Chapter 853:True Daughter, She is the Almighty Boss

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Zhen Ningzi’s voice got stuck.

Everyone in the class turned their heads.

When I saw the people at the door, I was a little startled.

At the age of eighteen years old, the height is 185 meters.

The body is tall and straight, and the waistline is perfect.

He wore a simple white shirt, and his skin was as white as jade.

Because of his height, he lowered his head slightly and scanned the classroom.

You can clearly see his Adam's apple, collarbone, and long eyelashes.

The students in the class can be sure that there is absolutely no such male student in the Imperial Capital University.

If there is, even if it does not reach the level that makes the whole school sensational, there will definitely be students who go to the courses he chooses in order to see him specifically.

I will never forget such a face value.

Zhen Ningzi works in the student union, and she also has a list of the students of the two sessions.

She also often attends various cultural and artistic activities, but it is true that she has never seen a boy with such an outstanding appearance and body.

Is it possible to be in the preparatory course of Imperial Capital University?

Zhen Ningzi was a little moved.

She stood up and walked over: "Hello, brother, do you need any help? This is Zhen Ningzi, the vice president of the student union."

Shaoying didn't look at her, she was slightly to the side, avoiding her stretched hand.

He raised his eyes: "Classmate Ji Li?"


The surrounding area is quiet.

Zhen Ningzi stood where she was, only to feel the blood rushing up all over her body, and her head was instantly congested.

She has always had a good face, and she also enjoys the sight of boys chasing her.

Unexpectedly, she took the initiative to show her favor, but he seemed to have not seen her at all.

Especially in front of Ji Li.

What is this not humiliation?

"Here." Ji Li reacted. She raised her hand, confused, "This classmate are you?"

Shaoying only attended the wedding of Ying Zijin and Fu Yunshen in Shanghai, and did not appear on the Internet.

Because of her studies, Ji Li has not been to Shanghai in the past few months.

The two just missed it, and it was the first time they met so far.

"I am Shaoying." Shaoying nodded slightly, "Auntie asked me to give you something."

Ji Li was also taken aback now: "Your aunt?"

"Auntie asked me if I would like to participate in Professor Helvin's space carrier experiment." Shaoying took out an invitation letter and handed it over.

The invitation is not big, the design is luxurious and low-key.

There are two signatures on it.

Hot gold, clear and eye-catching.

One is Sinai and the other is Helvin.

A few red official seals were also stamped beside the name.

Sinai’s name has no spread in the seven continents and four oceans, but Helvin is definitely the first person in the field of scientific research.

Especially recently the Imperial Capital University sent many students from the Department of Computer and Mechanical Engineering to Country G. The students of Imperial University are discussing the matter of the space carrier.

Zhen Ningzi also came over to taunt Ji Li on purpose today.


The classroom is more silent.

The students all suspected that there was a problem with their ears.

Zhen Ningzi's eyes widened, staring at the English word "Hervin", she couldn't believe it.

Helvin invites Ji Li to the experimental base?

Even some professors do not have this qualification.

Jili, could Helvin personally sign and send out the invitation?

Ji Li was also stunned: "Give it to me?"

She knew that Ying Zijin was the first researcher of this project.

But before the spacecraft was invented, it was kept secret from the outside world.

It’s really not difficult to get the invitation letter.

"Formally introduce herself." Shaoying stretched out her hand, "Shaoying Ryangel, Ying Zijin is my cousin, hello, you are her cousin, if you don’t mind, I can also call your sister."

Ji Li looked serious, and also stretched out his hand and shook his hand: "Hello, it's okay, it doesn't need to be so troublesome, just call me Ji Li."

It turns out that he is the brother of Yingzijin’s biological family.

But it doesn’t look like Ying Ziying, but rather like Fu Yunshen.

Is it possible that there is a custom of brother-in-law like son-in-law in the city of the world?

Ji Li's thoughts floated out of the sky.

