Chapter 1:When The Incubus Enters The World Of Quick Transmigration

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Behind the South Gate of University A is a beautiful mountain. However, due to the heavy rain last year, a landslide buried a passenger car. Fifteen people died and two were seriously injured. Even if the road was cleared later, that road and even that area became Very quiet.

Almost every school has seven strange stories and eight unsolved mysteries. The road behind the south gate of University A has also become one of the strange stories of University A.

"Brother Yang, how's this place?" A short-inch boy held a basketball and raised his chin towards the person beside him, with an expression of "please praise me".

The person called Brother Yang turned a blind eye to the expectations of the inch-headed man, but turned to ask another boy on his right who looked well- behaved, with the same words and the same expression: "An'an, what do you think of this place?"

Inch man: "..."

You Ning is satisfied with the dilapidated but secluded basketball court, he nodded and replied: "It's very quiet, very good."

Xiang Yang showed a mouthful of big white teeth, as if he had received some great compliment, the cropped man rolled his eyes, he was shameless, obviously he discovered this place!

A few boys following behind them giggled and booed: "Brother Yang, is your wife slave's illness still cured?"

Xiang Yang's expression darkened immediately, and the cropped man turned his head and glared at them.

Some of the boys shut their mouths, some made movements of zipping their mouths, and some were puzzled and muttered, "What's wrong? Didn't Brother Yang feel happy when he said that before?"

The people around him immediately explained to him in a low voice: "I don't know if you didn't come a while ago, but Lu Anlan is chasing after a handsome guy from the finance department, named Shu Yu."

The man just wanted to be contemptuous, but suddenly remembered who Shu Yu was, his eyes widened, a little unbelievable, but also a little sympathetic to look at the tall back of Brother Yang.

Poor, the little cabbage that has been kept for more than ten years is gone.

Xiang Yang felt that the boy's gaze on his back was piercing, clapped his hands twice, and said loudly: "Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, let's go, who can stop me today, I'll treat Mengxi tonight!"

The boys' attention was immediately diverted, and Hulala got together and went straight to the boxing team, simple and rude.

There were eight boys in a group, You Ning was not in the same group as Xiang Yang, he was in the same group as the inch-cut man, that is, Lin Yuan. It was originally an activity for relaxation, and both teams played more casually.

The autumn wind passed by, and the basketball court was full of wanton laughter of young people.

Suddenly, Unioning caught sight of a figure from the corner of his eye. It happened that his teammate was passing the ball into his hands. His original relaxed and leisurely style of play suddenly changed. After passing the opponent's interception, his opponent became Xiang Yang.

Without thinking about anything else, You Ning took a visual look at the distance, jumped up on the spot, and prepared to shoot a three-pointer. Xiangyang followed him and jumped up, reaching out to stop him symbolically, his palm missed the ball, but brushed against You Ning's exposed arm, the movement was too small and light, and the boys around didn't notice much.

The basketball passed through the basket and fell to the ground, making a sound like a heartbeat.

"An Lan, show!"

"Tsk tsk, brother Yang, it's your fault, you openly release water!"

"Hey, friend, if you're not in the same group as An Lan, shouldn't you be mentally prepared that your teammate is an undercover agent?"

"It makes sense..."

The laughter continued, and Xiang Yang didn't care about being teased by his friends, he just watched You Ning's smiling face and followed suit, but soon, the smile on his face froze, because he found that Unioning's smile was not for him of.

You Ning, that is, Lu Anlan, gestured to his friends to wait a moment, and ran a few steps towards the person who had already walked to the side of the basketball court. He took a breath, his eyes sparkled, and his tone was undisguised Surprise: "Senior, why are you here?" Their appointment was half an hour later.

The man looked at him and said, "Come and wait for you."

The person who came was wearing a light gray sweater, black casual trousers, and a pair of glasses. He looked like a top student, and he didn't fit in with this group of scumbags who had been studying for thousands of years. But Lu Anlan is different from them, he is not a scumbag, he is also a top student, standing with that person, he is a perfect match.

A group of boys looked at Xiang Yang subtly, as expected, their Brother Yang's face had already turned dark.

The boy who sympathized with Xiang Yang before began to mutter again: "What can I do, this guy looks even more handsome, he's a school bully, we Brother Yang can't..."

Lin Yuan standing beside Xiang Yang stared at him threateningly.

The boy had a strong desire to survive, so he immediately changed his words: "Bah! He must be a pompous little boy! Brother Yang is 10,000 times stronger than him!"

You Ning's face was flushed, I don't know if it was because of the exercise just now, or because the person in front of him said "wait for him, he wanted to stretch out his hand to pull Shuyu, but when he saw the sweat on his hand, he put it away again, and put his hands behind his back , Embarrassed, said: "Senior, wait for me for a while? Let's fight for a while."

Shu Yu took his little tricks into his eyes, and a sarcasm flashed across his bottomless eyes. He nodded with a light smile, "Okay, you guys play."

Seeing his smile, You Ning blushed even more, looked around and found a good seat for him, "Senior, you sit over there, where the light is not harsh."

Shu Yu nodded, looked over You Ning's shoulders, and met Xiang Yang on the basketball court, he bent his lips imperceptibly, turned and walked towards the place You Ning said.

Xiang Yang clenched his fists, then loosened them again, looking at You Ning who turned his head three times a step, extremely irritable.

