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This novel is also known as Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years

Reincarnation came to the world of cultivating immortals, Han Jue found that he had game attributes, so he could shake the dice to refresh his spiritual roots and luck.

Ever since, he spent eleven years shaking up the weather.

[Peerless Warriors: Immortal, Top Charm]

[Destiny Sword Madness: Top kendo qualifications, top kendo comprehension]

[Shenfa Juechen: Top Qualifications for Shenfa Qualifications]

[Descendants of the Immortal Emperor: Acquired a Peerless Immortal Cultivation Technique and 1,000 High-Quality Spirit Stones]

In order to live long, Han Jue decided to practice quietly and not show the limelight.

Thousands of years later, the world of comprehension has changed from generation to generation.

When the fairy world cleared the mortal world, Han Jue had to take action.

Only then did he realize that it seemed that the fairy gods were nothing more than this!

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