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This novel is also known as I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

The fairy road is ethereal, and the fairy trail is hard to find.

Li Nianfan came to the world of cultivating immortals as a mortal. After learning that there was no hope for cultivating immortals, he just wanted to live in peace.

But don’t know–

A dog he adopted became a demon king and suppressed a world because of his writing poems and paintings.

The trees planted behind his house became the tree of the world, supporting the bridge between heaven and earth because of listening to him playing piano music.

A passerby he met, because of his casual enlightenment, became a sage of immortality, leading an era.

When looking back–

It turns out that the scholar who has been pestering him for calligraphy and painting is the fairy painting saint, the old man with poor chess skills is the fairy chess saint, and the beauty who comes to listen to music every night is the first saint in the fairy world…

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