"If Miss Ji wants to, the plane will be waiting outside." Shaoying said again, "We can set off now."

Ji Li returned to his senses in an instant, and was dazed: "So urgent?"

She really wanted to go, her tone paused: "I haven't packed my things yet."

"You can buy daily necessities. There is a commercial street developed by the Venus Group in country G. My sister gave the svip card." Shaoying put her hand on the door frame and turned her head. "You can have your mobile phone and ID card. NS."

In order to make Yingzijin not too boring when doing experiments in the future, the Venus Group spent a lot of money to buy a street, which has become the most prosperous area in G country.

Ji Li: "..."


Ji Yihang and Mrs. Ji are busy, she is a boarding student, and everything is at school.

"Okay." After weighing the pros and cons, Ji Li agreed, "I will go back to the dormitory and say hello to the professor."

At the same time as practicing, she can't fall behind in her studies.

Shaoying said quietly: "No, I have already said with the professor, let's go straight away."

Ji Li: "..."

She feels she has been tricked.

Jili picked up the invitation letter, carried her schoolbag and went out: "You came by a coincidence. Just now, they were still discussing this matter."

"Unfortunately." Shaoying glanced at his watch, her eyelashes drooping slightly, "Let's go."

Ji Li was taken aback: "Huh?"

She was confused and followed the boy away.

Leave the classmates looking at each other.

After a while, there was a murmur of discussion in the class.

"So Ji Li is Yingshen's cousin?!"

"She never said it, it's too low-key..."

"Since I am a family, my genes will certainly not be so bad. Alas, why didn't I have a good relationship with Ji Li."

"Speaking of why Zhen Ningzi always comes to our class, she is not in our class at all."

Everyone's attention is focused on Ji Li, where is anyone caring about Zhen Ningzi.

Zhen Ningzi's face blushed, embarrassed and embarrassed.

She couldn't stay longer for a second, picked up the book, and left dingy.


The temperature of the air conditioner in the cabin is good, and the seats are soft and fit.

After eating, Ji Li looked at the clouds rolling outside the window.

In a few minutes, she fell asleep.

Shaoying took out a blanket to cover her.

Get up by herself, go to the side to answer the phone, her voice is steady: "Auntie."

"Received someone?" Sinai said, "I have applied for the position of assistant researcher for you. Can you be transferred to a formal researcher? There is a corresponding assessment."

"It should be."

"Speaking of it, should you find a girlfriend?" Sinai said while flipping through the documents. "My sister told me a few days ago that she could not watch you grow up. It's a pity that she will help you with it in the future. child."

Shaoying paused for a second, and said, "Auntie, neither do you, the elders should be a role model in this matter."


Sinai, who has always been eloquent, has fallen behind on this issue.

She hung up the phone.

"Teacher!" Charlotte explored her head and was very happy. "Professor Helvin is back for the exam. He invites you to go up for a cup of coffee."

Sinai stood up: "Okay, I will go up now."

Ten minutes later, in Helvin’s office.

He sat in front of the computer, and when he heard the sound, he immediately stood up: "Miss Sinai, look up for a long time."

"Professor." Sinai shook hands with Helvin, "I always listen to Ah Ying mentioning you, and I finally met you today."

"I also always listen to Norman brother mentioning you." Helvin laughed, "You are so amazing, you can develop so many technology products ten years ago."

While speaking, he suddenly sighed: "Speaking of which, I have seen a very talented little girl who looks really like you, but this little girl really broke my heart. She actually said that she doesn't like physics."

Sinai: "..."

She just doesn’t like physics.

Back then, her hair fell a lot.

Tie it up and can make a broom.

Fortunately, she is genetically strong, unlike Dean Norman who is bald.

"Welcome to join our experiment, Mr. Sinai." Helvin made a straight look, "With your joining, the probability of our experiment success is 10% higher."

Within five years, he is confident to develop a space aircraft carrier.

"The professor exalted me." Sinai nodded, "I will do my best."

