Chapter 856:True Daughter, She is the Almighty Boss

Fan Wai 22 Fu Xiaotuanzi was born, named

Chapter 856 Fanwai 22 Fu Xiaotuanzi was born, named

Jiang Yi’s back tightened instantly: "Heyue?"

"I'm serious." Yun Heyue shook his hand and smiled again, "Look at us, in order to have a relationship, hide in hiding, and guard against all kinds of media every day, it's very tiring. "

"I can make it public." Jiang Yi's breath was messed up. , "You know, I keep telling you that I can make it public."

"I know, you said it after you were with me." Yun Heyue's eyes were clear, "but we are all in the ascendant period, and we have not yet entered the whole world. If we are open now, it will only ruin your career and also ruin it. my dream."

This sentence is very realistic.

But it was no less than a sharp blade, and it pierced Jiang Yi's heart.

Blood dripped in an instant.

Yun Heyue lowered his head: "Besides, I'm really tired."

When people don’t care about anything, then they are invulnerable to swords and guns.

But once she cares, a little bit of trouble will make her frightened.

Of course she knows that she and Jiang Yi have a large number of cp fans.

When she was still disguised as a man, their cp fan was very strong.

But after she restored her identity as a girl, the original cp fan became a black fan.

Later, the cp fan slowly grew afterwards.

Before she and Jiang Yi were together, this part of the later CP fans also had hundreds of thousands.

I am loyal to picking up sugar through various clues every day.

When Yun and Yue are free, they will also go to Weibo to super chat and watch the screen.

At first, she thought this group of fans was quite fun.

There is nothing, but they call it sugar.

She also saw that Du Wei and Heifen said that she was not worthy of Jiang Yi, and she didn't feel at all at that time.

Until Jiang Yi chased her.

It was a New Year's Eve party that day.

They are on the show at the invitation of Chuguang Media, and they are preparing for a duet.

After eight months, the cooperation between the captain and the deputy captain triggered a new round of explosions.

He blocked her backstage.

His makeup has not been removed, nor has his dance suit taken off.

Jiang Yi's appearance is extremely high, otherwise it would not become the top performer.

There is a kind of anger on him.

When spoke, he was also a little bit cynical: "Captain, think about it, do you want to make a boyfriend?"

She was taken aback at the time and ran away.

Later, she started all kinds of encounters, and she could always knock down her former teammate inadvertently.

Except for Yu Xuesheng and Ying Zijin, Yun Heyue did not have much contact with the third person.

Jiang Yi broke through her small space with a very powerful posture.

Officially together, it was April this year.

After Jiang Yi chased her, he would go public, but she did not agree.

In the entertainment industry for so long, she also understands a lot of truths.

The two top streams are open, and both sides will be greatly injured.

Especially the man.

She didn’t want his career to be ruined.

"Is there no chance?" Jiang Yi stared at her tightly, silent, "I can really make it public now, I don't care about those, why do you always stop me?"

"Don't use your loyalty." Yun Heyue sighed, "Doesn't your fans matter? They accompany you from your debut to the top, if you give up your dreams and give up on them, I will look down on you even more."

Jiang Yi asked: "So you let me fail you?"

"It's not let down." Yun Heyue shook his head, "It's just that we are together now, it's not appropriate."


after an hour.

A car stopped in front of the villa.

Jiang Yi walked down the steps with a dejected expression.

"You got kicked out?" The agent was surprised, "You have today too."

The relationship between Jiang Yi and Yun Heyue is no secret in each other's studio.

"No." Jiang Yi said, his voice hoarse, "We broke up."

The agent was taken aback, and the ash that shook off burned his hands: "What?"

He knew how fierce Jiang Yi was chasing clouds and Yue.

How do you break up after breaking up? "

Jiang Yi was silent for a while, and recounted the previous incident.

The agent also fell silent: "She was right."

Jiang Yi looked up: "What's the matter?"

"Tell me, what can you give her?" The agent smoked a cigarette, lowering his voice, "The label on you is still a traffic star, a traffic star, and it depends on fans, unless you leave the circle directly."

Jiang Yi doesn’t matter: “It’s not impossible.”

"Really joking."The agent laughed angrily. "Why did you step into this circle in the first place? In order to pursue your dreams, and now you have not yet reached the position of the Shang actor."

"You are not standing at the highest point, and you can't stop her from being bothered by gossip."

"In short, you don't have enough strength, wait until you have strength, then talk about other things."

Jiang Yi's fingers tightened again: "Then what should I do?"

"On the 5th of next month, Director Bo’s film will be interviewed for the first time." The agent said, "I want you to take the role of the actor 100%."

In the new film directed by Bo Bo, the male lead has 18 personalities, which is a huge challenge for acting.

But once it succeeds, it must be able to make money.

"Then what?" Jiang Yi's eyes were red.

"Three years." The agent slowly said, "You use three years to tell everyone that you don't rely on marketing, traffic, but only on your own strength."

"In three years, you won the international movie king's award, and you stand on the podium, facing the world, and announcing your decision."

