Chapter 854:True Daughter, She is the Almighty Boss

Fanwai 20 high-profile officials announced that Ying Huang is pregnant

Chapter 854 Fanwai 20 high-profile official announcement, Ying Huang is pregnant

Luo Ziqiu never thinks the fifth month is beautiful.

She looks cute, she can be called "Xiaojiabiyu" at best, and she has nothing to do with beauty.

But today she wore a western palace dress and a crown.

There are small earrings on the earlobes, and they also wear necklaces and bracelets. The style of jewelry is obviously a set.

A diamond above is worth millions.

There is no heavy makeup on the girl's face, just a light eye shadow.

Her eyelashes are long and thick, like a small fan.

Luo Ziqiu discovered that in the fifth month, he usually wore a gown with a magic stick and bounced around with a compass.

Unlike the ancient red sleeves, even if you go to the tomb, you have to wear cheongsam and make-up.

But it doesn't matter.

The most important thing is what Job called her.

Mrs. .

Mrs. Laurent.

Luo Ziqiu couldn't help taking a step back, unable to believe what he saw or his ears.

It is true that the fifth family is also a promising family in the emperor's capital, and the branch that was split out is well-developed.

can be far behind the Laurent family, who masters the lifeblood of the global economy.

How did you have a relationship with the Laurent family in the fifth month, and became Mrs. Laurent? !

He couldn't understand.

Luo Ziqiu's ears buzzed, his thoughts became a mess, and he didn't know exactly what was going on.

Extremely embarrassed, he just wanted to leave here as soon as possible.

But Job stood at the door, leaving no way to leave.

Luo Ziqiu couldn't retreat even if he wanted to, he could only stiffen his body and his face was hot.

Job respectfully: "What else do you want, Madam?

"No no." Fifth month, she understood what was going on. She waved her hand and yawned, "It's too sleepy, I want to sleep, let's go out."

She almost forgot who Luo Ziqiu was.

Does her gold look good?


I didn't see Luo Ziqiu in the fifth month, and closed his eyes with his hands on his head.

"Madam, take a good rest." Job then withdrew and closed the door intimately.

Luo Ziqiu's carefully prepared suits are all soaked in cold sweat.

Especially the final ignorance of the fifth month, making his psychological defenses instantly collapsed.

Luo Ziqiu stood there in a daze, until Job's gentle voice sounded, interrupting his thoughts.

"Mr. Luo, the master asked me to tell you that he invited you to show you, and Miss Yue does not need to cling to your Luo family."

"As long as she wants to, the entire Laurent family is a dowry."

Luo Ziqiu's throat rolled with difficulty, and he tasted a bitter taste.

Job’s remarks were clearly deliberate.

But it also shows the status of the Laurent family in the fifth month.

The person holding Nishizawa Laurent in the palm of his hand.

"You are like a dick, he regards it as a treasure." Job was lightly, "Madam is of great significance to him, please Mr. Luo and the Luo family, remember what you said at the time, you and Miss Yue have nothing to do with each other, never come to disturb her. ."

Luo Ziqiu looked embarrassed, almost unable to lift his head: "Yes...yes."

"But the visitors are guests." Job smiled slightly, "Mr. Luo can still participate in the next banquet."

"I have to help my host and wife prepare wedding and honeymoon plans, so I won’t be with you."

Even though the words are like this, how could Luo Ziqiu stay?

He thought in a daze.

Have they all reached the point of having a wedding?

Luo Ziqiu suddenly thought of the westerner who followed the fifth month when he visited the ancient tomb.

Could it be...

Luo Ziqiu's face paled a little, and his heart was aching.


His contempt and contempt for the fifth month were all seen by Nishizawa Laurent.

He is like a jumping clown, demonstrating with the power of the Laurent family.

What a joke.

Luo Ziqiu tightened his lips and walked towards the banquet hall in despair.

Father Luo does not speak English, nor can he communicate with other famous people in Feilengcui, so he stood awkwardly at the dining table.

After seeing Luo Ziqiu, he immediately put down his wine glass and couldn’t wait: "Ziqiu, how is it? Have you met with Mr. Laurent?"

The excitement of Luo's father can hardly be suppressed when he thinks that the Luo family will soon be able to rise to the top and become a world-famous one.

"Dad, don't think about it." Luo Ziqiu smiled bitterly, "The Laurent family invited us to come and mentioned my name. It's not what you think, it's warning me."

He will see what happened in the fifth month and tell it again.

Father Luo was stunned, his lips trembled: "What?"

In the fifth month, is Nishizawa Laurent’s wife? !

What kind of big joke?

"Dad, the Luo family has no chance." Luo Ziqiu shook his head, his voice dry, " chance."

Luo Xiu fell and Luo family was in chaos.

The interior of the Gua Suan family has always been unstable, and there are often things that pull people to prevent disasters.

But it is better than Gu Jia who has touched the bottom line of Ying Zijin.

The ancient family is truly abolished.

One month of Kung Fu, Luonan Fengshui Gua counts the world, and the changes have been earth-shaking.


