Chapter 885:Their Lucky Star Was Transmigrated!

Strong Point Mandarin Duck Spectrum

Chapter 853

Floating Shenxing Boat was summoned by Fubao, and the huge floating Shenxing Boat floating in the air, under the shining sun of the sun, added a bit of sacred majesty.

At this time, someone got up early, and naturally they saw the floating Shenxing boat emerging in the sky.

And this scene was naturally reported to Emperor Zulong for the first time.

Only when the Emperor Zulong rushed out of the palace, the floating Shenxingzhou had turned into a glimpse of light, flying over the city of Xianyang.

At this point, the name of the fairy family Xu Fu has been passed down from generation to generation in this city of Xianyang.

It's just that these have nothing to do with Fubao.

She has already understood the details of the Immortal Qin Dynasty, so she knows herself and the enemy before the station. Ma'er, even if the Han Yun Dynasty is going to war with the Immortal Qin Dynasty, one's own side can be invincible.

Although Emperor Zulong’s Immortal Qin Dynasty soared earlier and came to this mysterious world, but the immortal Qin Dynasty, which had insufficient background, was far behind the Han Dynasty.

If the Xianqin Dynasty raid the Han Yun Dynasty from the very beginning, then the Xianqin Dynasty still has a little chance of winning. But so far, the Han Dynasty has basically been invincible.

If the Han Yun Dynasty was given more time to develop, the Emperor Qin Dynasty would be just a joke.

During the Great Han Dynasty, there were many methods of practice provided by Fubao.

And the Xianqin Dynasty, there is no such thing.

Even the philosophers are not as mysterious as the legends, they are just pure academic genres.

On the contrary, the twelve gold men who suppressed the Qin Dynasty, are considered incredible treasures. However, in the face of the general trend, wanting to rely on the Twelve Golden Men to reverse the world is purely idiotic.

Fubao drove the floating boat and quickly returned to the Han Dynasty.

When entering the important border town of Han Yunchao, Fubao saw his second brother was going crazy.

To be precise, Xu Lao Er is killing the weird.

With the huge blessing of Qi Luck, Xu Lao'er made this strange place smashed.

"Second brother, you are amazing!"

Fu Bao put away the floating Shenxing boat, descended from the sky, and landed next to his second brother.

"Little girl, you are back!"

Seeing Fu Bao appeared, Xu Lao Er suddenly looked happy, "What? What's the situation over there? When can we lead soldiers to fight?"


Hearing what his second brother said, Fubao was speechless.

"Second brother, can we be nice?"

Fubao really doesn't understand why his second brother is so reckless? Fighting is not a playhouse, it is mortal.

"What's so nice?"

Older Xu gave Fubao a white look, "Don't you know, when you went there, how many times did you hit us over there?"

"If it weren't for your second brother, I'm brave enough, do you believe it?"

"I believe in a ghost!"

Fubao definitely doesn't believe it.

Is there anyone who knows better than her about the strength of my second brother?

On the side of the Immortal Qin Dynasty, the big guys he was familiar with were all left behind in Xianyang City. The battle in this border land, without generals or famous generals, can the army of the Immortal Qin Dynasty win?

"Hey, little girl, so what, let's talk about the situation over there first!"

Xu Lao Er looked at Fubao cheerfully, "I tell you, at this time, you'd better not go back to Chang'an City, otherwise, some of you will be irritable."

"What's the matter?"

When my second brother said so, Fubao immediately became interested.

"What else can it be?"

"The Lu family are here, they are discussing your relationship with that kid Li Nian!"


After hearing what Xu Lao Er said, Fu Bao couldn't calm down either.

Talk about marriage and marriage?

She and Xiao Nianzi?

Thinking of this, Fu Bao couldn't help shivering.

"Second brother, what you said is true?"

Fubao really couldn't believe this situation.

"of course it's true!"

"Uncle Lu raised this matter first."

"Isn't that kid Li Nian plummeting because of your strength?"

"Our father and our mother think that you have to be responsible to others, so you agree with this marriage."

"Sister, what do you think?"

Xu Lao Er looked at Fubao intently, waiting for Fubao to respond.

Fu Bao said, what do I think? I want a bunch!

Speaking of which, she and Li Nian can be regarded as childhood sweethearts. But the problem is that when she was a child, she was the soul of an adult.

The generation gap between the two is huge.

"Second brother, this is an intelligence record about the Immortal Qin Dynasty. You can ask someone to find a copy and send it back to Chang'an City. For me, I won't go back!"

It was originally the way back home full of joy, but at this moment, it made Fubao quite scared.

"Sister, what are you talking about?"

Xu Lao Er grabbed Fu Bao's sleeve, who was about to flash, "If you slip away with your second brother, when our father and our mother know that it's me, they will definitely settle accounts with me."

"Second brother, you are the best to me, you help me this time!"

Fubao shook his hand gently, and successfully broke free of his second brother's hand, and quickly rose into the air, boarded the floating Shenxing boat, and quickly escaped.

Can't afford to offend, I can always hide!

This is the current state of mind of Fubao.

In fact, she was a little weird about Li Nian.

To put it bluntly, Fubao always feels that he is eating young grass with old cows.

"Little girl, don't bring such a pitted brother!"

Seeing Fu Bao slipped away, Xu Lao Er jumped anxiously.

When the Fubao people were on the floating Shenxing boat, they couldn't help laughing when they saw their second brother jumping.

However, when Fu Bao left, Xu Lao Er on the ground showed a very proud smile.


Xu Lao Er clenched his fists excitedly.

Regarding Fubao and Li Nian discussing marriage, this is true.

However, Xu Lao Er didn't think Li Nian was suitable for his younger sister. This fit has nothing to do with strength and identity.

He simply felt that Li Nian was not good enough for his younger sister, even if Li Nian's cultivation level was still there, Xu Lao Er still felt that Li Nian was not good enough for his younger sister. This was a poor match in hardware.

Of course, if his younger sister is interested in Li Nian, Xu Lao Er will not be able to beat the mandarin ducks, but he feels that his younger sister's affection for Li Nian is purely a playmate when he was a child.

But I don't know what my parents thought, but they wanted to make a strong mandarin duck book.

If this is the case, don't blame him Xu Lao Er for making troubles.

Fu Bao wanted to go back to Chang'an City to meet her parents, but after hearing what her second brother said about the marriage, she decisively chose to run away.

Bypassing the territory of the Han Yun Dynasty, ran into the sea.

Speaking of it, he is now the Xian Family Xu Fu, and he has to help Emperor Zulong to find the longevity medicine.

As for whether the three fairy islands of Penglai, Yingzhou and the abbot exist in this mysterious world, you have to look for them to find out.

Originally, Fu Bao didn't want to go to sea for a stroll, but now the family is a little unreliable, she can only continue to run away from home for the time being.

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