Chapter 852:True Daughter, She is the Almighty Boss

Fanwai 18 fight face, memory recovery, confession

Chapter 852 Fanwai 18 Face Slap, Memory Recovery, Confession

She jumped too fast and almost fell.

A big hand supported her waist.

The hand is slender and white, like a jade.

In the fifth month, he patted that hand away with a "pop", fiercely: "Don't take advantage of me."

The owner who didn't wait for the response of her hand, she closed the car door with a "bang" and left without looking back.

Nishizawa who was just about to get off the car: "..."

Onlookers watched the whole process, Steve Job, the butler who also served as the driver: "..."


He said long ago that their master should exercise more.

Otherwise, I can't even beat the girl.

Luo Ziqiu saw this scene in full view, even more astonished.

Felengcui has strict control over the streets.

In order to protect the environment, vehicles are restricted every day.

Today, only vehicles with a license plate number ending in "1" can travel.

But the number plate of the extended Lincoln that he saw was "9999".

Such a license plate number is originally very rare, but it can still travel during the restricted line.

In the fifth month, they did not notice the Luo family and his son at all, and happily entered the central shopping mall.

"Ziqiu, look." Luo's father seemed to have entered the Grand View Garden, "Filengcui's technology is really too advanced, Ziqiu?"

Luo Ziqiu pressed his lips hard, restraining his turbulent emotions: "Dad, I have seen the fifth month."

"What?" Father Luo was taken aback, then frowned, "Fifth month? Why is she here? She came with you?"

"I don't know." Luo Ziqiu shook his head, "Moreover, she was riding in a car only owned by the nobles here."

"Don't worry about her." Father Luo waved his hand, "No matter what nobleman is on Feilengcui, he will be under the control of the Laurent family at that time."

"Just prepare for tomorrow's report meeting, and don't worry about everything else."

Hearing these words, the anxiety in Luo Ziqiu's heart did not disappear.

He thought for a while, and instead of going in with the fifth month, he took a taxi to the hotel.


In the central shopping mall.

"Miss, hello." The lady at the counter smiled, "Are you paying by card or cash?"

"Swipe the card." In the fifth month, he touched his pocket and only found a black gold card.

She has some doubts.

She obviously brought three international bank cards, so why did she only have this black gold card?

I finished all my pockets in the fifth month, and never found the second bank card.

She conceded and passed the black gold card.

"Please wait a moment." The lady at the counter took it.

With a beep, the pos machine made a beep.

When the lady at the counter handed the card back, she noticed the golden iris flower logo at a glance.

There is also a lowercase S next to .

She couldn't help exclaiming and looked at Fifth Moon in shock.

For a time, his eyes are different.

The S-class black gold card of Laurent Bank, only those in power and Yingzijian of the Laurent family have it.

What is the relationship between this oriental girl and the Laurent family?

The lady at the counter sent the fifth month out in a daze, feeling deeply that she seemed to have discovered a great secret.

She stabilized her heartbeat, secretly took out her phone, and called her best friend: "Hey, let me tell you a gossip, you know that the Laurent family is in control, right? He might..."

Nothing about it in the fifth month.

After she bought the clothes, she sent it back to Fifth Wind and others. After going around for a while, she returned to Laurent Castle.

Nishizawa sat on the sofa with her long legs folded.

The figure is perfect like a sculpture.

Even after seeing him many times, I still have to admit in the fifth month that this is indeed a face that can make many people crazy.

"Wedding candy from the Venus Group." Nishizawa pointed to the chocolate box on the table. "There is no outside. There are only ten models in the world. I keep it for you."

In the fifth month, she also likes to eat sweets. She stepped forward: "Hey, you are so good today."

She opened the first bonbon packaging.

I was about to take out the chocolate in it with joy, but I got empty.

This is an empty package, folded into the shape of chocolate.

Fifth month: "..."

She then picked up the next one. After taking it apart, there was nothing but air inside.

The fifth month raised her head quietly and looked at Nishizawa: "You won't eat all of them, and then you pretend to have not eaten and lie to me?"

Is there such a naive person? "

Nishizawa is holding tea, and every move is the style of the noble son of O Zhou.

Hearing this, he frowned: "Huh? Which chocolate factory are they looking for, with such poor quality control?"

Seeing that the young man’s calm and relaxed appearance does not seem to be a fake, in the fifth month, the factory was not properly controlled, so he proceeded to dismantle it.

Empty shells piled up on the ground.

She unwillingly opened the last chocolate package.


Nishizawa finally couldn't hold back, and laughed out loud.


She thought he had changed his evil and returned to righteousness, but in the end she still likes to bully her!

"Ahem!" Nishizawa grabbed her hand, "third-class disabled, don't make trouble."

The girl was petite, and he easily imprisoned her in his arms with both hands.

Unprecedented intimacy.

Nishizawa's body tightened again.

Fifth month fiercely: "I killed you!"

She showed her little tiger teeth and was about to bite it down.

A sense of dizziness hit my mind at this moment, and my eyes went dark in the fifth month, and the whole person passed out in a coma.

