Chapter 855:True Daughter, She is the Almighty Boss

Fanwai 21 global fall! Dragon and phoenix

Chapter 855 Fanwai 21 The global fall! Dragon and phoenix

It is no wonder that there is an old saying in China-people who love beauty do not love countries.

In this world, there will really be such a beauty, which makes people willing to give up everything for her.

How much property of the Venus Group, William certainly knows.

But he is not interested in money at all, Ying Zijin grabbed all his attention.

So that William didn't notice at all, the man's naturally smiling peachy eyes, smiled little by little, and only a piece of ice was left.

Ling Ziying leaned comfortably on the recliner, and the sea breeze brushed her hair.

She thought for two seconds, took out her mobile phone, opened the shark live broadcast platform that hadn't been posted for a long time, and started the live broadcast.

Just a few seconds after was opened, the popularity of the live broadcast room skyrocketed.

The barrage floats frantically.

【Fucking, Yingshen is broadcasting live, right? ! 】

[My goodness, since the ISC finals ended two years ago, Yingshen has never logged into her live account again. 】

【Grandma, the anchor you followed finally remembered her password. 】

【Yingshen, didn’t you go on your honeymoon? If you leave Mr. Fu to chat with us, won't he be jealous? 】

"Yes, I'm on the Gabriel Sea." Ying Zijin turned the camera around, "There is the Eurasian continent, this is Antarctica, the temperature here is currently 5 degrees, if you come here in the future, you must wear more clothing."

【Not good, kill the dog! 】

"This is a group of pirates in the Gabriel Sea." Ying Zijin said, while shifting the camera back, "Most ships will choose to take a detour, because the pirates here are very dangerous and passing ships will be looted."

Netizens: "..."

【Fuck, what's the matter? 】

【Why did you suddenly meet a pirate? 】

William frowned: "What is she doing?"

"Boss, she's live broadcast." The deputy glanced at it, "It must be to control us through public opinion. It is better for us to act as soon as possible."

Ling Zijin's international reputation is too high, and things are really difficult to handle.

But they are pirates and go with the crowd. It is even harder to catch them.

Unless there is a force like IBI behind it.

Just money alone is not enough.

The deputy is quite puzzled.

The temperature in the Gabriel Sea is volatile, and the compass will fail if the plane passes through here, and there is no signal at all.

How did Ying Zijin make the call?

"Then stop talking nonsense." William gave a cold face, "Move quickly."

"Anthony." Fu Yun leaned deeply on the mast, his voice faint, "Give you two minutes, roll over from the seventh zone."

Anthony, who was drinking with the deputy director Deya, was agitated: "Yes, yes, I'm here, sir, where are you?"

"Gabriel Sea, east longitude xxx, north latitude xxx." Fu Yunshen reported a coordinate, "speed."

The Gabriel Sea area is not too close to the seventh special zone.

But some time ago, IBI fighter jets had just been innovated and their speed was extremely high.

Two minutes is enough.

His voice was also clearly transmitted to the pirate ship.

IBI Air Fleet Commander, Anthony.

For those who often wander the world, this name is like a thunderous.

"Anthony?" The deputy frowned first and then smiled. "Mr. Fu, you don't think you can call Chief Anthony at will? If I remember correctly, the Venus Group will also be controlled by IBI. "

"Isn't it two minutes? Wait." William came to be interested, "Come on, let's wait here."

There is no shop in front of the village, and he is not afraid of Fu Yunshen and Ying Zijin running away.

Wait two more minutes, it doesn’t get in the way.

The netizens on the Huaguo side are restless.

【Call the police! Call the police! This group of pirates actually bullied us Chinese people, why not deal with them? ! 】

【Who is Anthony? Has anyone heard of it? 】

【IBI's air fleet commander, I looked for the picture, anyway, it was a very young Westerner. 】

At this moment, a red-character barrage drifted faintly.

【No need to look for it, is it the one in the sky? 】


The roar of fighter jets rang above the Gabriel Sea, deafening.

A full eighteen fighter jets stopped in the air.

There are clear three letters "IBI" and anti-counterfeiting signs on the surface of the aircraft.

cannot be forged.

The pirates on the pirate ship became nervous.

The deputy was also surprised: "Boss, this..."

"Oh, I really invited you." William raised his head, his eyes narrowed, but he still didn't care, "Sir Anthony, I know, just say hello."

The ladder was lowered, and a young man got out of the cabin.

Platinum short hair, high nose bridge, deep eye sockets, is the popular decadence beauty.

William tidied up his clothes, stepped forward, and showed a smile: "Sir Anthony, I am—"

He hasn't reported himself yet, so Anthony pushes him away.

then immediately stepped forward and saluted Fu Yunshen with a solemn expression: "Air Fleet Commander Anthony, see the sir."


Suddenly, the surroundings fell silent.

The pipe in William's hand fell out, and his mind buzzed.

Ying Zijin’s live broadcast room was also silent.

After a long time, a few exclamation marks floated past.

