Chapter 886:Their Lucky Star Was Transmigrated!

But this matter

Chapter 854

After so many years, Fubao is actually not too concerned about the modern life of the past.

But until the moment when the family arranged the marriage, Fubao had an unprecedented interest in the modern life before crossing.

She wants to go back very much.

People float on the sea and miss home.

But this home is not the city of Chang'an where Mr. Xu and Mrs. Xu are in. She wants to go back to modern times.

She almost forgot what her parent outside the sixth ring was like.

She disappeared for so long...

No, she is worn by the soul.

Does it mean that the modern self is dead?

So, has her body been found?

I don't know why the nature of my death will be identified, and what will happen to my inheritance?

After so many years, Fubao really rarely thinks about these things. After all, she was just an orphan in her previous life. She grew up in an orphanage without any relatives, and she did not receive special care in the orphanage like other orphans, and she had an inseparable fetter.

On the boundless blue ocean, the floating Shenxingzhou was slowly moving, the sacred puppets were guarding around the deck, while Fu Bao was sitting sullenly.

"System, I want to customize the task!"

Suddenly, Fubao sat up abruptly and greeted his DIY system.

In this life, one has to fight hard.

Have a definite goal and work hard for it.

Otherwise, when you reach the end of your life, won't you become a salted fish?

Although Fu Bao has always felt that she is just a salted fish, now she wants to go back to that comfortable era and enjoy the life of salted fish.

"Host, please speak!"

"I want to go back to the time I traveled, let's say, what needs to be done?"

"Super five-star mission, the host is sure to customize it?"

"Definitely and surely!"

Now she, in this mysterious world, as the eldest princess of the Han Yun Dynasty, really has nothing to do. Even if the Han Yun Dynasty fought against the Immortal Qin Dynasty, she was unlikely to appear on the battlefield, because she didn't need her to take action.

As for fighting the weirdness, the Han Yun Dynasty already had quite perfect means.

She, to go out, is to kill chickens with a sledgehammer.

Thinking about it, she can only wander around the world if she doesn't find something to do for herself, or go home to face the arrangements of her mother-in-law.

Unfortunately, she felt that it was impossible for her to be that little ** with Li Nian.

As for why it is impossible?

One is because of the generation gap, but because of being too familiar, and the third is also the most critical. Fubao's Three Views do not allow her to do this, and she is unspeakable in her heart.

She crossed over when she was in her twenties. Although she wore a fetus and grew up little by little, her mental age was always an adult, but Li Nian was not.

This age difference and the kind of awkwardness that Fubao brings to Fubao is the root cause of Fubao's inner resistance.

In the same way, the awkwardness caused by this age difference made Fubao realize that she did not belong to this time and space and that she should go home.

Perhaps such a decision seemed a bit selfish, but Fubao decided to go home anyway.

Of course, before returning home, Fubao will create a special self to accompany his father and mother.

Among the many exercises she learned, there is no shortage of this kind of method to create clones.

Of course, there are many requirements for making a clone.

But for Fubao, this is not a difficult thing to do. It is painful when the consciousness of the soul is split.

Soon, the system gave the task content.

Well, after seeing this content, Fubao felt that he might have been tricked.

To complete this task, it is actually necessary to find the origin of the mysterious world.

"System, I think you are doing something!"

Fu Bao sat upright with a serious expression.

Before she, in order to find her grandmother and find a way to save her own fairy master, she was given a mission by her own system, and a great Han Dynasty was created. The entire planet soared to this mysterious world, and then missions. In the second stage, find the source of the mysterious world.

Now, it is the origin of the system again!

"Host, please be calm. To open the space-time channel, ordinary systems can't do it. Only the origins of the mysterious world can do it."

"Then, you tell me how can I find the origin of the system?"

Fubao's mood now is quite unhappy.

"Host, please see the task navigation map!"

Compared to the second phase of the previous mission to rescue one's own fairy master, this time the mission actually showed a mission navigation map.

The goals are the same, but the specific process of the task is actually different.

It seems that this simple search for the origin of the mysterious world is relatively low.

"System, don't you explain?"

"can not explain!"

"Okay, let's do it and cherish it!"

Fu Bao thought for a while, decided to get his clone out first, and then arranged for the clone to go back to Chang'an City. In this way, he was relieved.

She was grateful for the nurturing grace of Mrs. Xu and Mrs. Xu in this life. Naturally, she could not leave as soon as she said, so that the two elders would never forget them for the rest of their lives.

But she really couldn't accept the arrangement of marrying Li Nian, so just let the clone do it.

As long as the soul consciousness is separated and the clone retains the pure memory of this time and space, then everything will be fine.


Six months later, Fubao successfully split his soul consciousness and created a clone.

The clone is her, but she is not the clone.

The clone retained all the memories and abilities of this life, but was completely erased by Fubao that part of her memory of being a traverser.

Fubao sent the avatar back to Chang'an, leaving behind most of the sacred puppets, including the floating Shenxingzhou, which were also left to the avatar.

Then, she watched the avatar and Li Nianbaitang and got married, and watched the family laugh and laugh.

"time to go!"

Seeing all the dust settled, Fu Bao resolutely chose to leave.

This time, there will be no chance of seeing each other again.

When Fubao was about to leave, the three elder brothers Xu got together after returning home.

"Eldest brother, third child, don't you think the younger sister is a little different?"

Xu Lao Er, who is honest and honest, feels extremely keen.

Although Fubao's clone retains all the memories of this time and space, without Fubao's core memory before crossing, the clone is indeed somewhat different.

"Second, what are you talking about? The younger sister is the younger sister. What's the difference?"

"I think you drank too much!"

The old man Xu gave Xu old second a white look, "I know, you must be reluctant to bear the younger sister, but the second son, the younger sister will always be married when she gets older."

"The kid Li Nian grew up when we watched, knowing the roots and knowing the bottom line, this marriage is very good!"

"You, don't talk nonsense!"

Fu Bao looked at his three older brothers but did not show up in the end. After all, if she appeared, some things would be unexplainable.

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