Chapter 1192:Top-level Air Luck, Quietly Practiced For Thousands of Years (Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years)

special ground rules

"First there was Han Liang, then there was the Endless Demon God, and now there is this guy. Blank Domain seems to have felt my threat and is trying to find a way to attack me."

Han Jue thought silently that the current end-prime world has expanded many times, and for the sage of freedom, it is still boundless. Only the sage of the great road can jump out, but it will take a long time.

The size of the End Yuan Realm is not only as big as the surface, but also the improvement of space rules. Like the sage of the Dao, you can't jump out of it with a single thought. This kind of obstacle is equivalent to Han Jue facing the blank field, and he doesn't just want to jump out. can jump out.

The expansion of the Dao world has never become bigger as seen by the naked eye.

Han Jue stood up and disappeared.

He came to the mysterious Thunder Egg, and in an instant, all kinds of thunder and lightning in this void stagnated instantly, and even the rays of light flocking to the Thunder Egg stopped.

The great ** of detachment without form and form followed by his side and saluted respectfully.

Since he took over the power of Endless Era, his cultivation has been growing, but facing Han Jue, he inexplicably felt that the gap between them was getting bigger and bigger.

"Master, how to deal with this thing?"

Wuxiang Intangible Transcendence God respectfully asked.

Han Jue said, "I will take him away and discipline him well."

The Great God of Wuxiang Wuxiang detachment asked in surprise, "Can you take him away?"

Han Jue made a move, and the incomparably huge thunder egg shrank quickly and fell into his palm.

Wuxiang Intangible Transcendence was shocked in the heart of the great god. Before so many Taoist creators joined forces, they did not shake this egg, and the master took the thunder egg easily.

Han Jue squeezed his right hand, and Lei Dan disappeared.

At this moment, those stagnant lightning bolts slashed towards Han Jue, Han Jue's eyes turned cold, all the lightning and lightning dissipated, and the surrounding space was violently distorted.

The Great God of Invisibility and Invisibility felt a terrifying power, which was extremely frightening, but he could not capture where this power came from, not from the master.

The power of rules in the blank field?

Invisible formless transcendence of the great ** was horrified in his heart.

The ruler can already ignore the power of rules in the blank field?

Han Juewei smiled and said, "The cultivation base has grown a little bit, and it didn't disappoint me."

The great ** of detachment without form and form is flattered.

Han Jue disappeared.

The great ** of Wuxiang Wuxiang detachment sighed for a while and left.


Go back to the third dojo.

Han Jue threw Leidan into the Ningyuan Heavenly Prison, and Leidan was suspended in the corner, like a black hole.

The source of the gods suddenly emerged from the wall, approached Leidan, and kept observing.

The source ** Ji is transformed by the source time and space. Since he was conquered by Han Jue, he has been wandering around in the dojo. The disciples all know its existence and recognize it as a dojo divine beast.

Han Jue smiled and said, "Don't touch it, you will be hurt."

The snake head of Yuanyuan Shenji nodded quickly, then coiled a few times before leaving.

Han Jue took time to look at the blank field.

Twenty billion years have passed, the Endless Era has spread, and the Dao Realms are far apart, and countless great worlds have been born, making the blank realm lively. Still, it's too slow.

Today, there are fifteen creators of Taoism, and this is still when the three major demon gods are counted as one person.

Han Liang and Chu Xiaoqi are also about to become Taoist creators, but they both encountered bottlenecks, mainly because they had too little experience. Their generation has hardly encountered a big doom, and they have less understanding of fate. Chu Xiaoqi's previous life He did participate in the Dao Calamity Tribulation, but Hongmeng's desperate karma dragged him down, causing his Dao world to be unstable. Occasionally, karma storms would ravage the Dao world.

Han Jue and the others don't have any special feelings anymore. Han Jue doesn't care whether they can successfully prove the Dao or not.

The current Han Jue just wants to quickly surpass the creator and master.

In the future, there will definitely be existences that are more excellent than Leidan's aptitude, and he cannot relax his cultivation.

Han Jue's power has become dozens of times stronger than when he first became the master of creation, and he has been getting stronger all the time, but there is no breakthrough in the small realm. Perhaps the master of creation does not have a small realm at all, and it is the same for the upper realm.

Ultimate Yuan is supreme, it is Han Jue's definition of the realm above the creator and master.

He has two assumptions, one is that the ultimate realm can be achieved by replacing the empty realm with the ultimate realm.

Second, break through in advance!

How to make a breakthrough can only be to improve one's qualifications.

Han Jue currently only has one final yuan fragment, there are fifteen Hongmeng fragments, and nine final yuan fragments can be combined into final yuan fortune. Now it takes ten billion years to trigger a selection reward. If you want to rely on final yuan fortune, it will take an extremely long time. years.

He decided to go his own way.

It doesn't have to depend on the system!

The system is transformed by the creative will of the blank realm, and it is only today that countless former masters have accumulated fortunes.

He began to think about how the will to create became stronger.

The system's explanation is that the stronger he is, the stronger the system.

But the system can always be higher than him.

It seems that the reason is still based on the basic rules of the blank field.

How does the system absorb the power of the basic rules when he is not moving?

and many more!

Cause and effect, belief, luck...

These are unseen and untouchable powers that exist in the dark.

Could it be that the system absorbs his luck, faith, and the power of cause and effect?

Will there be such a distinction in the ground rules of white space?

Han Jue fell into deep thought, and his will drilled into the space of the blank field to face the basic rules.

The sight is full of colorful and regular rays of light. UU reading has different shapes, different speeds, and the quantity reaches a level that is incalculable even for him, the creator of the master.

Everything around is moving at high speed.

Han Jue began to look for special basic rules. He might not have been able to do it before, but now that he is much stronger, he might be able to find it.

When Han Jue is immersed in the basic rules, the surface of the blank field.

A long river of kendo runs across the pale void, and Li Daokong stands on the top of the wave, with his hands behind his waist.

"Boy, you can't escape, just give up."

Li Daokong said expressionlessly, following his gaze, a figure was looming ahead, and the speed was very fast.

Soon, the figure stopped, revealing the deity, this is a white-haired man, the reincarnated Emperor Chen Ni.

Ten billion years have passed, and Emperor Chen Ni has re-emerged as a living being in the Yuanyuan Realm, but he has no memory of his past life and just acts by nature. In this life, he is still called Emperor Chen Ni. Chen Ni is his name and goes deep into the depths of his soul. , cannot be erased.

"Infinite God, what do you want to do!"

The Great Emperor Chen Ni said angrily, his tone a little uneasy.

The long river of swordsmanship came, and Li Daokong looked down at him and said, "As a creature in the final realm, you shouldn't come out to devour other Dao realms. This is a shame for the master."

The Great Emperor Chen Ni laughed angrily and said, "Could it be that the Yuanyuan Realm hasn't swallowed other Dao Realms? I'm just helping the ruler!"


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