The departure of Luo Ziqiu and his son did not have any impact on the banquet.

Many celebrities browsed around, all looking for the figure of Nishizawa Laurent.

It's a pity that he hasn't appeared in person until now.

Job directed the servants to deliver red wine and desserts.

"Job Butler." A middle-aged man stepped forward and said yes, "I don't know if there is a chance to talk to Mr. Nishizawa in private?"

Job can know at a glance what the middle-aged man is hitting. Pay attention. He smiled: "Mr. Henry, I'm really sorry. Our wife is young and likes to cling to people. The owner has not been free recently and needs to be with her."

Suddenly hearing such a sentence, the middle-aged man stammered: "Husband...Mrs. Husband?"

The elders of the Laurent family did not say that today’s banquet was for Nishizawa Laurent to choose a suitable love partner?

How come there is a wife?

"Abandon." Job nodded slightly, "Master called me."

He walked away with his hands behind his back, leaving the middle-aged man in a mess.

Others thought that the middle-aged person had been rejected, and they were deeply shocked, and they all stepped forward to comfort the misfortune.

"Henry, don't be sad, Mr. Nishizawa has a very high vision. Your daughter is not his type."

"That's right, I heard that Mr. Nishizawa likes a hot figure. Unfortunately, my sister is a supermodel."

"Fuck off! I have no chance, neither do you have a chance." The middle-aged man returned to his senses and snorted coldly, "What do you know? Mr. Nishizawa already has a wife, so think about it. When they get married, What shall we give."

Speaking, he lowered his voice: "I just heard Butler Job say that this lady is young and I don't know if I can bear it."

Everyone: "???"

In just a few minutes, this explosive news has reached the ears of all the guests.

The elder also inadvertently posted in the NOK forum, and hurriedly pulled Job: "What's the matter with the little lady?"

Job suddenly said: "The master is still in the trial period, the elder, stay calm and restless."

Grand Elder: "???"

A crowd of people waited until the end of the ball, but they did not wait for the little lady Nishizawa and Job to show up.

This time, in the bedroom.

Fell asleep in the fifth month, and suddenly wake up: "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

She lifted the quilt and immediately jumped out of bed: "It's over, it's over, I'm late!"

"What's late?" Nishizawa looked up, "The prom is over."

"Huh?" On the fifth month, he was taken aback, a little annoyed, "What should I do?"

"Nothing." Nishizawa stretched slowly, "I didn't go anyway, let them play by themselves."

"Oh." Fifth month scratched his head, "Then what do you custom dress for me?"

"I am high-profile, need a reason?"


Nishizawa beckoned: "Come here and eat something."

Went over in the fifth month and picked up a snack: "I have to eat less, I have gained weight recently."

Hearing these words, Nishizawa slowly raised his eyes.

Once again, he stretched out his sinful claws.

The little girl's face was deformed again.

"You really don't want to pinch me anymore." Protested again in the fifth month, "Don't think that you have prepared a birthday present for me, and you will be able to become a regular one!"

Nishizawa does not have any mental burden.

He held her with one hand, and poked her in the face with the other: "There is meat on the face, it's fat."

In the fifth month, I am so angry: "I am not called fat, this is called baby fat!"

What kind of straight man is this, can he speak?

She is most taboo when others say she is fat.

Obviously, her waist is very thin, with a little belly at most.

The phone's ringtone rang at this time, awakening Nishizawa who was in the fifth month of rua.

"Go away, don't pinch me." Fifth month also reacted.

She slapped Nishizawa's hand fiercely, and hurriedly picked up the video call.

With a beep, the phone screen lights up.

The sound of the waves came first, and the girl’s face was reflected on the screen.

Behind her was the blue sky and white clouds, her hair was blown by the sea breeze, and her white neck was exposed.

"Yueyue, happy birthday." Ying Zijin said, "Birthday gifts will be delivered at 9:12 tomorrow, remember to pick them up."

"Master." In the fifth month, his eyes were full of tears, "Where are you, I'll go to you, okay? He bullied me."

Nishizawa's Adam's apple rolled, slightly hoarse: "Boss."

"It's so late, you two are still together." Ying Zijin nodded, "Have you caught your hand?"

"Catch up."

"No, the trial period is."

Two sounds sounded at the same time.

"This way." Ying Ziyan raised her eyebrows, not hurriedly, "It seems that you still need to work harder."

Nishizawa: "..."

He is now really starting to think about Fu Yunshen's words seriously, whether seduction will work in the end.

Maybe you can try.


Everything is back on track.

The matter of Nishizawa Laurent's target has spread all over the world in just ten days.

is in line with his always high-profile style.

As for whether he was chased and beaten by Fifth River, this is not something Ying Zijin has to worry about.

She and Fu Yunshen have been out for more than half a month.

Today is March 24th. Her twentieth birthday was at sea.

She lived a long, long time, but only in this life did she start celebrating her birthday seriously.

The cake is made by Fu Yunshen himself, and it has a chocolate flavor that Yingzijin likes.