Nishizawa was still teasing the little girl in her arms, but when she saw that she had lost consciousness, her expression changed instantly.

"Yueyue!" He picked her up and snapped, "Doctor, Job, call the doctor!"


I had a long dream in the fifth month.

In her dream, she went to a wonderful place.

The technology there is very advanced, there is an air traffic system, and a variety of new weapons.

When she was shopping with her relatives, she met a stupid big money, who turned out to be the fifth sage emperor of 22 sages, which made her jealous for a long time.

She saw the city of the world appear in front of her again, and the central area became a ruin.

She also saw her biting her fingertips and laying down the formation with blood.

There is a noisy sound in the ear.

"I said, don't count me,"

"Third-class disabled, what are you doing?!"

"Yueyue! Yueyue, you stop!"

"Ah!" The fifth month suddenly woke up.

She covered her heart, sweating on her forehead.

She looked startled.

It was not a dream, it was everything she had ever experienced.

Clearly, in order to count as a Yingzijin, she put all her birthdays on.

Why is she still alive now?

This is not in line with common sense.

In the fifth month, he lowered his head subconsciously.

He is lying next to her bed, his hair is a little messy.

He always pays attention to his appearance, and he rarely looks like this.

Fifth month he hesitated, stretched out his hand and grabbed a handful of Nishizawa's hair.

Alas, what a pity, it's not gold.

"Wake up?" The young man's voice was slightly hoarse, and he raised his head, "Is there anything uncomfortable?"

His eyes are blue like the sea, deep and distant.

Looking at him this way, tears suddenly fell in the fifth month: "You lie to me."

She was very wronged: "Why are you lying to me like this?"

Nishizawa: "..."


It's really time for the memory to recover.

"I just think you are cute and want to tease you." Nishizawa was a little at a loss, and he handed over a piece of paper, "Don't cry."

Still crying in the fifth month, very sad: "I'm cute and it's not the reason you lied to me!"

It was also the first time that Nishizawa saw her cry like this, and her voice softened: "I apologize to you."

"The apology is not enough, you have to pay back all the money I gave you."

"Okay." Nishizawa breathed a sigh of relief, "Small things."

In the fifth month, his voice was dull: "I have to eat all over the world. You pay the bill."


"I need rare ores. Only in Antarctica. Go and dig."

"no problem."

Whatever he said in the fifth month, he responded one by one, without the slightest impatience.

"You have sworn your vows, you can’t break your promise, or you will become fat and people will become ugly."

"Don't break your promise."

On the fifth month, he rubbed his eyes and changed his face in a second: "Slightly, I lied to you."

She is still smart.

Although she is really sad.

Nishizawa: "..."


He admits to planting.

"Very good." Nishizawa loosened his neckline and smiled, "Next, let's talk about real debt."

On the fifth month, she wiped away her tears and looked at him: "Obviously you lied to me, where is the real debt?"

"Think of the twenty-two sages, do you also know the abilities of sage lovers?" Nishizawa said lightly, "In order to save you, I divided my life span into half of you."

Fifth month one stunned: "Symbiosis?"

Nishizawa: "Just know it."

Cover your face in the fifth month.

It's over.

She is really in debt.

This is not a cause and effect that can be broken only by paying back the money.

"How do I pay the bill?" Fifth Moon looked depressed, "I didn't let you save me."

"Since you want to pay the bill so much, it's better to—" Nishizawa did not hurriedly said, "It's okay with my body, I don't need anything, I still lack personal butler property."

This sentence gave the heart of the fifth month a momentary time, and the brain also crashed: "You, you, you, what do you say?"

The young man leaned down and wiped away her remaining tears little by little with his fingertips: "I don't like you, do you think you can really fool me?"

Because I like it, so willingly.

What she wants, he just gives it.

This time it was the fifth month of the turn, she was overwhelmed, and she stammered: "I...I, I, and I haven't had a few relationships in love yet, you, you, you..."

"So, do you agree?" Nishizawa was a little surprised, he thought, "Going to get married tomorrow?"

Fifth month: "..."

This is the brain circuit of an iron straight man.

I haven’t talked about love yet, how can anyone directly get married?

"Who agrees?" The fifth moon was angry, "You said that you are called ‘Apollo of Emerald Cui’. You must have a lot of women. I’m still innocent. No, I’m losing."

"Where do I have that time?" Nishizawa was choked. "I was busy making money. I was assassinated before the money was done."

"Yes, then you are so miserable." In the fifth month, gloating, "Earn so much money and die."

Nishizawa shrugged: "It's okay, I can give it to you."

"For the sake of you being single for so long, then my lovely girl will reluctantly agree to you." Turning her head in the fifth month, "Probation period is half a year."

Nishizawa had a look: "...probation period?"

"Of course, this is the boyfriend's trial period." The fifth month is very clear, "If you are not suitable, I will kick you and look for another spring."

Nishizawa's eyes instantly became dangerous, but he smiled: "Don't even think about it."

She dared to kick him, and he then made a gold chain and handcuffed her.