Seeing his expression, Lin Yuan asked him in a low voice, "Do you still want to fight?"

Xiang Yang wiped the sweat off his forehead with a cold face: "Stop spanking!" Even spanking, some people's minds have already flown.

"Ah?" You Ning who ran back just heard it, puzzled, "Why didn't you fight?"

Xiang Yang half-truthfully taunted him: "Heh, what are you still hitting? Seeing you winking at your senior while beating? Hot eyes!"

You Ning looked at him, with "Single dogs are terrible" written all over his face, and then asked other people, and when they heard Xiang Yang say no to fighting, they naturally stopped fighting. He shrugged, rather carelessly, and said: "That's fine, then the senior and I will go first, bye!"

The others looked at each other: "...Oh, good."

Seeing that You Ning really didn't miss it, and even walked towards the shade of the tree impatiently, Xiang Yang picked up the coat that was put aside bitterly, and shouted: "Go, go to Mengxi, I'll treat you!"

There is a bathroom by the basketball court, You Ning talked to Shu Yu and went to the bathroom. Because of the problem at the south gate, few people come to the restroom here. They probably feel that the place with such a dirty smell like the restroom has a more spiritual atmosphere, so there is no ** or smell in the restroom.

You Ning noticed that there was no one in the men's room, and the sunny, cute and shy look disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving only a handsome boy with perverted eyebrows and eyes.

In an instant, they are like two different people.

He was lazily washing his hands at the sink, his beautiful lips were raised, evoking a casual but extremely ** smile, "Does that idiot like you?"

He was talking to himself in the mirror.

Soon, the classic picture of a ghost movie appeared—in the mirror on the sink, the person in it was still standing when Unioning lowered his head, his face was dazed and dazed, "I...I don't know, I don't know know he..."

He always thought it was just a joke.

If someone really came in and saw it at this moment, they would definitely scream and let Nanmen be crowned the number one of A's strange talk overnight.

"Oh," You Ning is not interested in the relationship between food, he just mentioned it casually, and then said, "That scum is very hostile to your big fool."

Hearing that the person in the mirror was startled suddenly, as if he had caught something, but when he thought about it, there was nothing. Even though he lived it again, he still couldn't see it, so he could only tell the truth: "I didn't notice..."

You Ning turned off the faucet and gave a light "tsk". Although he didn't speak, the people in the mirror could feel that he was saying that he was stupid.

The person in the mirror laughed at himself, yes, he was really stupid, he was so stupid that he didn't realize that the person he loved was hideous until after he died.

But it doesn't matter, the demon in front of him can avenge him. This is a deal he bought with his soul as a bargaining chip.

You Ning wiped the water stains on his hands carefully with a paper towel. It was obviously an extremely simple move, but it was done by him, but it was noble and elegant, as if he was using a good silk handkerchief to wipe expensive jade ornaments. He raised his eyelids, met Lu Anlan's gaze in the mirror, and smiled half-smile: "Why, do you think I'm amazing?"

Lu Anlan didn't hesitate at all: "Of course, you are amazing!" Not to mention anything else, just imitating him can be said to be exactly the same.

You Ning was pleased by this human being's sincere praise, and the smile on his lips deepened, and those originally clean and clear black eyes slowly turned into devilish pupils with charming red.

Lu Anlan in the mirror hurriedly glanced away, not daring to continue looking. At the beginning of his rebirth, he had seen the real body of this demon. He couldn't describe it in detail. If he had to use one word to describe it, it would be thrilling—this demon is so beautiful. Just looking at it can make people sink willingly.

You Ning is not surprised by this at all. There are many demons or angels in this state in front of him. It is not normal for a human being to be unable to resist.

In fact, based on his appearance, he somehow became the domain master of their succubus. It's just a little bit better than the lazy demons using a guessing game to choose the domain master. The good thing is that You Ning didn't feel it, but the annoyance was really annoying. Every day outside the door, countless demons or sneaking angels begged for sleep in front of his door, which made You Ning often want to hit people.

Yes, Yuning's demon race is the succubus, the kind of succubus who has nothing to do all day long, only thinks about * all day long, takes * as the main food, and is in charge of lust. The general succubus is soft and charming, but Yuning is probably ten times more delicate and charming than ordinary succubus, especially his appearance of not being interested in anything makes people want to conquer The number has skyrocketed, and anyone who watches it thinks of X or wants to be X, which can be said to be very frenzied.

But the reason You Ning showed his eyes at this moment is definitely not because he wants to charm this human being, but because he is vain. He likes others to praise him, especially sincere praise, which always makes his tail pointy and can't help but curl up.

But there is also a restricted area, that is, don't praise his face. One is that it is annoying to hear too much, and the other is that he only mentions his face, as if he has nothing worth talking about except Yan Nengda. This is similar to a person who is looked at differently because of his outstanding appearance. After becoming famous, he thinks that fans only love his appearance, so people are not allowed to praise him as "good-looking" or "handsome", which is pretentious and hypocritical. Of course, there is a premise that these people who praise him for his good looks are all thinking of sleeping with him, and they are not pure beauty fans.

To be honest, You Ning has not met anyone who praised him for his good looks, not because he wants to sleep with him. But Yuning is a succubus, so... His restricted area is still pretentious and hypocritical in the eyes of others.

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