"This is the image I collected from several observatories." Helvin handed over a document, "Miss Sinai, take it."

Sinai took the document and left and went back underground.

She took out her phone subconsciously.

The avatar has not moved for two days.

Sinai dimmed the screen.

What is he doing?



Lying on a velvet bed in the fifth month, and was in the video with the fifth flower, her voice was soft: "Second sister."

"Yueyue, why don't you go home for your birthday." The fifth flower blamed, "Are you crazy about playing outside? Grandpa asked me where you went."

"I...I'm making money outside." In the fifth month, I was a little guilty, "Oh, my second sister, my birthday is only, it's not a coming-of-age ceremony, and it's not a birth year, so I don't need to pay that much attention."

"Okay, it's good if you know it in your heart." The Fifth Flower didn't ask much, "Take care of yourself outside, you know?"

"I know, I know."

The Fifth Flower has finished listening to the information and reported to Fifth River.

"This kid." Wuchuan sighed, "I really fell into the eyes of money."

The fifth flower said: "Grandpa, it's a good thing to be ambitious every month."

"Yes, Xiaohua, you are five years older than Yueyue, and you have more experience." Wuchuan touched her beard, "Yueyue is now when her love is first opened. If there is any opposite ** next to her, stare at her. Don't let Yueyue be deceived."

Seriously on the fifth face: "Definitely."

is actually another interior.

On the fifth month of the opposite sex, only Nishizawa Laurent is left.

If two people really have such signs, not only will she not stare at them, but she will also let them out.

This side of Laurent Castle.

The fifth month was also reminded by the Fifth Flower, remembering that tomorrow is her nineteenth birthday.

She held her cheek and snorted.

Returning to her boyfriend, I don’t even know her birthday.

Unqualified, she wants him to be laid off.

In the fifth month, while spitting on Nishizawa, he opened the ipad to watch Jiang Yi’s new TV series.

Looking at it, the clock went to 11:57 in the middle of the night every minute.

The knock on the door sounded at this moment.

"Miss Yue." Job respectfully said, "Master invites you to the garden?"

"What is he going to do at night?" In the fifth month, he reluctantly turned off the video of grapes, and had to go out.

There is no permission at the core of the castle, and children of the direct line are not allowed to enter.

In the garden, only young people are sitting on benches.

ran over in the fifth month: "What are you doing?"

Nishizawa did not answer, but raised his head: "Wait a minute."

The fifth month is even more confused: "Huh?"

Three, two, one...The twelve o'clock bell rang on time.

"Happy birthday." Nishizawa lowered his head, "Am I the first?"

Frozen in the fifth month: "You..."

He knows her birthday?

She forgot to watch the show.

Before she could react, Nishizawa raised his hand to signal Job: "Birthday present."

Job tore off a piece of green cloth next to him.

Only noticed in the fifth month, a dozen boxes were piled up next to him.

"So much?" The fifth month pretended not to be moved at all, "Excuse me, this big money, can you not be so extravagant?"

It’s not a reason to have money.

Nishizawa flicked the placket: "I am used to it."


Go forward on the fifth month and open the first box.

Inside is a long-life lock made of jade.

A long life lock for the nineteenth birthday?

Stunned in the fifth month.

She took out the longevity lock, only then did she see that there was a small card under the longevity year.

There is a photo of her at the full moon on the small card.

Below is a line of words——

I wish Xiaoyueyue a happy full moon.

I was stunned in the fifth month, and I couldn't recover.

"Wear it." Nishizawa took the longevity lock from her, and his voice was faint, "I asked the boss, this jade can withstand at least three disasters."

"Your profession makes you have to run outside. If I am away someday, it can protect you."

In the fifth month, her eyes were sore, she lowered her head obediently: "Oh."

"Okay." He put his hand down, "There's more."

Then demolished in the fifth month.

In every box, there is a gift and a small card.

——Congratulations to Yueyue, three-year-old, for being pecked by big geese and running all over the yard.

