Chapter 1:Their Lucky Star Was Transmigrated!

The ancestral grave is smoking!

"Have you heard?"


"Old Xu's family, the ancestral tomb is smoking!"

"who said it?"

"The old grandson on the east side of the village saw it with his own eyes!"

"Just yesterday morning, Lao Sun's head went up the mountain to hunt rabbits, and I saw smoke from the grave of Lao Xu's house from a distance!"


"That's not it? How many years has the character of the old grandson, who has deceived?"

"Hey, old Xu family is going to post it!"

"That's not it? Next year, Xu Lao San should go to the exam again? This time, it is probably stable!"

"Tsk tusk, it looks like this old Xu family is going to shake up in the future!"


Within a day, the news of the green smoke from the old Xujiazu’s grave spread throughout the entire Lingshui Village.

As the villagers admired and watched the old Xu family, there was no news.

The old Xu's house on this day was really full of turbulent waves.


The old lady of the Xu family who had become a grandmother was pregnant again!

This old lady Xu, whose grandson is already able to make soy sauce, has her belly bulging again. This is really an old clam with a bead, so curiously tight!

After being diagnosed by the doctor in the town, Mr. Xu walked with wind.

What happens when you get older? We are old and strong!

Mr. Xu stood at the door of the old Xu’s house, looking at the two sons and three daughter-in-laws standing in front of him, as well as the two grandsons who had made him very precious before.

"Your mother is pregnant again!"

"This is the first-class event of our old Xu family!"

"From now on, you will pick things up in and out of this house, the eldest daughter-in-law."

"If you don't understand anything, ask your mother again!"

"Father, I listen to you!"

Mr. Xu's daughter-in-law Zhou, listened to Mr. Xu's words, with mixed joys and sorrows.

Happily, she is now in charge of the family.

The worry is that the mother-in-law was pregnant. Whether there is a boy or a girl in this belly, I am afraid that in the future, it will be the darling of the old couple, and the family will have multiple ancestors.

Father Xu didn't notice the entanglement of the eldest daughter-in-law at all.

He looked at the second daughter-in-law Li, and said seriously, "Second daughter-in-law, take care of this cooking matter, and see what your mother wants to eat, and just do what you do! "

"Okay, Dad!"

Li said in a low voice, without seeing too much emotion on his face.

Finally, Mr. Xu looked at the daughter-in-law Wang, who was the least worrying among the three daughter-in-laws.

Wang's is a real low-married.

The old Xu's family is regarded as a heir to farming and reading.

The three sons have all gone to school since they were young. It is a pity that only the eldest third, Xu Yuanxu, has this talent for reading. He passed the county and government examinations at a young age. Only after passing the hospital examinations, he can become a scholar.

Because of Xu Yuanxu's talent for reading, he was able to marry the eldest lady of the county scholar's home as a daughter-in-law.

It is a pity that Xu Yuanxu has missed three years.

For this reason, Wang's attitude towards Xu Yuanxu and even the Xu family has gradually become dismissive from being careful at the beginning. When nothing was wrong, the Wang clan would criticize Sang Huai and ridicule the Xu family.

If it were not for fame and for Xu Lao San's future, Father Xu would have asked Xu Yuanxu to write a letter of resignation to Wang's family.

"The third wife!"

Father Xu just spoke, and Wang immediately snorted and said, "Father, I, you don't need to tell!"

"Sang Gong will have an exam again next year!"

"My father sent a letter earlier, saying that he bought a small yard in the county seat and lived with him. My daughter-in-law wanted to tell you before, but he never looked for a chance!"

Wang Shi said after a pause, and Father Xu's face sank.

"Does the youngest know about this matter?"


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