Chapter 5262:Valkyrie Domination

Yin and Yang Fusion

Looking at Qin Chen, Xuying said lightly: "This world is extremely special, you can't feel its specialness yet, but when you reach my level one day, you will understand why the emperor is willing to in this initial

The universe is gone. "

"Isn't senior trapped here?"

Qin Chen was puzzled, and looked at the many iron chains that bound the phantom.

These iron chains are extremely thick, and each one is simple and profound, and it is unknown what kind of material it is made of. There are ancient runes and rays of light flowing on it, hiding a palpitating power.

Each of these iron chains penetrated deeply into Xu Ying's body, binding him here like a prisoner.


Xu Ying showed embarrassment, "Ahem, of course, this is one of the reasons, but there are actually other reasons why the emperor is willing to stay here, otherwise, how can these mere chains trap the emperor?"

Xu Ying said proudly.

Qin Chen frowned and asked suspiciously, "Really?"

Qin Chen looked suspicious.


The ancient emperor was speechless, and couldn't help but yell, damn, this guy is too good at chatting, right?

Do some things need to be said so clearly? "I know you want to get the truth from me, but I can only say that even this emperor can only see some clues of that person's arrangement, but can't understand the real purpose. However, you don't need to know the real purpose now. To learn too much.


Xuying looked at Qin Chen: "When you come back this time, you should be preparing to integrate this initial universe and let it truly transcend reincarnation?"

Qin Chen nodded, he did have such a plan.

Xu Ying shook his head: "Then I advise you, you can't do this for the time being."


Qin Chen frowned slightly. After ascension to the heavens, he realized that this universe has actually come to the end of reincarnation. If it cannot transcend the reincarnation of the universe sea like the Dark Continent and other worlds, this universe will be in the near future.

Come, you will fall into disillusionment.

At that time, everyone in the entire universe will perish.

The reason why the Yuanmo Patriarch wholeheartedly wanted to occupy the initial universe, and even did not hesitate to collude with the Dark Clan, was because of this. "The fusion of the universe will indeed allow this initial universe to transcend reincarnation and stand in the universe, but there is also a bad consequence." Xuying said in a deep voice: "That is to make this initial universe completely present in the entire universe.

in sight. "And with your current strength, I don't think you can bear the consequences of this initial universe actually appearing in the cosmic sea. At that time, the eyes of countless ancient forces in the cosmic sea will pay attention to this place. You... get ready

Yet? "

Xu Ying looked at Qin Chen deeply.

Qin Chen frowned. From the words of the ancient emperor, he understood that this initial universe should be extremely special. Once it is presented, there must be some bad consequences. Otherwise, there are so many forces in the universe, and it is impossible for any initial universe to survive the cycle of reincarnation.

, will attract the attention of the ancient forces of the universe sea.

And those ancient forces...

From the words of Tuoba ancestors and the others, Qin Chen also understood that the strength of these ancient forces is at least above the triple detachment.

Although the current self is not weak, compared with those ancient forces in the universe sea, he is still far behind. Qin Chen still has this self- knowledge. "I think you should understand a little bit, but this is just one of them." Xuying continued: "In addition, there is another reason, that is, your current cultivation level is not enough, and if you want to integrate the origin of the original universe, you must will lose

defeated. "Qin Chen was stunned: "Didn't it mean that if the original universe wants to go through reincarnation, it is enough to transcend the realm?" Even, like Xiaoyao Zhizun, they could try to merge with the origin of the original universe when they were only the peak supreme, and once they succeeded,

You can directly enter the realm of detachment. "

This is what Qin Chen has been hearing all the time, and it is also the purpose of the Dark Clan and Yuan Mo Patriarch, who use the fusion of the original universe to achieve transcendence.

And now, he is a first-level peak detachment, how can he not be able to integrate this original universe because of insufficient cultivation?

Hearing this, Xu Ying smiled.

"Indeed, there is hope for the peak Supreme Beings of the initial universe to merge, and even use this to directly step into detachment, but this world is different..."

He raised his head and looked at the endless world outside Xu Hai. "This universe is very special. With your current cultivation, it's not completely impossible. Instead, you must fully control the rules. At least in the way you control, you need to integrate yin and yang without any omissions, otherwise you will forcefully merge this universe.

The origin of the universe is definitely not a good thing for you and this universe. "

Xu Ying condensed his voice.

"Yin-yang fusion? No gaps?"

Qin Chen frowned.

In his opinion, his Dao rules have been perfected. After ten times of reincarnation, Qin Chen claims to have reached the ultimate in controlling Dao.

Xuying glanced at Qin Chen, his eyes were bright and he said: "If I'm not mistaken, Mr. Chen, you should want to go to the underworld, right?"

Qin Chen's eyes flashed: "How do you know?" "Do you still need to think about it?" Xu Ying smiled, he looked towards Xu Haihai, and his eyes fell on Chen Sisi: "The source of Chen Shao's woman's body is damaged. If you want to restore the source, you must be nourished, and this person's source essence has a spiritual power.

If you want to be completely nourished and repaired, you must go to the underworld. This emperor should be right, right? "

"Chen Shaoruo is going to the underworld, there are some things you have to be careful about."

Xu Ying looked towards Xu Haihai, and his eyes fell on Emperor Youming.

"That guy outside is one of the great emperors of the underworld, one of the top powerhouses in the underworld, but Chen Shao knows why the underworld is completely isolated from the universe sea? Even, he is hostile and rejected by countless forces in the universe sea? "

Xu Ying said lightly.

Qin Chen frowned. Xu Ying said: "Actually, in ancient times, the underworld once invaded the cosmic sea. The underworld and the cosmic sea are actually one, representing the yin and yang of the world. If people in the underworld devour the rules of the cosmic sea, they can improve themselves. fusion

Yin and Yang, achieve the true unity of Yin and Yang, control life and death. "

"So, in ancient times, there was a turmoil between the Underworld and the Cosmic Sea. That turmoil was even more dangerous than what this Emperor did, causing heavy casualties and even upsetting the world."

"In the end, the underworld was defeated and sank into the other world, blocking the passage with the cosmic sea, and becoming a character who lives in darkness forever. In fact, in their hearts, they all want to return to the cosmic sea."

"If Shao Chen follows this person to the underworld, you must be careful, because the rules and origin of the Dao in you, Shao Chen, will be a great supplement to people in the underworld." It is also a huge benefit for Chen Shao to realize the rules of the Great Way of the Underworld and achieve the fusion of yin and yang. At that time, Chen Shao will merge with the original origin of the universe, and it will be a matter of course.

It blends perfectly. "

Hearing this, Qin Chen was thoughtful. There is such a saying?

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