【I am stupid. 】

【I also……】

【I'm more than stupid anymore, my mother asked me why I was watching the live broadcast on my knees. 】

【Fuck, what kind of magical world is this, why is Mr. Fu still related to IBI? 】

[It's not just that it's related, I'm crazy, the commander of the air fleet calls him chief! 】

"One minute and fifty-nine seconds." Fu Yunshen glanced at the stopwatch, raised his eyelids, "It's a good step."

Anthony breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, he is not late.

Anthony turned around and looked at William and other pirates who were already stupid.

He smirked.

It’s these idiots who made his leisure day gone.

"It's amazing, it's amazing." Anthony applauded, "Even our lady of the chief dare to covet it, William Hudgens, you are really amazing."

The IBI system is clear.

Although Anthony is the commander of the air fleet, he is at the same level as Director Li Xini.


William was completely panicked.

He raised his head tremblingly.

Fu Yunshen was still leaning on the mast, looking loose.

He was full of vigor, and he couldn't connect him with the decisive IBI chief.

William's legs weakened, he knelt directly, and began to kowtow frantically: "Sir! Sir, I didn't mean it, I just made a joke, really!"

He has always been cautious, and will not specifically touch IBI's rules.

So he only grabs money and doesn’t hurt people.

Who knew that after the first time she came up today, she hit the iron plate?

"Okay, what nonsense." Anthony kicked up, "Don't look, the International Prison is waiting for you, I'll see how I treat you well."

He waved his hand and asked several investigators to tie William up.

"Sir, then I won't disturb you and my sister-in-law." Anthony sternly said, "I'll get out first."

He numbly climbed onto the plane.

The rest of the pirates are like bereaved concubines, and they are taken to the fighter jets in disgrace.

No one thought that the skeleton pirate army that had been entrenched here for decades would be gone with a snap.

Hua Guo's netizens watched a big show.

【Does anyone give me a pinch? 】

【I am going to the rooftop to be awake and awake. 】

【By the way, do you think of the loss of the treasure of Zhenzhai in the Zhong family? IBI actually opened an account on Weibo. 】

【Fuck, so this is Mr. Fu's handwriting? 】

"Today's live broadcast is over here, and we will see you next time." Ying Zijin closed the live broadcast and raised his head, "Sir, congratulations."

Fu Yunshen bent down halfway, a little helpless: "Yaoyao, why are you so skinny?"

He has a hunch that he will be busier.

Ying Ziying closed his phone, turned around, turned his back to him, and didn’t show him his face: "You won’t let me play."

Fu Yunshen: "……"

What should I do if his girl has a bad temper?

What else can I do? I can only coax and get used to it.


Under Fu Yunshen’s "compulsion", Ying Zijin started the life of raising a fetus.

This is the first child, and everyone is very nervous.

Suwen is studying recipes every day, cooking in different ways.

Lu Yuan is also looking through the dictionary and starting to name the new life that is coming.

There is only Yingzijin, very leisurely, and moldy.

After abruptly staying for two months, she finally couldn't stand it anymore.

She touched her already visible belly, thoughtfully: "I'm out to play, do you listen to me or him?"


"Oh, yes, you should be just an embryo, unconscious, then just listen to me."


So, Ying Zijin cleaned up and went out.

She went out from the door of the villa in a straightforward manner.

Xiu's power also originated from her, she would naturally be absolutely hidden, and no one from the surrounding guards saw her.

Ling Zijin went to the snack street in front of the Imperial Capital University.

Her recipes were customized by Suwen and Fu Yunshen. They are all nutritious meals.

She is not allowed to eat spicy food, let alone fried chicken burgers.

For two months, Ying Zijin didn't eat a bite of snacks, and she was not allowed to drink milk tea.

She started shopping at the first store unhurriedly, and after eating it, she found a dessert store and sat down.

She took out the computer and ate donuts while watching dog blood dramas.

It is worth mentioning that Fu Yunshen believes that the dog-blood drama will have a bad effect on the fetus, and she is not allowed to watch it.

Her fun is gone.

As long as she doesn’t want to, no one in this world can find her.

A rare quiet time.

At six o'clock in the afternoon, when the sun was about to set, Ying Zijin turned on the phone.

There are more than one hundred missed calls.

The nearest one is one minute.

All come from Fu Yunshen.

When 嬴子衿 was about to call back, another call came in.

She picked up: "Hello?"

"I said the boss! Where are you?" Qin Lingyan went crazy, "You come back soon, others are going crazy!"

嬴子衴 looked at him, and slowly bit down the last bite of the donut: "What?"

"After the old Fu came back, I saw that you were not there, so I couldn't find you. Now I am sending IBI to find someone around the world!" Qin Lingyan had no love, "All the investigators have been dispatched."

"He bought all the advertising screens. Didn't you find it after you left home for a day?"

嬴子衿 slowly raised her head, and she saw a notice of missing persons being played on the large advertising screen in front of her.

嬴子衿: "……"


IBI finds people worldwide.

Count him ruthless.

"Didn't I leave a note?" Ying Zijin put on the mask after eating, "He didn't see it?"

"I saw it, we also said that you must be fine." Qin Lingyan was weak, "but he still doesn't worry."

"Hey." Fu Yunshen's voice was slightly hoarse, and a bit tired, "Where?"

