Chapter 5261:Valkyrie Domination

one person enters

Could it be that, in this abyss, is there anything he is familiar with?

"Senior Youming Emperor, didn't you say that the abyss is located in the forbidden place deep in the cosmic sea? Why is there a passage to the abyss in my initial universe? Where does this passage lead to the abyss?"

Qin Chen turned his head and looked at Emperor Youming who was following up. "This..." Emperor Youming hesitated for a moment, and said: "This emperor is also very strange. As far as I know, the abyss is extremely hidden, and in order to prevent the power of the abyss from penetrating the universe sea, the forbidden area where the abyss is located has long been covered by the ancients of the universe sea. World

The families control the restrictions. In theory, there should be no passages leading to the abyss in this world, because any such passages will be detected by the ancient families of the Universe Sea, and they will be closed immediately, but this..."

To be honest, Emperor Youming was also a little confused.

Because of this situation, it is theoretically impossible to happen.

"That is to say, this abyss channel cannot be monitored by the ancient family in the universe sea, otherwise it must have been closed." Qin Chen frowned.

Emperor Youming nodded: "That's for sure, and..."

Emperor Youming raised his head and stared at the surrounding world, "Although this place is only the beginning of the universe, for some reason, this emperor has a feeling that this world seems not so simple."

"Not simple?" Qin Chen turned his head and looked over. "This is a feeling in the dark, you don't understand." The Emperor Youming said in a deep voice: "The initial universe is supposed to be weak, but the feeling this world gives me is extremely terrifying, and the general initial universe because too much

Weak and weak, it can't carry too many strong people, especially super-level masters, the initial universe that has never passed through reincarnation can't accommodate too many super-level powers, but now..."

Emperor Youming looked at Palace Master Anyou and the others. What he meant was obvious. Palace Master Anyou and others are masters at the second level of detachment. If ancestor Tuoba and ancestor Wangu Ming are just remnant souls, Palace Master Anyou and Tuoba Xiongba are real Double peak detachment, but they are in

Here, this primordial universe shows no signs of instability, which is a bit odd in itself.

"And..." Emperor Youming looked at Xuhai again, there is still a terrifying existence hidden there, compared to Palace Master Anyou and others, this person is a giant crocodile, let alone an initial universe , even in his underworld, definitely not

It can be trapped in ordinary forbidden places.

But now, it feels really weird that such a strong man is trapped in this small initial universe.

This world is extraordinary.

Could it be that one...

Suddenly, thinking of something, Emperor Youming's heart trembled.


Qin Chen was silent. He looked into the depths of the abyss. Although it was blocked by the actions of Emperor Youming and the ancient emperor in Xuhai, the faint feeling of calling still existed.

This made Qin Chen feel that this initial universe might not be as simple as he imagined.


Suddenly, Qin Chen turned his head and looked at the tidal sea in the sky.

Now in the entire initial universe, if you ask who knows some of the mysteries here best, I am afraid that there is only one who exists in the Void Sea.

That one, who has stood in this void for so many years, must know something?

With a thought in his mind, Qin Chen took a step forward and flew directly towards Xuhai.

"Qin Chen, you..."

Seeing Qin Chen's actions, everyone was startled.

"Senior Youming and I went to Xuhai, Senior Xiaoyao Supreme, please help me take care of you all." Qin Chen said to Xiaoyao Supreme.


Xiaoyao Zhizun took a look at the many powerhouses on the field, Wangu Mingzu, Tuoba Zuoba, Anyou Palace Master, Tuoba Xiongba, which one is not a famous person in the universe? Let him take care of this level of detachment? This…

But Xiaoyao Zhizun was just stunned for a moment, and then he laughed: "Okay, you can do your work, leave it to me here."

As soon as the words fell, Qin Chen stepped forward, his figure suddenly disappeared, and he rushed to the heaven. "Seniors, you are so far away that you are guests, and I am the Supreme Being, and you can be regarded as half the master of this initial universe. Since Qin Chen entrusted you to me, I will naturally not neglect you seniors, and please move to my human race.

If you don't understand anything in the realm, you can ask, and I will tell you everything. "

Xiaoyao Zhizun said with a smile, very free and easy.

He can also be regarded as a heroic figure, which is very easy to see.

Ancestor Tuoba hastily said: "Since your Excellency is Chen Shao's friend, then you are my friend. I dare not take the word senior, sin, sin." "Yes, the old man accidentally offended this initial universe before. , I have caused trouble for everyone, I am really ashamed in my heart, please don't take it to heart, if you come to my underworld in the future, just ask if you need anything, sir

Husband definitely supports. "

Wangu Mingzu also hurriedly said that he had offended the people of this universe before, and now the master left with Shao Chen, if he made the people of this universe unhappy, why not kill him when the master returns?

As for Palace Master Anyou and Tuoba Xiongba, they had no part to speak at all, they just stood aside and laughed.

On the side, the Tianji Pavilion Master and Linglong Sect Master were all dumbfounded.

"Then please come with me."

Seeing everyone's respectful appearance, Xiaoyao Zhizun sighed in his heart.

People are more dead than others, and goods are thrown away when they compare goods. They also came out of the original universe. Why is the gap so big?

Xiaoyao Zhizun couldn't help but feel a little sadness in his heart.


Qin Chen traveled through the void, and in a moment, he was outside the heaven.

"A familiar feeling."

Feeling the heaven in front of him, Qin Chen felt a faint nostalgia in his heart. This is the place where he rose up in the past.

During the years when he was absent, the black slaves managed the Heaven Realm very well, and the Heaven Realm that was dilapidated back then has been restored to perfection now.


Qin Chen took a step forward and entered the heaven in an instant.

As soon as he entered the heaven, the origin of the entire heaven cheered and roared, the power in the entire heaven was increasing rapidly, and all kinds of broken places that had not been repaired were restored at an alarming speed.

"Huh? My origin is naturally repairing this heavenly origin?"

Qin Chen looked up at the origin of the heavens. Back then, he had been recognized by the origin of the heavens, and he had also fused part of the origin of the heavens. It can be said that the origin of the heavens and him are the same one. Now that his cultivation has broken through the realm of transcendence, he can naturally bring a trace of cultivation


However, at this moment, Qin Chen didn't have time to completely repair the heavens. He stepped out, and in an instant, he had already arrived at the sea of ​​void tides, and in another step, he appeared outside the void sea.


Qin Chen murmured, back then, he was hunted down by the powerful demons, and escaped only by escaping to Xuhai. Later, any senior in Xuhai also took action several times to solve the problem for this initial universe. distress.

It can be said that the original universe can be preserved until now, thanks to the existence in the virtual sea.

"Qin Chen, I won't go in. That guy has a weird personality. In his territory, I think it's better for you to go in alone."

At this time, Emperor Youming suddenly said beside him.

Qin Chen turned his head and glanced at Emperor Youming.

The Great Emperor Youming said awkwardly: "Ahem, you also know that at our level of existence, the sense of territory is extremely strong. It is not a good thing to rashly break into other people's territories."

Emperor Youming said in embarrassment. He was afraid that if he went in, he wouldn't be able to get out.

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