Chapter 5264:Valkyrie Domination

Emperor class

Qin Chen glanced at Emperor Youming, and said with a smile: "Don't pay attention, Senior Youming. In fact, I didn't take what that person said to heart. If I had taken it seriously, I wouldn't have spoken out to you."

Qin Chen smiled and spoke calmly. At the same time, he looked at Emperor Youming, and that look immediately made the hairs of Emperor Youming stand on end for no reason.

This kid...couldn't be planning something, right?

Thinking of the origin of this person, the Great Emperor Youming, the Great Emperor of the Underworld, trembled at this moment.

"Senior You Ming, let's go."

After saying that, Qin Chen turned around and flew straight to the source of the heavenly realm. At the same time, he sent a message directly to the city of Renmeng in the distance.

Renmeng City.

Now it is the center of the entire human race, and after the unification of all races, the Renmeng City has moved into the heaven, becoming one of the most magnificent places in the heaven.

At this time, Xiaoyao Zhizun and a group of people are entertaining Tuoba Zuzu and others in Renmeng City.

Down below, many strong men from all races in Renmeng City are trembling.

Among these people, the most powerful one is only a peak supreme being like the Primal Chaos Supreme. Seeing such a detached powerhouse as the Palace Master of Anyou, how can he not feel palpitations or fear.

Fortunately, there are Xiaoyao Zhizun and Tianji Pavilion Master, so everyone can barely feel at ease, otherwise, everyone will be paralyzed here. There has never been one who is transcendent and strong in the entire history of the initial universe. Back then, the Black Demon Ancestor Emperor of the Dark Clan almost wiped out the entire initial universe, let alone the Dark Nether Mansion. Lord wait


"Chen Shao, did you grow from such a universe?"

The Lord of Anyou Palace and the others looked at the Chaos Supreme below in doubt.

These people were all giants in the initial universe, but in the Southern Thirteen-Star Region, they are almost like ants. How terrible is Chen Shao who can grow from such a universe to the present situation?

Thinking about Palace Master Anyou, they were all a little shocked.


The master of Anyou Palace and the others were sipping tea, and below, the master of Tianji Pavilion was talking with Jian Zu and others.

The reunion after hundreds of millions of years, the owner of the Tianji Pavilion has a lot to say to the many old friends present.

"Brother Jianzu, Brother Chaos, this one is the old man's wife, Sect Master Linglong, the lord of the Linglong Sect in the Thirteen-Thirteen-Third-Star Domain in Hainan, who is about to step into the second level of detachment.

The master of Tianji Pavilion put his arms around Sect Master Linglong, and said to Jian Zu and the others, with a very casual look.

"I have met Sect Master Linglong. I am grateful to Sect Master Linglong for helping me in the initial universe. I am very lucky to meet such a great figure as Sect Master Linglong."

Jian Zu and others hastily cupped their hands.

Jianzu and the others are quite respectful to this strong man from the universe sea, after all, the former Linglong suzerain also paid a lot for the initial universe.

"You guys are welcome." Sect Master Linglong smiled slightly: "This sect is actually not a giant in the South 13-Star Region. Compared with the master of Anyou Palace and Patriarch Tuoba, this sect is still far behind. It's just the suzerain of Xiaozong, you guys, this is really breaking me,

You can call me Linglong from now on. "The master of Tianji pavilion nodded aside and said: "Brother Jianzu, you don't have to be so polite. Linglong's sect is indeed not a top sect in the southern ten-star region. big cosmic territory

That's all, in terms of ranking, among the tens of thousands of ranked forces in the entire Southern Thirteen-Star Region, they are only in the top 50, and they are still incomparable with such top forces as Anyoufu and Tuoba Family. "

As he said that, the owner of Pavilion Tianji turned his head to look at Sect Master Linglong, "Linglong, after you turn around and break through the second level of detachment, you should be able to barely squeeze into the top 50 in the South 13-star region, right?"

Linglong nodded, "If I can really make a breakthrough, it should be no problem to be ranked in the top twenty." Hundreds, as for other forces like the original universe, there are countless, my wife, you Linglong Shenzong can rank in the top twenty

, that is already quite remarkable. "Speaking, the owner of the Tianji Pavilion looked at the Linglong Sect Master: "Honey, we still have to keep a low profile in the future, even if we break through the second level of detachment and step into the top 20, it is still a lot worse than the Anyou Mansion and the Tuoba Family yes we are outside

Can be too ostentatious. "


Sword Ancestor, Chaos Supreme and others were speechless.

Oh shit.

