Chapter 5263:Valkyrie Domination

not believable

Can the fusion of yin and yang make the rules truly complete?

Qin Chen was thoughtful. No wonder, he practiced the same death rules, but he felt faintly that the death rules he practiced seemed to be somewhat different from the death rules of Emperor Youming and the others. Could it be the yin and yang sides of the rules?


"Thank you for your teaching, senior."

Qin Chen cupped his hands.

"Well." Xuying nodded: "But although you are still unable to integrate the origin of the entire initial universe, you can first integrate the origin of this heaven." Xuying looked up at the vast heaven in Xuhai: "Once you first integrate the heaven Origin, first, your origin can quickly restore this heaven, which is of great benefit to the entire initial universe, because the stronger the heaven, the stronger the initial universe.

The power that can be carried will naturally be stronger, after all, this heaven is one of the original realms of the original universe. ""In addition, once you have integrated the origin of the heavens, the heavens are located in the original universe, and its original power will gradually merge with the original power of the original universe.

If you come back to integrate the origin of the original universe, then you will get twice the result with half the effort and it will be much easier. "Of course, the most important thing is that once you integrate the origin of the heaven, you can be completely connected with the heaven. Even after going to the underworld, you can perceive some subtle situations in the heaven. For you, this is Baiyi and none

Harmful. "

Hearing this, for some reason, Qin Chen seemed to feel a hint of anticipation in Xuying's tone.

Qin Chen's heart moved, and he said: "Maybe there are other reasons for the senior to want me to merge with the origin of the heavens?"

Xu Ying was startled, and said with a smile: "Young Master Chen is really shrewd."

After the words fell, he looked at the countless mountain-like corpses of strong men behind him. "Did Chen rarely see these people behind me?" Xuying sighed: "They are all the countless clansmen who followed me back then. In ancient times, the emperor harmed them and the clan because of his own desires. Bendi Enron

No harm, but they died because of me. If it happened again, I would rather die than them. "

"Unfortunately, everything has already happened, and it is irreparable. My wish in this life is to bring these old friends back to the ethnic group, bring them home, and let them return to their roots."

"It's a pity that the emperor is trapped here now, and if he wants to leave, the only way is for you, Young Master Chen, to do it."

Qin Chen was taken aback, "Me?"

"That's right, it's you, Chen Shao." Xu Ying suddenly stood up, "Chen Shao, you can try to feel the chains on this emperor's body."

boom! In an instant, the chains on Xuying's body were stirred up instantly. The moment he moved, chains burst out one by one, exuding a palpitating terrifying aura. On these chains, the naked eye could see to, together

An astonishing rune rose up, and these runes gave Qin Chen a rather familiar feeling.

"Young Master Chen, look after you."

Xu Ying chuckled, grabbed a chain with both hands, and pulled it hard.


Immediately, glaring rays of light erupted from the chain, and, indistinctly, there were streaks of thunder light wandering around, dissipating in the depths of the chain.

"The power of thunder?"

Qin Chen was surprised.

No wonder I feel familiar. In the depths of this chain, there is actually the power of thunder circulating. This power of thunder is the core power in the depths of this chain.

"That's right, it's the power of the Judgment God Thunder, otherwise, the chains made from the mother iron of all things alone would not be able to defeat the current Emperor, but this Judgment God Thunder power..."

Xuying sighed: "Young Master Chen, if you can truly grasp the power of the divine thunder in your body, can you untie this chain for this Emperor, that is to say, the freedom of this Emperor, in fact, everything is under your control, Young Master Chen. middle."

"You mean? The power of thunder in my body can untie your chains?" Qin Chen said in a deep voice. "That's right." Xuying nodded: "However, Yichen Shao, your current strength and cultivation are far from enough. I'm afraid it will be some time before this Emperor sees hope. However, apart from directly unlocking the chain, this Emperor Xuhai

With the shackles of the heavens, if Chen Shao can integrate the origin of the heavens, the heavens can be strengthened. The stronger the heavens, the less restrictions the emperor will be subject to. This may be some small selfishness of the emperor. "

Qin Chen was thoughtful.

Because of that?

Next, Qin Chen communicated with Xuying again, and understood some doubts about his practice, but regarding other things he wanted to know, the ancient emperor kept his mouth shut and did not say clearly.

Qin Chen didn't ask forcibly. There are some things that others don't want to tell you. No matter how much you ask, you may end up without a problem. "Chen Shao, the underworld is extremely dangerous. If Chen Shao goes to the underworld, this emperor has a piece of advice, that is, don't be careless. Although the Emperor Youming was one of the top powerhouses in the underworld back then, the underworld is vast and huge.

Back then, the entire cosmic sea was almost conquered. The strong and secrets in it were not as simple as they appeared on the surface, so be careful! "

"Besides, in the underworld, don't trust anyone, because no one can be trusted, including some people around you..."

Finally, the ancient emperor warned again, with a serious tone.

"Thank you for the reminder, senior," Qin Chen cupped his hands.

What does Gu Di mean by this? Are some people around you referring to the Nether Emperor?

Will he have problems?

Qin Chen pondered in his heart, then he turned around and left the depths of the Void Sea. Looking at Qin Chen's leaving back, the ancient emperor's eyes flickered, and he murmured: "Everything is going according to that person's idea, but will that matter really succeed? It has never happened in the past, Going to the underworld, I'm afraid...


The ancient emperor shook his head and sighed, not knowing what he was thinking.

virtual overseas.

In the sky above the calm Void Sea, a vast vortex channel appeared instantly, Qin Chen stepped out and flew out of it.

"Young Master Chen, are you back?"

As soon as Qin Chen appeared, Emperor Youming hurried forward: "How is it, what did the person inside say?"

Qin Chen glanced at Emperor Youming, frowned and said, "He said, you can't be trusted, Emperor Youming."

"What?" Emperor Youming jumped up immediately, and said angrily: "Damn it, this ** is actually speaking ill of Lao Tzu behind his back, Shao Chen, this emperor has absolutely no ill intentions towards you, you must never listen to that guy Nonsense, the Emperor is looking for that one now

If you want to settle accounts, you must ask clearly. "

As soon as Emperor Youming moved, he rushed into the Void Sea in a hurry.

"Well, it's time to ask clearly."

Qin Chen nodded and said lightly.

"I...cough cough." Seeing that Emperor Youming was about to rush into the Void Sea, Qin Chen hurriedly stopped before he could stop him: "Young Master Chen, after thinking about it, I still think it's fine. It's a pity that I have been trapped in this Xuhai for so long, maybe some

If you are confused, this emperor will not be as knowledgeable as him, but don't worry, Mr. Chen, this emperor has no second thoughts for you, and the world can learn from it. "Emperor Youming coughed dryly twice, and said embarrassingly.

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