Chapter 25:When The Incubus Enters The World Of Quick Transmigration

Bamboo Horse Tour 25

Following the case of the Group of Five, their family members were also investigated for a recent incident of buying a murderer and wounding others.

But because there was no definite evidence, he finally came out of the police station safe and sound.

Now the masses have been irritated and furious when they saw that these people were successfully exonerated again. There are people queuing up and cursing online 24/7. Apart from these people, even the police also scolded them.

The police were also very angry, but the law is like this, everything requires evidence. Although there were many doubts in this car accident, the death of their colleagues also ignited their anger. Many policemen also thought that these five people had acted too arrogantly. Now they are eager to find evidence and arrest them all!

As if to match the anxious mood of the police at the moment, another video and several recordings appeared on the Internet.

The angle of this video is not good, the picture is blurry, but the recording can be heard clearly. This is exactly the year-end gift that Yuning had prepared for his cat, and the five people had a conversation with their families after they came out of the police station.

The calm tone and nonchalant expressions of the few people are tantamount to adding fuel to the fire. This incident has also become the most shocking event at the end of this year, and the public's attention is extremely high.

With these videos and recordings as a breakthrough, the police finally gained something.

After a thorough investigation by the police, all of the five houses were not very clean. In addition, the walls were knocked down by everyone, and their opponents in the business and political fields also took the opportunity to kill them. In the end, the few families The family has already started fleeing.

Although almost all of them were arrested and brought to justice in the end, one Shen Yi escaped.

With the winter vacation approaching and the beginning of the Spring Festival, a warrant for Shen Yi's arrest was also issued. After all, justice has defeated evil, and the concerned people can finally spend the New Year with peace of mind.

After hearing the news, Shu Yu's injuries were mostly healed, and his tense nerves finally relaxed.

As soon as he relaxed, he quickly fell asleep.

This sleep was very long, and Shu Yu had a dream.

In the dream, he also returned to the autumn of that year after his death in the previous life, before Lu Anlan became his boyfriend.

He dreamed that he still accepted Lu Anlan, and Lu Anlan blushed with joy. Later, Lu Anlan had a dispute with Xiangyang's group because of him, and later, Lu Anlan had only him by his side.

Lu Anlan loves him just like in the first life, no matter what he says, he will believe it.

When he asked him to go to the resort, it was at night, and he came without any hesitation.

The dream was different from the reality. When Lu Anlan came, there was a traffic jam. Sure enough, he met the group of five who were looking for food, and he was taken away by them. Even in a dream, Shu Yu felt her heart beating extremely fast.

But Lu Anlan was luckier than him, and he was saved. Shu Yu went to the hospital to take good care of him, and Lu Anlan became even more clingy to him. Wherever he went, Lu Anlan's eyes would look there. There is such a person who is full of himself, Shu Yu has an unspeakable sense of accomplishment.

Shu Yu also tried it with Lu Anlan, but unfortunately, it still didn't work. He felt that only when Lu Anlan died in his place could he return to normal.

After Shu Yu graduated, he decided to marry Lu Anlan. Sure enough, as he expected, the Lu family did not stop him, and he successfully married Lu Anlan.

After Lu Anlan's accident, Xiang Yang only visited Lu Anlan at the beginning, but he didn't even show up at the wedding.

Lu Anlan thought that her friendship with Xiangyang had come to an end. Only Shu Yu knew that Xiang Yang didn't accompany Lu Anlan because every time he saw Lu Anlan's appearance, his heart ached like a knife \- Shu Yu once saw Xiang Yang punching the wall and crying secretly in the corridor staircase of the hospital.

If the wedding didn't come, Xiang Yang couldn't accept it, but because of Lu Anlan's situation, he had to accept it. In order to give himself room to breathe, he didn't attend.

Seeing the person he loves covered in bruises, but he is not the one who can heal him, the pain that almost hollows out his heart, probably only Xiang Yang understands.

Later in the dream, Lu Anlan suffered from depression, and Shu Yu was thinking about it again.

He took Lu Anlan to meet one of the five people. After returning, Lu Anlan's situation was really bad.

Because of Lu Anlan's depression, all the sharp objects at home were put away.

But if a person wholeheartedly wants to seek liberation from death, there are thousands of ways.

It's just that Shu Yu didn't expect Lu Anlan's death to be so horrific—he committed suicide with a tie, and when he died, his deer-like eyes were still wide open, as if he was questioning why the world and Shu Yu why.

This caused Shu Yu in the dream to have several more nightmares.

But the sequelae passed, and Shu Yu found that he was really healed. He was overjoyed, and immediately implemented the next plan.

He repeatedly disclosed the information about the group of five to Xiang Yang. Xiang Yang was already in endless pain because of Lu Anlan's death. When he first heard the clues about that incident, he naturally refused to let it go.

Xiang Yang went crazy to take revenge on those five people, and the five people looked at him, mockingly and sarcastically calling him a mad dog.

Shu Yu watched them fight, pocketed everything from the Lu family, and took the initiative to contact Xiang Chaodong, saying that he was his son.

At the end of the dream, he got the Xiang family as the winner.

Shu Yu woke up with a smile.

After waking up, he looked at the pale light tube above his head and was in a daze for a while.

Dreams are too real. Like he really went through it. Now that he woke up, he could still clearly remember the details of his dream.

Can't explain why, but Shu Yu deeply felt that that should be his rebirth!

But why did it go wrong?

