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When I wake up, my father is a nouveau riche that everyone spurns, and there are five best elder brothers: black and red in the entertainment circle, spicy chicken lawyer in the law circle, sick quack doctor in the medical circle, plagiarism dog in the designer circle, and bully on campus. cancer.

Everyone is waiting to see her jokes, to see how she faces this vulgar family.
Lu An licked his lips contentedly: fresh and exciting!

However, she was not ready yet, the eldest brother took the actor, the second elder brother was given a pennant, the third elder brother was called a ghost doctor, the fourth elder brother refused to give her a top-level styling, and the fifth elder brother served her as the editor of the intensification group outside the network management team. ,

And at the same time released a sentence–

Only for the queen’s sister.

Lu An with a dumbfounded look: What hellish level does she want? ? ?

The nouveau riche dad who spoils her so much also said: Female goose, do you want to be born into a famous family?

Lu An:? ? ?

The eighteen-line small paste coffee that came after hearing the news: Ann, my brother can be sweet or salty, can sing and dance, be proficient and be cute, always keep you pleasantly surprised and exciting.

Experience first before signing, and super perfect after-sales service, eh? [Crazy blinking sultry peachy eyes~]

A group of people who know their insider crit: crooked, 110? Someone here has been taken away!

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