"The snack street of Imperial University." Ying Zijin sighed and accepted his fate, "I'm eating donuts."

In less than five minutes, the door of the dessert shop was opened.

The guests all turned their heads in surprise.

When I saw the search officer of IBI, I was confused.

Fu Yunshen stepped forward, hugged the girl sitting in the corner, and nodded slightly: "Excuse me."

嬴子衿 first time out to play the plan, declared a failure.


At the end of August, the sun is high.

Chuguang Media.

Yun Heyue came out of the building, the assistant on the side gave her an umbrella, and the two quickly got into the nanny car

Yun He Yue took off her mask and took out her mobile phone.

【Very good, big brother. 】

good. If it doesn’t work, let’s quit the entertainment circle and become a video blogger with peace of mind. I can help you sing and post it to station b.

Yun and Yue were startled.

【I will think about it! 】

【Big brother, how about sister? It's seven months now, right? 】

and phoenix.

Yun and Yue have been busy recently and have not been idle.

She replied seriously.

【That's great, I will go see my sister tomorrow. 】

Yun Heyue put down his phone, and when he looked up, he saw his assistant's face flushed: "What's the matter?"

"Brother Yun, it's so irritating." The assistant was very angry. "Obviously you were invited by the program group. How come you took the initiative to post it in the end?"

Yun and Yue girls dressed as men and entered the men's team draft. Although the turmoil subsided, the real fans remained.

But there is still a part of the original dough powder that turns black directly.

Until now, they have unscrupulously exposed the scars of Yun and Yue, using this as a black spot as a mockery.

Especially a part of Jiang Yi’s Du Wei.

The assistant looked at the comments on the Internet, getting more and more angry.

【Will Yun Heyue be worthy of Jiang Yi? 】

【I said straightforwardly, if Yun Heyue didn't cheat at that time, it would be Brother Jiang for the first time. Yun Heyue stole the honor of Brother Jiang. Why did you cp fans knock down? 】

【Fortunately, Jiang's strength is there, and he has become the top performer. He took Jiang away and agreed. 】

Of course, Yun Heyue’s fans don’t allow her to be scolded like this.

[Laughing, a big man is no better than our brother Yun, should he reflect on it? 】

The assistant is very uncomfortable.

The two people who were so close at the beginning are just like strangers.

"This is the case in the entertainment industry." Yun Heyue in turn smiled and calmed the assistant, "I have been used to it for more than a year."

"Yes." The assistant pursed his lips, "Even the Shang actor has a group of black fans, and the older artists will be scolded."

Not long after, the car stopped in front of a quiet villa.

"Brother Yun, is there anyone in your house?" The assistant was a little curious, and glanced at the figure behind the window, "Boyfriend?"

Yun He Yue shook his head and said nothing: "It's too late, you go back."

The assistant was also acquainted and did not ask any more. After waving his hand, he followed the nanny car and left.

Yun He Yue walked to the villa, put his hand on the door, and did not move for a long time.

Just as she was about to push open, the door was opened first.

One hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her in.

Then, she was hugged by the man.

His kisses fell on her one by one.

After a long time, Yun Heyue whispered: "Jiang Yi."

"Huh?" Jiang Yi said hoarsely, "I haven't seen you for three months, let me hug you."

Yun and Yue did not speak, letting him take her to the dining table.

"Let’s eat, I have no notice next month." Jiang Yi raised his head, "Shall we go out to play?"

Yun and Yue didn't speak, they just ate.

"Don't care about things online." Jiang Yi frowned, and said, "I have asked the agent to issue a notice in each group to prohibit insulting any celebrities, especially you."

Yun He Yue has completely recovered, but his mental state is still unstable.

He was afraid of her accident.

Hearing this, Yun Heyue raised her head and slightly curled her eyebrows: "Will it affect you? Will they know that you and I are already together?"

"If there is, there will be." Jiang Yi said faintly, "I can't watch them scold you. If I find out, then I will find a time official announcement."

"I came out of the show group yesterday and met your fans." Yun Heyue changed the subject, "She pretended to be hiding in my fan group. When signing, she poured sulfuric acid on me."

Jiang Yi's expression changed slightly: "What's the matter?"

"It's not a big deal." Yun Heyue smiled and said, "She didn't splash on me, she has been controlled by the police."

"I'm going to post on Weibo." Jiang Yi's expression became cold, his eyebrows and eyes were covered with a layer of hostility, "They are killing people!"

"Don't go, you are competing with Huayin for a film directed by the thin film." Yun Heyue pulled his sleeve, "He is looking for a chance to get you off the horse."

Although Huayin is not a super top stream, it is definitely on the front line.

It is said that the filming time of this film is as long as three years.

is a film dedicated to the International Film Festival.

Many people compete.

The news that the top stream was broke in love was a fatal blow.

Jiang Yi's fingers squeeze tightly.

was silent for a while, Yun Heyue suddenly spoke, her voice was flat, but with a slight tremor: "Jiang Yi."

Jiang Yi bends down, thinking she is scared, very concerned: "What's wrong? There will be no thunder today, I will hold you to sleep."

Yun and Yue smiled, their voice was very soft: "Break up."

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