Chapter 1751:The Strongest Player Who Descended From the Wilderness

Excited Xing Tian and Chi You

The general of the monster clan shook his head: "Those ** of the witch clan are all reckless men with muscles in their brains, they absolutely can't think of such an idea, and they can't make it so seamless, there must be other enemies, Who will it be?"

The other demon generals also fell into contemplation: "There are many enemies of our demon clan, but not many have the courage and ability to do this. Who is it?"

The general of the monster clan said in a low voice as if it came from Jiuyou Hell: "You can check it out for me. If you know who did it, we will definitely destroy his entire clan!"

Just when these monster generals were suspicious here, guessing who did it.

Ye Chen had already brought Xing Tian and Chi You and led an army of 500,000 people to another camp at the speed of lightning.

This camp is rather interesting.

They are not backed by the forest and are not suitable for attacking with fire, but they are also in a low-lying area in the north.

And a hundred miles away from them, there was a river, the famous Guiluo River.

Legend has it that the birds in the Guiluo River do not cross, and even a piece of goose feathers will quickly sink to the bottom.

The Guiluo River is surging, rushing past from a hundred miles away.

After Xing Tian and Chi You observed the terrain, they immediately raised their hands and said, "Emperor Ye Chen, I know that this place can use water workers to divert the water from the Guiluo River! So completely destroy their camp!"

Ye Chen nodded and said with relief: "It's finally a bit of progress, not bad, so this time I will stand by and watch, let the two of you do it!"

After being praised by Ye Chen, Xing Tian and Chi You flushed with excitement.

This is the affirmation of Emperor Ye Chen, and no matter what, this matter cannot be messed up.

Xing Tian and Chi You gave an order, and 500,000 Wu tribe warriors lined up from the Guiluo River to the sky above the camp.

As long as the ditch from the Guiluo River to this place is dug, the torrential river water will immediately pour in.

Just when Xing Tian and Chi You ordered to start digging.

Ye Chen slapped Xing Tian's head heavily: "The Jiangkou of the Guiluo River is excavated at the same time here. Do you want to drown your own people together?"

Xing Tian and Chi You suddenly realized that they scratched their heads embarrassedly and said, "I was so excited that I forgot about it."

Immediately afterwards, they ordered to start digging from this side first, leaving a dam about ten miles away from the Guiluo River.

These 500,000 witch warriors are all the best immortal artifact suits they have just obtained, and they are reluctant to use them.

The replaced top-quality spiritual tool suit comes in handy.

Digging ditches with top-quality spirit tools is considered a waste of time.

Fifty witch warriors silently dug a huge ditch several hundred feet wide and several thousand feet deep, connecting all the way to the periphery of the Guiluo River.

Xing Tian and Chi You took a deep breath, looked at Ye Chen nervously and asked, "Emperor Ye Chen, there are no other problems, right? Can we dig this place out?"

Ye Chen nodded slowly: "Yes, let's do it!"

The faces of Xing Tian and Chi You gradually turned hideous. They raised the weapons in their hands and fell heavily.


The ten li or so ** suddenly burst.

The water of the Guiluo River set off a wave with a height of hundreds of feet, and in an instant it rushed into the ditch, rushing towards it frantically.

In the demon camp, most of the people are sleeping soundly.

The two generals of the monster clan are studying tactics, how can they kill more enemies when they fight with the witch clan tomorrow.

Suddenly one of the demon generals listened to his side and asked in confusion, "Did you hear anything?"

The general smiled and shook his head and said, "Are you a little nervous, why is there any sound? Don't worry, even if we go to the battlefield tomorrow, we won't be the first to fight. It'll be fine if you're smart, haha..."

However, the previous general did not smile, he said seriously: "No, I am not overly nervous, listen carefully..."

In an instant, the general's expression changed.

Because the sound that came was very clear.


As if the sky was falling apart, the entire ground was shaking violently.

The two generals looked at each other, and they directly tore the roof of the big tent and rose into the sky at the same time.

When they saw the same thing in front of them, the expressions of the two generals changed drastically at the same time, and their eyes were split.

There was a vast expanse of whiteness.

The huge wave that was as high as 1000 feet slapped heavily from the distant mountains.

Their tent seemed to be made of paper, and it shattered in an instant.

Countless soldiers howled and rushed into the distance by the big waves.

Some soldiers were beaten to the rocks by the huge waves and shattered to pieces.

The entire camp was surrounded by floodwaters.

The general howled wildly: "Where did the water come from?"

Another general looked at the direction from which the water was coming, and suddenly said, "Guiluo River! This is the water of the Guiluo River!"

The previous general showed an incredible look: "Gui Luojiang? How is it possible, Guiluojiang is still more than a hundred miles away from here, how could it suddenly change course."

But no one has explained it for him now. As the saying goes, fire and water are ruthless, and the endless waves devour everything.

Most of the millions of soldiers in the camp were swept up by the waves, except for the few who could fly into the air.

At this moment, a dense sound of bowstrings was suddenly heard in the distance.

With the astonishing sound of breaking the air, the overwhelming rain of arrows shrouded it all.

The two generals hurriedly turned their heads, only to see the darkness in the distance, and countless arrows poured down like a torrential rain.


Numerous soldiers rose into the air, who thought they had escaped disaster, but were shot into sieves by the dense rain of arrows.

They screamed and fell into the flood, washed away by the water.

The two generals instantly held up the divine light, blocking most of the terrifying arrow rain from outside.

They gritted their teeth and said, "As expected, it was man-made, ** beasts, die!"

The two monster clan generals were filled with monstrous anger, and thunderous thunder rushed towards those witch clan warriors.

But they were still halfway through, and there were two men in front of them who were like iron towers blocking their way.

"Hey, if you want to go over, pass the level of the uncle first!"

Xing Tian and Chi You hugged their shoulders, with a cat-and-mouse playful expression on their faces.

At this moment, they suddenly heard Ye Chen's cold rebuke: "Don't waste time, fight quickly!!"

Xing Tian and Chi You's expressions changed instantly, their faces were full of hideous and murderous aura: "I originally wanted to play with the two of you, but my boss told me to save time!"

Then Xing Tian and Chi You took out their weapons at the same time and went up to fight frantically.

Although the two monster generals were also very sturdy, they were obviously not the opponents of Xing Tian and Chi You.

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