Fifth month: "..."

She took back her touch.

——Congratulations to Yueyue, 15 years old, for joining the Yinmenghui.

——I missed your eighteen year old. I will be there for the next few years.

Four years old, five years old...seventeen years old, eighteen years old, and nineteen years old this year.

He not only prepared her birthday present, but also prepared her every year.

In the fifth month, I looked at the piles of gifts, there are cars, real estate certificates, and medicinal materials that are priceless.

She was silent for a long time, her voice choked: "Why are you so good to me?"

"Why are you crying again?" Nishizawa was a little helpless, "It seems that I shouldn't call you third-class disabled, I should call you a little crying bag."

He paused: "Besides, I am not good to you, who is good to you?"

In the fifth month, he looked at the photos of himself from only climbing to slim, wiped his tears, and looked depressed: "Did I be sold by my second sister?"

Especially the one where she was chased by the big goose and pecked and screamed at her ass.

Only the fifth flower will take this kind of photo.

"How can this be sold?" Nishizawa stretched out his hand and pinched her face, "This is called an equivalent transaction."

"Oh, don't rub my face!" The fifth month made a difficult voice and protested, "You bully nuisance!"

Her face was crumpled and deformed.

"How do you say this in your words?" Nishizawa thought for a few seconds, "It's so good rua."

Speaking, he squeezed the little girl's face again, very satisfied.

Very good, he won’t have to keep other round-haired pets in the future.

Pinch her is enough.

Fifth month: "..."

As a purebred Feilengcui, Nishizawa’s Chinese is a bit too slippery.

She is afraid that she will quarrel in the future, and she can't quarrel him in her mother tongue.


Watching the drama, I saw that at four o'clock in the morning, in the fifth month, she slept at two o'clock in the afternoon and woke up.

When woke up, the stylist Nishizawa invited pressed to the makeup mirror and was tossed over and over for three hours.

In the fifth month, she felt her face numb.

"Madam wait a minute." The makeup artist said, "At seven o'clock, your husband will invite you to the party."

"Oh oh." The fifth month was immersed in the TV drama plot, and I didn't find the title wrong at all.

This time, the banquet hall.

The guests filed in.

Luo Ziqiu and Luo's father were a little nervous when they came to this kind of occasion for the first time.

Especially the westerners around them all looked at them with surprise.

Father Luo tried to straighten his body: "Ziqiu, we must seize the opportunity in a while."

Everyone knows that those who can be invited by the Luolang family are nobles with names and surnames.

Luo Ziqiu's palms were also sweating.

Until he was stopped by a young man who looked like a housekeeper.

Job looked at him twice and smiled: "Mr. Luo Ziqiuluo, right?"

Luo Ziqiu's back stretched straight: "Yes."

"Please follow me here." Job nodded.

Luo Ziqiu hasn't reacted yet, Luo's father has already pushed him excitedly: "Ziqiu, go! Family Luolang!"

Luo Ziqiu only then saw that Job’s clothes had the family emblem of Luolang family.

He tidyed up the bottoms of his clothes and hurriedly followed up, all the way to the core of the castle.

Finally stop in front of a building.

Job opened the door: "Our wife, want to see Lord Luo."

Luo Ziqiu was taken aback: "Madam?"

Nishizawa is married, why is there no news from the outside world?

The fifth month I heard also was stunned: "Huh?"

When did she become a wife?

She is obviously a lovely 19-year-old girl in season!

In the fifth month, he raised his head and hit Luo Ziqiu's sight exactly.

A few tickets are short of one, and two monthly tickets are here to cheer on Ying Huang. It’s the last month~~

I recently watched the Olympics, and suddenly remembered that a few years ago, the sophomore physical education teacher was the record holder of the Asian women’s 100m and 200m running. It was set in 1997 and has not been broken yet.

Now think about it fortunately that I chose her class at that time, such a powerful athlete taught me physical education (cigarette lighter

is really a great and admirable profession.

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