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Tan Qing, the last nine-tailed fox in the world.
After failing to cross the robbery, he was struck into a book by thunder.
Become the male partner inside.

This male duo is stupid and bitch, and keeps messing up on the way to hinder the protagonist from attacking and the protagonist from receiving HE.
Before committing himself to death, a little cub was left behind.

Tan Qing: “…”

He sat on his tail and touched his belly.
Then, he glanced at the crying cub on the bed with subtle eyes.

Tan Qing used the cell phone to call the child’s dad——
“Mr. He, do you want more of your cub?”
He Mingyu: “???”
Tan Qing smashed his mouth: “If I don’t want it, can I eat it?”
He Mingyu: “……”
Later, He Mingyu educated his son——
1. Keep your tail away when you go out.
2. Don’t eat children at home.
3. Don’t steallisten to the corner between me and your dad.

One-sentence brief introduction: babes! Did you go to find your cheap dad for living expenses today?
The reincarnation of the ancient tycoon, Jie Shen, is kind and ruthless, and the hero is always attacking.

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1. There is a child, very scum, and the brain circuit is innocent, not just a fox, lacking normal emotions. The attack is good for this bite.
2. Although this article is very sand-sculpted and bloody, it is very sweet. 1V1. HE. [Sincere Face]
3. Equipped with anti-theft, just like babies who can’t see the latest chapter. You don’t need to tell if you discard the article, but the ginseng attack rebounds. Thanks for supporting the genuine!

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