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Luo Zhen was picked up by a half-orc back to the tribe as soon as he passed through
I thought I was going to be forced to become the companion of half-orcs, who knew that the tribe moved away before the bond was concluded.

Luo Zhen, who stayed with the orcs, looked at the tribe razed to the ground by the flood.

And the piles of old, weak, sick and disabled in the tribe, swallowed silently
Lu Zhan, the delicate and fragile half-orc in front of people, gathered up the densely-dressed animal skins, and said innocently, “We have no tribe anymore.”

Luo Zhen: “It’s okay, we rebuild the tribe without us.”
Lu Zhan: “Food is not enough.”
Luo Zhen: “We grow our own.”
Lu Zhan: “Neither does a partner.”
Luo Zhen: “I’ll be here.”
Lu Zhan successfully curled the corners of his lips, “That’s it.”
Luo Zhen: “…” Wait, I am not, I don’t.

In order to support this group of old, weak, sick and disabled, Luo Zhen is hunting, building houses, looking for food in the wild, planting, domesticating, paving roads, and building bridges in the wild and different world. He must lead this group of people to get rich and run well.

However, slowly, Luo Zhen discovered that the primitive society he thought seemed a little different from what he imagined.

(Actually, it is a story of crossing into the orc world to farm and engage in infrastructure construction(:з」∠))

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