Hua Guo here.

In front of Ji's villa, a sports car with three modes of land, sea and air parked in the air.

After Liao Zijin and Fu Yunshen got in, the sports car quickly left.

"I'm expecting them to be four people when they come back." Su Wen smiled, "but three people are fine. I like both grandchildren and grandchildren."

Lu Yuan frowned, "No, it's better to be grandson."

"Huh?" Su Wen was a little surprised, "Why didn't I find that you are patriarchal? If you are patriarchal, I'll take Yaoyao and go away. You can live by yourself."

"No, no, if I'm a granddaughter, I don't know which brat to be abducted by that time. I'm afraid I can't control the urge to beat someone." Lu Yuan was choked. It's better to turn back a pretty little girl."

Su asked for a while and thought: "That's true."

Lu Yuan glanced around: "Where is Fengmian? Today, Yaoyao left, why didn't you see him?"

"Mr. Wen has gone to country G." Su Wen said, "You know, the spacecraft carrier is an experimental project that Yaoyao has been pursuing, and Mr. Wen will definitely support it."

Sixty percent of Ji’s researchers have participated in this project.

A true researcher, even if there are many thorns in the road ahead, he will never forget his heart and move forward bravely.

It is also because the Ji family sent a backbone to support Helvin and Dean Norman, which made several scientists in other countries mocked for a long time.

To put it bluntly, the spacecraft experiment project was established two years ago, and it is still just an empty shell on paper.

May be able to be studied in the future, but who knows if it will be hundreds of years later?

"Hmm." Lu Yuan twisted his eyebrows, "I can't help much in terms of technology. If the spacecraft is successfully built, I can apply for escort."

Don't talk about other universes.

Even outside the solar system, there are wonderful cosmic creatures.

Researching all the astronauts sent at one time, I encountered a cosmic creature similar to a jellyfish during the flight and almost got involved in a black hole.

Suwen seriously thought for a moment: "A Yuan, wake up, you should not be able to fight."

Lu Yuan: "..."

Nothing is more heartbreaking than this.

the other side.

"Xiao Li, school has started. Yaoyao and Mr. Fu are going to spend their honeymoon. Dad is also busy with experiments. You still live at school." Ji Yihang said while putting on clothes, "If the school food doesn’t suit your taste, you Tell your mother, let her make you braised pork ribs and take it over."

Ji Li picked up her schoolbag: "I got it."

Although Ying Zijin and Ji's family are not related in any way, they all regard her as their real relatives.

"Oh, that's right." Ji Yihang seemed to think of something, and said, "Look, Yaoyao is married, you don't have a boyfriend yet. How bad, when will you bring a boyfriend back? "

"Dad, how old am I?" Ji Li said helplessly, "You can't compare me to Yingshen, and I don't have time to fall in love."

"Hey, Dad just reminded you." Ji Yihang went out, "I asked you to fall in love in high school, but you didn't talk about it. You are in your sophomore year, but you haven't talked about it yet."

"Puppy love is equal to early practice. How can you grow up without practice?"

Ji Li: "..."

Her father was too open-minded, which made her speechless.

Jili rides a bicycle to the Imperial Capital University.

She has no classes in the morning and the first two in the afternoon, and she has a leisurely life every day.

The biochemical laboratory class has a fixed classroom, Ji Li walks in and puts the bag down.

Neither did she look at other people in the classroom, she took out the ipad and started to organize her notes.

"Ji Li, didn't you still say that you and Yingzijin knew each other?" A voice sounded, with a bit of mockery, "Why didn't she think of giving you a chance to let you go to country G? Or it was just that you were in Just bragging?"

Ji Li did not speak.

Ying Zijin mentioned it to her last month and asked her to go whenever she wants.

But she feels that her current strength is not enough, and she plans to finish this semester before passing.

She did not publicize her relationship with Ying Zijin.

"Ji Li, what do you want to say." The master of the voice walked in, "Aren't you a genius girl? I saw the school send students over, and there is no name for you, why are you not arrogant?"

Someone discouraged: "Ning Zi, don't talk about it, no one in our Department of Biochemistry was selected."

"I'm going to say it." Zhen Ningzi sneered, "Who knows how she got into this class at the time, obviously the biochemical experimental class is not open to the freshman year, why did she come in when she was freshman?!"

Ji Li is too lazy to argue with Zhen Ningzi.

Zhen Ningzi is nothing more than she can't understand her.

Zhen Ningzi is one term older than her.

But when Zhen Ningzi was assessed in the biochemical laboratory class, Zhen Ningzi failed, only one place short.

However, Zhen Ningzi is very popular, and she sometimes borrows notes from the biochemical experiment class.

Ji Li didn't care.

The number one in the hospital and the national scholarship are in her hands. What can Zhen Ningzi do if she doesn’t understand her?

Zhen Ningzi sneered: "Since I can't go, don't be so arrogant in the future, understand?"

Ji Li finally raised her head.

"Excuse me." A knock on the door sounded, and the boy's voice was cold, "Is classmate Ji Li there?"

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