You have said this sentence hundreds of times, you say it when you see people, you say it when you see people, you are so low-key? Seeing the expressions of Jian Zu and the others, the owner of Tianji Pavilion continued to smile and said: "Come on, Brother Jian Zu and Brother Chaos, let's not talk about the insider, there is nothing worth talking about, I just found someone who is about to break through." The wife of the double detachment is not a big shot in the universe. Come on, let me share with you how I broke through the detachment at the beginning. It is not easy to break through the detachment. can break through. But actually

, when you really break through, you will find that breaking through the realm of detachment is actually very simple, it mainly depends on talent and talent, I..."

"Ahem." Jianzu hurriedly interrupted: "Brother Tianji, you finally came back to the original universe, you should take Sect Master Linglong for a stroll first, we still have to greet Palace Master Anyou and the others."

"Yes, we have to take care of other people. You two will be busy first."

After finishing speaking, without waiting for the owner of Tianji Pavilion to speak, Jian Zu, Chaos Supreme and others hurriedly left with their hands in their hands, running fast.


The owner of Tianji Pavilion was stunned, and could only watch Jian Zu and others go to Xiaoyao Supreme, speechless.

On the other side, Xiaoyao Zhizun, Hei Nu and others greeted the Lord of Anyou Palace and others.

While talking, suddenly, Xiaoyao Zhizun seemed to have received something, and suddenly raised his head: "Qin Chen..."

Xiaoyao Supreme suddenly stood up.

"Senior Xiaoyao Supreme, what's wrong?"

The ** looked over.

Everyone also watched over.

Xiaoyao Zhizun's eyes were deep, he stared into the depths of the heaven, and said in a deep voice: "Qin Chen, he is going to merge with the origin of the entire heaven."

"Integrate the origin of the heavens?"

Everyone was taken aback.

Chen Sisi and You Qianxue also stood up suddenly.

Xiaoyao Supreme was a little excited and said: "Once Qin Chen successfully merges with the origin of the heaven, the whole heaven will become his territory. At that time, the heaven that has been damaged for hundreds of millions of years can finally be repaired!"


The origin of heaven.

All around, the colorful aura of chaos is everywhere.

Qin Chen was suspended here, staring at the origin of the heaven in front of him.

Sensing Qin Chen's power, the source of the heavens fluctuated like a cheering fish.

"The origin of the heavens."

Qin Chen murmured.

Back then, Xiaoyao Zhizun had brought him to the origin of the heavenly realm, and asked him to try to merge with the origin of the heavenly realm. Later, his mother Qin Yuechi appeared and prevented her from merging. Because at that time he hadn't broken through the realm of detachment, once he merged with the source of the heaven, although it is very likely that he can directly enter the realm of detachment, but in the future it is very likely that he will be combined with the source of the heaven and walk on this source.

The way to solidify your own future.

Now that he has broken through the realm of detachment, he naturally has no fear of these things.

"let's start!"

Qin Chen took a step forward, and his whole body instantly entered the origin of the heaven, and suddenly released his original power.


Wisps of the original power dissipated, contacted with the surrounding celestial sources, boom, in an instant, the entire celestial source ground boiled.

A terrifying force directly invaded Qin Chen's soul sea.


For a moment, Qin Chen felt as if he had fallen into a colorful world.

In the colorful world, the power of rules flows one after another, like a vast ocean, containing endless and terrifying power.

"This... is the power of the rules of the origin of the heavens?"

Qin Chen was thoughtful.

As long as you integrate all the power of these rules into your body, you can completely integrate with the origin of this heaven.


Qin Chen yelled, boom, his original rules quickly merged with this heavenly source, and a terrifying force that he could hardly bear poured into his original source in an instant.

Click! At this moment, the origin in Qin Chen's body trembled rapidly under this terrifying impact. The strong breath kept impacting his body, and Qin Chen's soul sea and physical body also began to tremble faintly rise



Qin Chen was shocked.

What kind of original power is this? Even his origin couldn't bear it for a while, and it almost broke?

Notice. He is a person who has survived ten levels of reincarnation, and his current cultivation has reached the peak of first level of detachment. Moreover, Qin Chen's control over various rules has reached an extremely terrifying level. Back then, Qin Chen dusty

When devouring Emperor Miekong's remaining space source, he never encountered the current situation, but now...

In an instant, Qin Chen came to his senses, the origin of this heavenly realm was definitely not simple, and its impact on him was even greater than that of Emperor Miekong.


The terrifying original impact instantly enveloped Qin Chen, causing him to howl in pain. At this moment, Qin Chen's skin shattered, and a dazzling brilliance bloomed from his body.


A terrifying aura surged, and the Nether Emperor, who was originally guarded by the outside world, was directly shocked by such a force.

He looked at the scene in front of him in horror, and said in horror: "This breath..."

The sudden eruption of breath in front of him was so terrifying that even he felt palpitations.

Not only him.

In the heaven at this moment. All the living beings felt this change, raised their heads one after another, rumbled, thunder roared, and above the vast sky, terrifying heavenly avenues circulated, forming a terrifying scene, rushing frantically towards a certain place in the heavenly realm.