"In this way, you are worthy of your fans and you are worthy of yourself."

"Three years is enough for Miss Yun to hit the Grammy Awards." The agent said again, "When you all win international awards and have absolute strength, who will stop you at that time?"

Jiang Yi's body shook suddenly, and his pupils shrank: "You..."

"Miss Yun is obviously younger than you, but she sees more thoroughly than you." The agent hates iron and steel, "How did I bring out such a fool as you."

Hearing this, Jiang Yi glanced at him faintly.

The agent quickly raised his hand: "I didn't say anything."

Jiang Yi's eyelashes drooped, constricting his eyes.

He began to think seriously.

He and Yun Heyue have been together for four months. It's not that they haven't been photographed.

There are occasional gossip news about "30 million top-rated love melons" on the Internet, but they are all suppressed.

But there is no guarantee that it will not burst out again.

It’s really not the way to go on like this.

Separation may not be a good thing.

Jiang Yi's fingers tightened, and he typed a sentence very hard.

【You wait for me, wait for me for three years. 】


Early the next morning.

Yun Heyue got up at eight o'clock and went to find Ying Zijin.

嬴子衿 is very idle every day, and only reading books is the only entertainment.

She is still slender in her seventh month of pregnancy.

Yun Heyue put down the nutrition, walked over, and slowly hugged her, "Sister."

"What's wrong." Ying Zijin touched her head, "I feel so sad."

Yun Heyue’s voice is dull: "I broke up with him."

Ying Ziyan twisted his eyebrows: "Because of the remarks on the Internet?"

"No." Yun Heyue shook his head slightly, "Because the time is not suitable."

"We are immature. It might not be a good thing to be separated now." She smiled, "He has his dream, and I also have mine. I can't even chase my dream. How can I give each other a safe haven."

Ling Zijin was silent for a moment, and sighed softly: "Heyue has grown up too."

"Also, I still want to win a Grammy Award." Yun Heyue made a joke, but his eyes were red, "A man will only affect the speed at which I draw the sword."

Even if she said that, her heart felt like a needle.

Choose to break up, is it not a difficult decision for her?

Yun Heyue stayed with Ying Zijin for a while before leaving.

She took out her mobile phone and saw Jiang Yi’s news.

Her eyelashes trembled, and she replied.

【it is good. 】

In the past three years, they have each gone to their dreams.

Meet the trough, meet the peak again.


In a flash, more than two months passed.

For Sinai in the past few months, whether it is fast or slow, or slow.

She lives at two o’clock and one line every day,

But their conversation stayed in March completely.

Norton disappeared for eight full months.

Sinai knew that she was not the active person, especially after she realized that she had other feelings for Norton.

Every time she clicked on the dialog with him, her heart would be confused.

Secret love is always a mess of one person.

But after the mess, Sinai is also thinking about important things.

He is in the alchemy world. Is there something wrong with him?

Some time ago, she asked Ying Zijin by tapping on the side and the answer was no.

It may be possible, but I just forgot about her.

It’s good, time can heal everything.

Perhaps after a while, her feelings for him will gradually disappear.

"I'm asking for a leave." Sinai stood up, "My family's expected delivery date is estimated to be these few days, I have to go back and see her."

"Huh?" Charlotte looked up, "Family? Teacher Sinai, who?"

"My niece." Sinai didn't mention Ying Zijin's name either, and smiled, "It's still a baby."

"Wow, congratulations." Charlotte was also very happy. "The meaning of the fetus of dragon and phoenix is ​​very good, but Mr. Sinai, your niece has children here. You are still single. Isn't it a bit bad?"

Sinai's expression paused: "This kind of thing, let it happen."

"Mr. Sinai, there are a lot of people chasing you in the base." Charlotte said, "It's time to think about your lifelong events."

Sinai smiled: "Maybe I will consider it."

She dragged her salute and got on the plane.

As soon as he arrived in the imperial capital, Sinai received news from Shaoying.

【Auntie, cousin just entered the hospital. 】

Sinai went straight to the hospital.

There were many people around the door of the operating room.

"Little Sinai is thin." Su Wen hugged her, feeling a little distressed, "Don't fight like that, it's not good for your health."

"It's okay." Sinai said, "I have a serious meal."

That app, she kept reminding her.

Sinai said, looking around casually, but didn't find the person she was looking for.

She was startled.

What made Norton miss even the important things of Ying Zijin?

"God bless, we must bless." Su Wen clasped her hands together, "Bless us Yaoyao in peace and safety."

Lu Yuan was uneasy. He looked at Fu Yunshen who was on the side, and saw thin sweat bursting out of his head, and said one more sentence: "Don't be nervous."

The doctor is specially from the city of the world, and the equipment is also specially moved here.

Half an hour later, the door of the operating room opened.

"Congratulations." The doctor laughed, "The adult and the two children are in peace."

Fu Yunshen's body only then relaxed.

He passed the doctor, immediately stepped forward, and entered the ward.

The doctor was too late to stop him and show him the two little dumplings that were just born.

