Chapter 887:Their Lucky Star Was Transmigrated!

Her life, set sail again [The Finale]

Chapter 855 Her Life, Set Sail Again【The Finale】

Leaving from Chang'an City, Fu Bao thought she could be calm, but the facts proved that she thought things too simple.

Heart, after all, will hurt.

But I chose the road myself, and I had to go down on my knees.

For the first half month after leaving Chang'an City, Fubao was all in apathy and didn't have any interest in doing anything.

According to the task reminder map given by his own system, Fubao came across all weird things along the way.

And this time, these weirdness were not wiped out by Fubao with the power of luck, but swallowed by her DIY system.

"This is, what about playing snakes?"

Fubao feels that he has become a tool man of this system.

However, she doesn't have much to do now, and she just leaves it to the system. As for whether something bad will happen in the end, Fubao didn't feel the malice from the system anyway.

How big is the mysterious world?

Fubao didn't know.

All she knows is that she, the tool man, has been running outside for more than a year, traversing thousands of times, and finally reached the last location prompted by the system task.

In front of Fubao's eyes, it is no longer a wilderness of weird existence, but a rolling pyramid building.

It's just that there are weeds everywhere here, which has obviously been abandoned for a long time.

"Is the civilization of the mysterious world left behind?"

Fu Bao walked into the complex of the pyramids and started his own archaeological journey.

However, the pyramids are all empty, just like the newly completed buildings in the modern city, which are filled with clear water, and there is nothing.

"System, what's the situation here?"

Since this is the end of the system task prompt, and my own system has swallowed so many weird, which is the abnormal fragmentation of the system, then, it should always understand the situation here, right?

"This is where the system originated!"

The system's answer sounded in Fubao's ears, "Please climb to the top of these pyramids and activate the energy spar on the top of the pyramid."

"There is also an energy spar?"

Fu Bao took off instantly and landed on the spire of the pyramid in front of him.

Well, there is really a special stone. In Fubao's perception, this stone does contain terrifying energy.

Rao is Fubao's current cultivation base, and she also has a special feeling. Once the energy in the stone bursts out, her small body will probably have to hang.

Fortunately, this stone does not know what material it is, and its stability is superb.

Under the guidance of the system, Fubao activated an energy spar, and then the pyramids turned around.

When Fubao activates all the energy spars on the top of the pyramid, these energy spars begin to release continuous energy and cross each other in series.

Fubao only felt that his eyes were vast and vast, and the entire pyramid complex was shrouded in dazzling white energy rays.

Then, a white light appeared on Fu Bao's body.

"Host, thank you for your help along the way!"

"The way you want to go home has been opened. Good luck!"

The DIY system broke away from Fubao's body, transformed the white energy villain, shook in front of Fubao, and then merged into the white energy light above the pyramid.

In front of Fu Bao, a very special light gate appeared.

Through the light gate, Fu Bao saw the familiar city and the busy traffic that came and went.

As long as you cross this light gate, you can go back to the modern city and the world you are familiar with.

It's just that if I left like this, what should I do with my immortal master?

"System, you are not kind!"

Fu Bao looked at the fading light of energy, and felt a little uncomfortable, feeling that he was fooled by the system.

With Fubao's shouting, a picture emerged in the energy rays.

Okay, Fubao didn't think about it anymore.

In that picture, her immortal master appeared, and it was the kind of lover who eventually became married.

In other words, even without her to toss, her immortal master will come back.

In that case, what else is there to hesitate?

Everything has been arranged, so let's go!

Fubao stepped forward and stepped into the light gate ahead.

There was a dizziness, and countless lights and shadows passed by in her eyes. Before Fu Bao could see what these lights and shadows represented, she had already returned to a familiar room.

and many more!

This is not right!

Fu Bao looked at his body in amazement, she is still her!

Even the clothes on his body have not changed.

Uh, including her pose at the moment, it is quite familiar, Ge Youtan.

As a senior housemaid, Fubao's greatest love in life is to collapse on the sofa, snacks on one side and entertainment on the other.

Just like now!

Sitting up straight on the sofa, Fu Bao couldn't help but wonder whether his so-called crossing was just a dream of falling asleep on the sofa.

With such doubts, Fubao reached out his finger to the bag of potato chips placed on the coffee table in front, and lightly hooked his hand.

The next moment, the potato chips soared into the sky and fell into Fubao's hands.

So, all this is not a dream.

Fubao was instantly happy.

The current self, in this situation, should be regarded as the strong returning to the city!

Pretend to slap your face and reach the pinnacle of life...

Thinking of the routines in the net articles, Fu Bao couldn't help but smirk.

However, after laughing, Fu Bao collapsed on the sofa again. After crossing, she stood at the pinnacle of that world, the little slapstick in this city, would she want to pretend to be slapped in the face?

It's really troublesome!

It's true that you can see the truth after washing out the lead!

After experiencing such a wave of life, I just want to enjoy life now.

Oh, work?

Not interested anymore!

I am a person with a small world in the cave, and there are countless gold and silver jewelry on my body, and I don't need a job.

Then, just like what I had imagined, find a place with beautiful scenery, build a small farmyard of my own, and raise fish and birds.

Well, facing the sea, spring is blooming!

Just do it!

Fubao wrote his resignation letter as soon as possible, and then in the company group, bid farewell to the colleagues who had worked together.

Then, withdraw from the group.

Since they are no longer working together, this office-based group must be retired as soon as possible.

As the company's blessing bag, a small job expert, Fubao's resignation quickly attracted the attention of the boss, and the salary increase was promoted to be retained.

Unfortunately, Fu Bao had made up her mind, she didn't want to enjoy the blessings of 1996.

Why is she not bad for money?

For example, walking around to see the great rivers and mountains in this world?

For another example, do something meaningful...

The mountains and rivers are beautiful.

Getting up from the comfortable sofa, Fu Bao walked to the large balcony in the living room and opened the curtains.

The sun is shining outside the window.

Her life set sail again.

Maybe you can find a handsome guy to talk about life first...

Fubao is really looking forward to the future life.

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