Chapter 1193:Top-level Air Luck, Quietly Practiced For Thousands of Years (Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years)

what is supreme

"Presumptuous, does the Master need your help?"

Li Daokong frowned and shouted coldly, the terrifying coercion came, making Emperor Chen Ni unable to move.

The endless god, although not the creator of the Tao, has the bonus of the power of dominance, and the creator of the Tao cannot kill him, so he is equivalent to the creator of the Tao!

The Great Emperor Chen Ni said angrily, "Marry me, kill me if you have the seeds!"


He burst out with all his aura, and actually shook Li Daokong's aura. He punched Li Daokong. This punch made the void instantly dim. The power of space was like a storm submerging the long river of kendo, and Li Daokong's body was twisted like a mirror. broken.

call out-

Emperor Chen Ni felt something, he raised his head abruptly, and saw a lightsaber of indescribable size descending from above, Emperor Chen Ni was executed before he could avoid it.

The lightsaber exploded, countless light spots scattered, and then countless sword shadows adorned the dim void. As soon as Emperor Chen Ni condensed his body, he was locked by the light from the sword shadow and could not move.

"What power is this?"

The Great Emperor Chen Ni was moved, and immediately mobilized his power of the Great Dao Realm, and the world law appeared all over his body. He tried to disperse the surrounding sword shadow rays, but he was cut into countless pieces instead.

These rays are not light, but a force of rules!

Li Daokong looked down at Emperor Chen Ni indifferently, and said, "This is the power of the gods. It is not easy for you to cultivate, so you will be suppressed in the prison of nothingness and repent!"

The words fell, and all the sword shadows shrank suddenly, drowning the Great Emperor Chen Ni.

The mighty Emperor Chen Ni was easily suppressed once again. The huge ball of light fell at an extreme speed, breaking through the dark void. Emperor Chen Ni's roar continued for a long time.

Li Daokong just looked down at him as he fell, until he disappeared.

"What is the Lord's attitude towards him?"

Li Daokong wondered in his heart that Emperor Chen Ni almost brought catastrophe to the Endless Era tens of billions of years ago. After disappearing for billions of years, he was reincarnated in the Yuanyuan World. It is difficult for people not to doubt that this is the master's arrangement.

Because of this, Li Daokong did not dare to rashly kill Emperor Chen Ni.

Li Daokong shook his head, re-condensed the long river of kendo under his feet, and the darkness disappeared, replaced by a pale void. He stepped on the long river of kendo and continued to patrol the empty field.

His cultivation base has reached the limit, and it is impossible to become stronger, so he inherited the divine power bestowed by Han Jue, serving as the true endless god, supervising the endless era.

Without this divine right, he really doesn't know how to spend the next years.

His favorite kendo has been thoroughly understood by him, and the meaning of life has become less and less.

In the mysterious palace, Han Liang is meditating and practicing. Today, he is no longer a simple teenager, and his aura is stronger than that of most Dao Supreme.

A figure walked out of the darkness, it was Shi Tian Boundless Great Destruction Venerable.

Shi Tian Wuliang Daxiezun asked, "Why is the seventh supreme rule still unable to condense? Chu Xiaoqi's seventh supreme rule has already taken shape. Do you want to lose to him?"

He was very unhappy. Although Chu Xiaoqi had the three Great Demon Gods behind him, Han Liang was not bad. With him and Chaos Ignorance behind him, how could he lose to Chu Xiaoqi?

Han Liang opened his eyes, his face was ugly, and said, "I feel something is wrong, I can't tell why."

He was also depressed and irritable.

This feeling of powerlessness has been born for billions of years, and it makes him feel very bad, especially Chu Xiaoqi's overtaking makes his Taoism even more unstable.

Shi Tian Wuliang Daozun opened his mouth and said: "Go to the master, maybe he can give you pointers, we are just creators of the Tao, and those who can help you have already helped."

Han Liang hesitated: "Grandpa has been in seclusion for 20 billion years, and he has never appeared. Can I disturb him rashly?"

"Of course you can't be rash, just kneel in front of his Taoist temple and wait sincerely. After all, you grew up by his side, so he shouldn't ignore it, try your best, it's really not good, we'll think of other ways."

Shi Tian Boundless Great Destruction Venerable pondered.

Han Liang was silent.

Shi Tian Boundless Great Destruction Venerable did not disturb him and disappeared.

Han Liang struggled for a long time, the biggest reason why he didn't dare to look for Han Jue was that he felt a little ashamed.

He knows that his starting point is very high, and that he has been favored by thousands of people since he was a child. powerful.

After struggling for a long time, Han Liang sighed and stood up.

He really had no choice but to ask his grandfather for help.

Han Jue's consciousness was immersed in exploring the basic rules, and the surrounding rules passed at an extremely fast speed, which indicated that the time outside was also passing quickly.

At the beginning, Han Juezhen was the master of creation. As a result, the endless era has passed, and it was he who reversed everything and started again.

He is not worried, anyway, the source life will not be consumed here.

As he captured the special basic rules, his understanding of the basic rules suddenly became much clearer, and he could even think freely instead of following the basic rules.

What is the master of creation and what is the ultimate supreme.

To dominate is to dominate everything.

How should the supreme be defined?

Han Jue felt that everything was a blank field, and Supreme was naturally above the blank field.

When he can jump out of the blank field, he can be regarded as the ultimate superlative. As for the final yuan realm to replace the blank field, it is not a necessary condition for becoming the supreme.

Even if it is replaced, the final realm becomes a blank field, and he cannot jump out of the final realm. What is the difference between it and now?

The only difference may be that he has more control over everything.

But that wasn't Han Jue's goal. Han Jue didn't have much need to control everything, and he wanted to pursue pure power.

Han Jue noticed a special basic rule, which was purple, as if the purple energy of Hongmeng passed by, and he quickly caught up.

Its speed is very fast, and the creator of the Tao can't catch up, but Han Jue can easily keep up.

Han Jue looked closer, the purple rule was so cold that even his master shuddered.

"what is this?"

His consciousness crashed directly into it.

In an instant, the entire blank field suddenly turned purple, and everything happened so fast that it was too late for all living beings to react.

The creators of Tao were the first to gather in the Temple of Transcendence, and UU Reading was shocked by this.

"what happened?"

"There was that thunder egg before, but now there is a spatial change."

"Isn't there really an unprecedented doom?"

"I don't know, I can't feel it at all, and there is no special power aura."

"The rules are stable."

The creators of Taoism talked a lot.

At the same time, Han Liang, who was kneeling in front of Han Jue's Dojo, suddenly raised his head, his eyes traversed this world and saw the changes in the blank field.

For some reason, his heartbeat started to speed up.

"My blood..."

Han Liang touched his body and his face changed.

He could feel a powerful force boiling in his blood, gradually melting into his soul.

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