There is also a line of words written by him by himself——

Little destiny, happy birthday.

He called her a lot, especially in the dead of night, changing his voice to call her.

But sometimes, he is not limited to night.

嬴子衿 straightened up, took a bite of the cake, and slowly raised her eyebrows.

Fu Yun knows her taste deeply. The cakes she makes are cream-free and not greasy.

But she just took a bite today, and she feels nauseous.

"Can't eat it?" Fu Yunshen, "have a bad appetite?"

"Hmm." Ying Ziying yawned, "Maybe he is not hungry."

Apart from the sage status, the two are also the pinnacle ancient warriors.

An ancient warrior of this level does not eat for a month, and it does not get in the way.

"Aren't you hungry?" Fu Yunshen also frowned.

But immediately, he seemed to have thought of something, raised his hand, clasped the girl's wrist, and pinched her pulse accurately.

One second, two seconds, three seconds later...

Fu Yunshen's expression went from careless to gradually dignified, and his back tightened.

There is even a thin layer of sweat on the forehead.

Ling Zijin was still blowing in the sea breeze. After waiting for a long time, he did not let go of his hand: "Why are you so slow."

The doctor does not heal himself.

She didn’t know what he had shown her.

Fu Yunshen did not speak, got up and went to the inner cabin to take out a blanket and cover it with Ying Zijin.

then hugged her up.

Right now they are starting from the coastal areas of the Eurasian continent, and now they are very close to Antarctica, they are going to see the aurora first.

For the sage world that has given other sages the power, she can completely control the weather and create aurora.

But Ying Zijin didn't want this.

She likes the life of this kind of ordinary people, with flesh and blood, with the smell of fireworks, and watching the mountains and rivers.

嬴子衿 looked up, expressionless: "It's noon now, what are you doing?"

"It's not going to work anymore." Fu Yun took a deep and slow breath before reluctantly calming down, "Go back to have a fetus."


Ling Zijin was silent for thirty seconds.

She also raised her hand, squeezed her pulse, thoughtfully: "It seems there is."

She was calm, but Fu Yunshen could not calm down.

The first time he encountered such a thing, his palms were shaking.

"I was pregnant, I stayed up late yesterday." Fu Yunshen walked in holding her without saying a word, "I will go back now. I will drive the boat back."

嬴子衿 refused: "I don't want to, I want to go shopping."

"Walk after raising it."

"I'm going to do an experiment after raising it."

This is the vacation she finally got.


Ying Zijin sighed and reminded him: "I am the world of sages."

Fu Yun faintly: "You are a sage and the universe will not work."


Ying Zijian turned his head: "Yueyue is too right. You will only bully people."

Don't talk about the honeymoon, she didn't even have the chance to spend the honeymoon.

This man is really annoying.

Anyway, she can sneak out by herself, but no one can be found.

Ahead, not far away.

The sea is undulating, and a large amount of broken ice moves with the sea breeze.

The weather is clear today, and the fishermen are all going to sea.

It's just that no one is here.

Because there is a group of skeleton pirates.

"Boss, this is the ship!" The lookout pirate said, "I read the news on the Internet. They passed by St. Petersburg not long ago, and the residents there took photos with them."

A hoarse voice sounded: "Bring the picture."

The deputy handed over a photo immediately.

The picture shows a ship, exactly the same as seen by the telescope.

William squinted his eyes: "Okay, just them."

With the order, the pirate ship was wrapped up.

嬴子衿 does not need to look at all, knowing what will happen, raised his eyebrows: "It seems that some people don't want me to have a baby."

Fu Yunshen put her on the recliner and turned around: "Trouble you, let me say."

Now that Ying Zijin is pregnant, the matter is serious, and he has no intention of conflicting with ordinary people.

"Give way?"

"Hahahaha, he actually let us give way?"

The pirates all laughed like they heard some joke.

"Give way?" William pinched his cigarette, coldly, "Tell them our rules."

"Okay, two, don't think about the other escape." The deputy said, "We are professional pirates. Even if you have sea survival skills, you can't compare to us. Don't waste your efforts. You should pay all the money quickly. "

Fu Yun raised his eyelids deeply, with great interest: "Occupation?"

"Of course, you entered this sea area. Didn't you see that no one dared to come in except you?" The deputy clapped his hands, "You go to the surrounding towns to inquire, who doesn't know the reputation of our skeleton pirates?"

As he spoke, he was very proud: "My eldest brother, and the chief executive officer of IBI, that is the relationship between the iron buddies who worship the handle!"

"This area of ​​sea has been approved by IBI, Mr. Fu, you are the CEO of Venus Group. Do you not know what IBI is?"

Hearing these words, Ying Zijin finally raised his head and glanced at William.

William took a cigarette and exhaled slowly, with a polite appearance.

"If you don't want to give money, it's okay." William put down his pipe and showed a polite smile, "It's fine for a woman to stay."

He pointed to Ying Zijin and Fu Yunshen, and told the pirates around him: "She will be sent to my ship."

With Ying Zijin's appearance and figure, it is indeed worth a thousand dollars.

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