Still Suwen and Lu Yuan picked it up.

Suwen hugged his brother and Lu Yuan hugged his sister.

The two small dumplings are twins of dragons and phoenixes, their brows and eyes are very similar.

Lu Yuan looked down and frowned, "Why do you wrinkle like a monkey?"

"Children are born like this, they need to be opened." Su Wen glanced at him complainingly, "Zi Yan, too, don't you like it either?"

Lu Yuan: "..."

He dare not say anything.

Lu Yuan teased the little dumpling in his arms: "I am grandpa."

Fu Xiaotuanzi's eyes blinked, and suddenly he cried out with a "wow".

Lu Yuan panicked all of a sudden: "Don't cry, don't cry, I am grandpa, not a big monster."

"You look at you, you are really not careful." Su Wen also said to the brother in his arms, "Grandpa is so bad, don't pay attention to him in the future, right?"

My brother was very quiet, and he didn't cry or make trouble when he was born.

In the ward.

As soon as Fu Yunshen entered, he saw the girl had put on slippers and stood up.

His expression changed: "Yaoyao."

"I'm really fine." Ying Zijin glanced at him: "You are questioning science."

She moved her wrist and raised her eyebrows: "Come on, let's play a game, I'm pretty strong."

"Naughty." Fu Yunshen held her wrist, his eyes softened.

He hugged her with a hoarse voice: "Thank you."

Thank you for giving me a home.


As soon as the two small dumplings came out, they soon became the favorite of the whole family.

Originally, it was possible to register as soon as she was born, but her name has never been decided.

"Mom and Dad are quarreling again." Ying Ziying lay on the railing, "They didn't quarrel before."

As there are more elders, naming becomes a problem.

All parties have their reasons, and no one can convince anyone.

Just pitiful for two small dumplings, both for half a month, without a name.

Fu Yun smiled deeply: "Yaoyao, how about your last name?"

"It doesn't matter." Ying Zijin didn't care about this kind of thing, she held her head on her head, "any last name is fine, who says that a person can only have one last name?"

The name is indeed just a code name for her.

"Hmm." Fu Yun touched her head deeply, "Are you here to get it?"

"I have no name, and I'm lazy."


Fu Yunshen went downstairs to the living room.

A lot of paper is piled on the ground.

Fu Yun raised his eyebrows deeply: "Dad, haven't you thought about your name yet?"

Lu Yuan snorted coldly: "It was rejected by your mother."

The dictionaries in his hands are all broken.

"Yun Shen, come here soon." Su Wen beckoned, "We are discussing the name."

Fu Yunshen walked over and sat down.

He holds Fu Xiaotuanzi in one hand, and his brother in the other.

"Tell me, why is the name Fu Anran bad?" Lu Yuan complained, "It sounds very nice."

Su asked faintly: "Some time ago, in the census, the name Enron was in the top 100."

Lu Yuan: "..."

He turned his head, his face was stern: "You dad, give me an opinion."

"Huh? Me?" Fu Yun smiled deeply, "I was very early, so I thought about it."

He took the pen and wrote two names on the paper.

Shallow Yu.


Shallow to deep, Changle is not yet young.

Use a shallow way to express my deep emotions, I wish you a happy life, and you will never stop.


The names of the two small dumplings were so decided.

It's just that the names registered in the genealogy of the Fu family and the Lengel family are different.

Fu's family is Fu's surname, and the Lionel family naturally uses the surname of Lionel.

Lu Yuan didn't say anything in the end.

Because he discovered that the two names Fu Yunshen took were indeed in line with his wishes.

"Qianyu is quite quiet." Suwen teased, "Unlike Changle, I have inexhaustible energy every day."

The two small dumplings are in their cradle beds.

Fu Qianyu looked around quietly, only a little curious.

On the other side, Fu Changle kept stretching out his short hands, and his short legs were kicking back and forth in the air, making a "babble" sound, very excited.

"Qianyu's character should be like Zijin." Lu Yuan nodded, "Changle is also very lively, all very good."

"Is it time to have a full moon drink for the two children?" Su Wen remembered the important thing, "Hurry up, get ready to prepare."

Lu Yuan was also anxious when he heard: "Yes, yes, these are indispensable."

"I'll notify Mr. Wen." Su Wen walked out, "Invite all the friends of Yaoyao and Fu Yunshen."


On Weibo.

Since Ying Zijin and Fu Yun were proclaimed by the official officials, Shenyao couple Chaohua has been celebrating the New Year every day.

【It’s so good, is there anything better than just feeding sugar every day? 】

[Other cp powder: try hard to pick up sugar, we: feed the sugar]

[Don’t forget, Mr. Fu can buy shares earlier than us. 】

Before this, who would have thought that the Lord would be mixed with their CP fans.

At this moment, a top message directly broke the conversation.

【Report—! 】

【We have a little princess and a little prince! ! 】

Ask for a monthly pass for two small dumplings~

Jiang Yi and Yun Heyue are also a realistic pair.

I feel uncomfortable in the past two days, and the update is unstable. Please forgive me.

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