Chapter 883:Their Lucky Star Was Transmigrated!

People set up, we're going to stand still!

Chapter 851 Human Set Up, It's Time to Stand!

As soon as Fu Bao spoke, he was fooled.

Things in the ancient times are all legends, and you know exactly what happened. In the former web literary world, many weird conjectures have unfolded.

Of course, who the emperor is equal to the sky, who is the king of the world, the emperor Zhou has become a puppet of the heavens...Anyway, the brain is so big that they would not dare to think about it.

But at the moment, if Fubao uses these web articles to fool Emperor Zulong, the effect is definitely shocking.

In Fubao's world, Daqin, the second king died.

Whether the Immortal Qin Dynasty can break this fate, Fu Bao is not sure, but as long as the Zulong Emperor is gone, the ending of the Immortal Qin Dynasty should not be much better.

The possibility of peaceful coexistence between the Xianqin Dynasty and the Han Yun Dynasty was basically determined after Fubao's investigation and research for this period of time, and it was impossible.

Since the two countries are destined to go to war, she must weaken the strength of the Immortal Qin Dynasty as much as possible.

As for why it is impossible for the Immortal Qin Dynasty to coexist peacefully with the Han Yun Dynasty?

Naturally, the two systems are completely different.

Moreover, after Emperor Zulong was promoted to the fortune in the Great Qin Dynasty, even the courtiers who accompany him to fight the world did not give the due canonization. The size of the heart and eyes of this nine-five noble one can be imagined.

"Xu Xian's family, is it possible for a widow to become an emperor without being an emperor?"

Longevity is already the obsession of Emperor Zulong.

Fu Bao really didn't expect her to start flicking, and without showing 100% of the skill, the Zulong emperor had already taken the bait.

"Your Majesty, the fairy fate relies on fate, this seat cannot guarantee anything."

"But if your majesty desires longevity, then, if you don't abandon the throne, you will never be able to see the way!"

Fu Bao didn't worry at all that his words would anger Emperor Zulong.

She started to set up people from the moment she entered Xianyang City.

After such a long time of operation, her image of the immortal family is already established.

Unless the Zulong emperor finds someone else who can make him live forever, otherwise, if he wants to live forever, he has to follow Fubao's steps.

First, abdicate.

Once this emperor retreats, it will be difficult to go up again.

After all, once the emperor and the courtier.

"Your Majesty, think twice!"

Seeing Emperor Zulong began to think about Fubao's suggestion, the princess Yingshu was the first to speak, a little anxious.

"Your Majesty, the minister thinks that this is not necessarily the case."

"It is said that the Yellow Emperor's maiden has three thousand, soaring!"

"There are also the three ancient emperors, who all gained the Tao in the throne."

Not only did Ying Shu speak to Emperor Zulong, but after receiving no response from Emperor Zulong, she looked at Fu Bao with a serious expression and fierce eyes.

"Xu Fu, you are so bold, you dare to bewitch your majesty so much, you ** it!"

As the eldest princess of the Immortal Qin Dynasty, Yingshu's position is very detached, even if the Zulong Emperor faces his sister, he is quite heavy.

But after Ying Shu yelled at Fu Bao, Fu Bao waved directly and fanned the person out.

No matter how favored this princess Qin is, she has already set up a supreme family of immortals, and said the words "immortal, not to be insulted", then, she has to carry through these words to the end.

Don't say it's the elder princess, even if the Zulong emperor speaks badly to him, Fu Bao will not be used to the other party's faults.

After all, many people in this world have problems.

The more you respect him, the more he thinks he is extraordinary.

But as long as you give them big mouths, he will know that you are an expert who can't afford to provoke them.

"Your Highness!"

Following the arrival of Emperor Zulong, the leader of Heishuitai saw the eldest princess being fanned and hurriedly chased after him. The princess Yingshu is the immediate superior of Heishuitai, and the commander of Heishuitai naturally has to work hard to protect each other.

Fu Bao slapped the princess and won her with a steady expression like an old dog.

Of course, no one knows that at this moment, his heart is trembling.

This is in front of Emperor Zulong!

The person who was fanned was not an ordinary person, but the sister of Emperor Zulong, the eldest princess of the Immortal Qin Dynasty.

To be more serious, her behavior is to slap the face of Emperor Zulong.

Without waiting for Emperor Zulong to speak, the immortal Qin dynasty's civil, military, noble, and royal families who came with him turned their eyes on Fubao almost at the same time, staring at her with the same hatred, and the undisguised killing intent was written directly on his face. "You ** it".

However, Emperor Zulong did not speak, and these people did not take any action.

"Xu Fu, are you from the fairy family?"

"I wonder, will you die?"

Emperor Zulong finally spoke, and this opening revealed his inner killing intent.

Obviously, Fubao's act of fanning the princess also angered the emperor.

"Your Majesty can give it a try!"

Facing the question of Emperor Zulong, Fubao tried to remain calm.

She, don't panic!

The big deal is a battle!

With her current methods, even if she can't fight the Zulong Emperor, it's not too difficult to escape.

Although the Emperor Zulong has the complete luck of the Xianqin Dynasty, it is a pity that, in Fubao's view, Daqin was promoted to the Immortal Qin Dynasty and came to this mysterious world, because the four directions are invincible, only the endless weirdness has long made Daqin ever The foundation of the rise of the country is no longer stable.

After all, the people also have aspirations.

When they came to this mysterious world, let alone being promoted through military merit, it was very difficult for them to maintain a basic life and keep their lives.

If the Immortal Qin Dynasty kept the current system, it would not be far from collapse.

"Then give it a try!"

Emperor Zulong is really domineering.

When the leader of Heishuitai returned with the princess winning, the golden dragon of Qi Luck of the Immortal Qin Dynasty condensed above Xianyang City, and appeared on top of his head following the call of Emperor Zulong.


When the Emperor Zulong thought, the Qi Luck Jinlong opened his mouth to Fubao and whizzed out.


Using the finger as a sword, Fu Bao slashed towards the golden dragon of Qi Luck.

With this sword, Fu Bao has brought his strength to the extreme.

But it was clear that this sword could not achieve the effect of slashing the dragon.

Jian Yi hit the Qi Luck Golden Dragon, only to make the Qi Luck Golden Dragon's figure sway, and did not prevent the Qi Luck Golden Dragon from flying forward.

"Sure enough, amazing!"

Although he knew that the complete Qi Luck Golden Dragon was very strong, Fubao still underestimated the strength of the Qi Luck Golden Dragon.

However, one sword is not enough, then two swords, three swords, ten swords, one hundred swords...

In an instant, Fu Bao swung hundreds of swords.

Between the heaven and the earth, the sword intent is permeating, and the golden light of the golden dragon of luck is shining, and the two are actually deadlocked.

"Your Majesty, can you stop for the time being!"

Yingshu was brought back by the leader of Heishuitai, and found that Fubao had actually resisted the golden dragon of Qi Luck of the Immortal Qin Dynasty only with the sword intent of both hands, and immediately stepped forward to persuade Emperor Zulong to stop.

By this moment, Yingshu was already panicked.

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