles.

After re-grouping and upgrading, compared to the team led by Xing Tian and Chi You, they could last longer.

The demon camp was already in chaos.

Several generals of the demon clan were suspended in the air, looking at the blazing camp, their faces so gloomy that they almost dripped with water.

One of the demon marshals roared frantically: "Who can tell me what happened here? How could the camp of five million demon warriors be swallowed up by a fire?"

The person beside him kept wiping the cold sweat off his forehead.

There are even people who are constantly directing the firefighting.

But the fire was so huge that the entire ground was burned through, and even if the fire was extinguished, it would have no effect.

All the soldiers in the entire camp were dead, and not a single one survived.

One of the demon generals said tentatively, "This is our logistics camp. Could it be that we accidentally slipped into the water?"

The monster general turned around suddenly, and slapped him on the head with a heavy slap.

The monster general screamed and almost fell from the air.

The general of the demon clan angrily scolded: "The fire just now, why didn't you also burn to death, can you use your brains! What kind of water can engulf the entire camp, this is an eight hundred li Camp, do you think our demon warriors are a bunch of dead pigs?"

At this time, the monster masters who went out to scout came back, and they knelt on one knee on the clouds in the void: "General Qi, we found something strange a hundred miles away, and a forest was completely pulled out. "

A cold light flashed in the eyes of the demon general: "Go and see!"

A group of monster generals broke through the void in an instant and appeared above the bare mountain forest covering an area of ​​10,000 mu.

The general of the demon clan gritted his teeth with hatred: "Sure enough, someone is doing a ghost. This is the ** enemy who deliberately set fire to it. Who did it?"

The general beside him said angrily: "Who else can be, it must be those * * of the Wu clan!"

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