Chapter 884:Their Lucky Star Was Transmigrated!

Make history, feel cool

Chapter 852

Immortal, don't be insulted!

Not long ago, Ying Shu thought this was a joke. But now, she felt that she was still alive, and she was already merciful under the Xian Family.

If it weren't, she would be ashamed by her previous offense.

Although Emperor Zulong valued his sister Yingshu, he was a strong person. Although he longed for longevity, in the heart of Emperor Zulong, he always had a feeling that even if he was a fairy family, he should be surrendered to him. Under the rule.

He is an emperor. There is no king in the world, and no king is the leader of the earth.

What about Xianjia?

This is what the Emperor Zulong really thought in his heart, and he had never confided it to anyone.

The eldest princess came back and begged the Zulong Emperor to stop. For the Zulong Emperor, this was not a goodwill, but a shame.

At the moment, the Qi Luck Golden Dragon controlled by Emperor Zulong suddenly burst into golden light, trying to overcome Fubao with this sudden outbreak.

However, is Fubao so easy to be overwhelmed?

When the Zulong emperor broke out, Fubao had already sensed it first.

Fu Bao had a special ability when he accidentally awakened his mental power, that is, he could perceive the good and evil feelings of others towards her.

The emperor Zulong broke out, and the evil thoughts in his heart grew madly, and Fubao naturally noticed it first.

Therefore, the Golden Dragon of Qi Luck broke out, and Fu Bao also broke out.

She no longer simply used the sword intent to fight, but simply used her mental power to directly attack the Zulong Emperor.

The Qi Luck Golden Dragon is strong enough, but the Zulong Emperor is not strong enough.

In order to strengthen the Qi Luck Golden Dragon, the Zulong Emperor even incorporated the Qi Luck Golden Dragon to protect himself. When he wanted to come, Fubao was absolutely impossible to take action against him. Therefore, he doesn't need to leave any energy to protect the body at all.

It's a pity that Fubao is not from Qin. Although he respects the Zulong emperor, there is no fear. When it's time to make a move, it is natural to make a move.

Just get beaten, don't fight back?

Fubao has never been so temperamental.

With Fubao's move to the Zulong Emperor himself, this duel came to an end.

Losing the protection of the power of Qi Luck, Emperor Zulong was immediately confused by Fu Bao's mental power. The Golden Dragon of Qi Luck lost his control, instantly vacated and returned to the sky over Xianyang City, and finally concealed his deeds.


Emperor Zulong, who had been cleaned up by Fubao with mental power, spouted blood directly.

He is just an ordinary person.

Except for the identity of Emperor Zulong, his body is afraid that he is not as good as ordinary people.

"His Majesty!"

Seeing Emperor Zulong vomiting blood, a group of people suddenly became anxious and rushed towards Emperor Zulong one after another.

"No one has anything to do!"

Emperor Zulong raised his hand and waved.

After pacifying the officials, Emperor Zulong turned his head to look at Fubao and bowed respectfully.

"You, let's go!"

Since Fubao had created a lofty immortal family identity for herself, and had established an image that she was more noble than the Zulong Emperor, she naturally wanted to maintain it.

"Xu Xian's family, the widows know their mistakes!"

"Employing people just wants the immortal family to grant the law of longevity, as long as Xu Xian family is willing to tell the truth, no matter what the immortal family orders, the widow can do it."

Having personally experienced the power of Fubao, Emperor Zulong can now be regarded as truly acknowledging Fubao's immortal family status.

"Your Majesty, don't disturb yourself!"

While speaking, Fu Bao raised his hand, and a gust of wind was born out of thin air, sending everyone including the Zulong Emperor far away.

Then, Fubao returned to the formation.

"It's exciting!"


Fu Bao, who was back in the guard of the formation, couldn't help jumping and jumping again. If it weren't for worrying about the sound coming out, Fu Bao would definitely cheer.

It's not like now, she can only lower her voice and secretly enjoy herself.

This matter, if it were before, she would not even dare to think about it.

Not to mention face to face with Emperor Zulong, the key is that he also beat Emperor Zulong, just this matter, oneself can blow for a lifetime.

After being excited for a long time, Fu Bao was quiet.

At this moment, her purpose of coming to Immortal Qin Dynasty was actually basically achieved. She understood the strength of the Immortal Qin Dynasty, and also fought against Emperor Zulong, the strongest of the Immortal Qin Dynasty.

Fubao has done it for the confidants of the two armies fighting each other.

"time to go!"

Looking at the ling rice that was about to mature in the surrounding fields, Fu Bao directly transferred the fields planted with ling rice to his own cave world.

Now that I am leaving, I can't leave my own things here to be a rival!

As for the spiritual rice that was sold before, there seemed to be a lot of them, but they could be scattered throughout the entire Immortal Qin Dynasty, but it was just a drop in the bucket.

The most important thing is that the benefits of spiritual rice to practitioners are just so-so.

"Master, it's not good, it's not good!"

When Fubao took away all the spiritual rice paddies, Bing Si first rubbed and rubbed his eyes in shock, then recovered and started yelling at Fubao.

"It's okay, I took it away!"

Fu Bao glanced at Bing Si calmly, "Bing Si, this seat is about to leave, will you leave with this seat or stay here?"

"If you want to stay, then everything about this seat in Xianyang City will be left to you!"

"The little one will go with you!"

Before C4, he was a dentist, eloquent, not to mention, the most important thing is to judge the situation and know how to avoid bad luck.

Fubao offended so many people. When she was there, Bing Si was arrested by the people from Heishuitai. If Fubao, the immortal family, is gone, the people at Heishuitai might be able to peel him off.

"In that case, you go and clean up, and we will set off tomorrow!"

Go, you must go.

Of course, you can't leave so quickly. People who don't know might think that it was her immortal family who was driven away by Emperor Zulong.

However, what Fubao did not expect was that the next morning, Marquis Wucheng Wang Jian actually ran to see Fubao early, and at the same time brought three thousand virgins and three thousand virgins, saying that it was an apologization from Emperor Zulong.

Xu Fu, three thousand virgins and three thousand virgins, went to sea to find the elixir...

Fu Bao was suddenly very uncomfortable, she didn't know what the situation was like now.

However, since this was the kindness of Emperor Zulong, how could he be embarrassed to refuse? Three thousand virgin boys and three thousand virgins just came into their cave world and helped themselves manage the fields inside.

"Wu Chenghou, see you again if you are destined!"

Fu Bao waved his hand and brought three thousand virgin boys and three thousand virgins into the cave world. "Also, please tell Wu Chenghou to Emperor Zulong. This seat will go east to sea. If you find the elixir of life, you will naturally give him one. share!"

With this sentence, certain legendary things will be coherent.

Yes, yes, I am also a participant in historical legends, it feels like, um, beier cool!

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