At the core.

"here we go."

In Renmeng City, the Happy Supreme looked up in shock and murmured.

"This power..." The ancestors of Tuoba, the master of Anyou palace, Tuoba Xiongba and others stood up in shock beside the Xiaoyao Supreme. Under the violently turbulent heaven, an invisible coercion of heaven permeated the scene in an instant. Everyone shocked Tuoba's ancestors


For some reason, under this force, he actually felt a faint trembling.

What kind of power is this?

Ancestor Tuoba couldn't believe it, this is just a small initial universe, how could there be the essence of power, even his former triple detachment was terrified?

at this time.

"The origin of the heavens? Why is it so strong?"

In the endless colorful void, Qin Chen was also shocked in his heart. The terrifying shocks around him continued to wash away his body and soul, making him feel an unprecedented pain.



This kind of pain is not only physical, but also spiritual. Moreover, it is not the pain of the spiritual being hit, but an emotional pain.

"This heaven, it is rumored that when the original universe was opened up by a strong man, the original source merged with the original universe after the fall. Why is it so strong? Who is the strong man who fell back then?"

Qin Chen was horrified.

Although the origin of the heaven represents a piece of heaven and earth, which is already extremely powerful, Qin Chen is no longer an idiot. With his current cultivation base, it should be very natural to integrate such a piece of heaven and earth without any trouble.

After all, back then, he never encountered any difficulties whether it was devouring the origin of the Black Demon Ancestor Emperor or other detached origins.

Even when he merged with the space origin of Emperor Miekong, he just almost transformed into a Tao, which is much safer than merging with the heavenly origin.

But now...

The seven-colored divine light continuously washed over Qin Chen, which represented the three thousand avenues passed down in the heavens, which formed the basis of the supreme rules of the heavens, and now these three thousand avenues were crazily washing over Qin Chen's body.

Qin Chen's body was surrounded by the light of the Great Dao, and the light of the Great Dao circulated in his body, making his body crystal clear.

"Is this the Three Thousand Ways of Heaven?"

Qin Chen was shocked and received a great baptism.

When he was in the heavens before, what he cultivated was the supernatural power of origin, the origin of all things, and the myriad avenues, all under his control.

He thinks that he has attained profoundly on the Thousand Thousand Great Ways, but when he feels the three thousand Great Ways at this moment, he realizes how small his comprehension on the Three Thousand Great Ways is.

If each of the three thousand avenues he had comprehended was a small river, then the three thousand avenues in front of him were like a big river, majestic and beyond reach.


The Three Thousand Ways oscillated and merged into Qin Chen's body, making Qin Chen's will shine brightly and bloom with supreme splendor.

"Who is this strong man who once fell? Could it be a strong man at the emperor level?"

Qin Chen was shocked in his heart. If it wasn't for the fact that the ancient emperor in the virtual sea still retained his physical body and hadn't fallen, Qin Chen would even suspect that the origin of the heaven in front of him was the origin left by the ancient emperor of the ancient gods after his fall.

But no matter who formed it after the fall, this power must definitely surpass the triple transcendence, at least it is a powerhouse at the emperor level, and it is not even weaker than the powerhouse at the Miekong emperor level who died with the Nether emperor.

"Senior, no matter who you used to be, now that you have fallen, then this source will be handed over to this young master, and this young master will definitely protect this world and pass it on to the future."

Qin Chen said silently in his heart.


In his body, the endless lightning power of the judgment ** erupted in an instant.

In an instant, under the endless thunder, the original breath of the heavens that had been suppressing Qin Chen became gentle in an instant, and then was fused by Qin Chen little by little. Vaguely, Qin Chen seemed to see a figure standing at the end of this colorful world. This figure was extremely blurred. With his back to Qin Chen, he couldn't make out his face at all. out

There was an extremely terrifying aura, and this person gave Qin Chen a rather familiar and friendly feeling.

"That is…"

Qin Chen opened his eyes wide, trying to see the figure clearly, but before he could see it clearly, the figure slowly dissipated and melted into the sky and the earth in an instant.


The next moment, countless original powers merged with Qin Chen's original power like a vast ocean, almost without any resistance.

In an instant, the entire heaven was clearly presented in Qin Chen's mind.

This feeling is completely different from Qin Chen's own perception to explore and observe. On the contrary, it is similar to the original chaotic world, where the entire heaven has turned into Qin Chen's small world.

"I... this is the success of merging the origin of the heavens?"

Qin Chen murmured.

When all the origins of the heavens are completely integrated with him.


Behind Qin Chen, a majestic phantom appeared. The vast phantom was like a god, standing above the endless sky, looking down, like a god, gazing at the people.

"Myriad phenomena?" Under the heavens, Tuoba ancestors and others said in shock.

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