After comparing, Shu Yu quickly discovered the obvious problem \- Lu Anlan.

At this time, Xiang Xiangdong opened the door of the ward and came in. The mess was over, and he became that loving father again.

He also felt that Shu Yu would be blessed if he survived a catastrophe.

Shu Yu listened patiently to the end of his beeps, and then pretended nothing happened: "Father, I want a ticket for the Fu's cruise ship, is that okay?"

Xiang Chaodong who just said "tell Dad what you think" paused for a moment before agreeing.

Because he just received an invitation letter from the Fu family and two boat tickets today, one of which was written about him, and the other was written about Shu Yu. That's why he felt that Shu Yu must have future blessings.

The Fu family had no contact with Xiang Chaodong, but the boy Fu Yan wanted to recognize was from the same school as Shu Yu. It's really hard to say whether the invitation letter was aimed at him or Shu Yu.

Naturally, Xiang Chaodong didn't intend to tell Shu Yu directly, and Shu Yu had no way of knowing. In fact, this was just asking you to enter the urn.

It was Unioning's plan from the time he had a real dream.

Oh, it was Unioning who made him dream.

"I put Shen Yi up." You Xiaogui blinked, leaning on the mast with a sinister smile on his face, "Shu Yu really enjoys it, the feeling of staying out of the way and watching dogs bite dogs is really not bad."

Su Fu, who accompanied him to the deck to blow the air, looked up at the sky and said, "It's going to rain."

You Ning glanced at Shu Yu who was boarding the boat below, followed Su Fu with a smile, and left the place.

The banquet was held at eight o'clock in the evening, and You Ning was dragged and dressed up by Mother Deer. Lu Anlan's foundation is already good, and after a little tidying up, he is a delicate boy, and with the addition of You Ning's own succubus special effects, it is even more attractive no matter how you look at it.

For example, when Xiang Yang saw You Ning, he looked like a demented child, and what was even more embarrassing was that he had a nosebleed. Startled the mother deer.

You Ning gave a short laugh. Originally, Xiang Yang was still covering his nose with one hand and blushing and continued to secretly look at You Ning. When he heard this laughter, he hurriedly said: "No, It's okay, it's just that the sky has been on fire recently... I, I, I'll go and apply it first..." and ran away.

Looking at his running back, Mother Lu shook her head and said, "This kid, why is he always so frizzy..."

At the banquet, there were a lot of wine and wine, You Ning followed Su Fu with a cute face to socialize, surrounded by the bosses of city A, Shu Yu who stood in the corner of the hall looked at You Ning under the light, and couldn't tell what it was like in his heart.

After the number of people approaching finally gradually decreased, Su Fu and Father Lu said something together, and You Ning followed Mother Lu to the dining area.

Seeing the opportunity, Shu Yu was about to get up and go, when suddenly someone called him "Mr. Shu".

It's a clean-looking waiter.

Shu Yu breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, and asked him, "Is there something wrong?"

The waiter said: "Mr. Xiang told you that I need you, please go over now."

Shu Yu frowned, feeling a little strange, but after thinking about his relationship with Lu Anlan, he almost understood why Xiang Chaodong was looking for him.

He glanced at You Ning again, and found that he was surrounded by people again, so he followed the waiter to meet Xiang Dong. Anyway, the cruise ship will sail for a month before returning to City A, and he still has time to find out about Unioning.

Shu Yu originally thought that he had plenty of time, but he never imagined that it would be two years before seeing Lu Anlan again.

While following the waiter, Shu Yu was thinking about the dream. When he passed a certain corridor, he glanced casually, and saw Xiang Chaodong's usual assistant walking towards the casino.

He slowed down and immediately realized something was wrong.

He glanced at the waiter walking in front, turned around quietly, and was about to leave, but was suddenly blocked by two bodyguards.

The two bodyguards brought Shu Yu into a certain room like a chick.

As soon as he saw the people in the room, Shu Yu's eyes opened wide with fear.

Shen Yi sat on the sofa and smiled at him: "Yo, long time no see."

And a middle-aged man beside him looked at Shu Yu from head to toe. The act of grinding his teeth made Shu Yu think of the ending of being bitten to pieces.

The man said: "It's him who reported brother-in-law and sister in?"

"Yes, it's him." Shen Yi's smile turned gloomy, "Second Uncle, tell me, how can we repay him?"

The fear of death in the previous life resurfaced, and Shu Yu was so weak that he could only shake his head and repeat: "No, it's not me, someone framed me...I never called at all..."

At this time, the door of the room was opened again, and the person who came in said: "Boss, the police are on board! I heard that I received a report call, and I know that Young Master Yi is on board. What should I do now?"

The uncle and nephew squinted their eyes at Shu Yu at the same time, the eyes made Shu Yu think of a dangerous beast.

The police search was carried out quietly, without disturbing the entertainment of the big taxpayers on the huge ship.

Shu Yu has no time to disturb now, and the banquet here is over, You Ning seemed to be drunk, and limply fell into Su Fu's arms, and after being caught by Su Fu's strong arms, he hooked her Su Fu didn't let go of his neck.

"Godfather, the baby is drunk, the baby wants to go to rest, and wants to be hugged by godfather."

The succubus acted coquettishly, and even an archangel like Su Fu couldn't do anything about it, so he could only show his respect slightly.

You Ning was soft in Su Fu's arms, and after noticing his reaction, he narrowed his eyes at him.

Su Fu's soul was hooked away by this little succubus, and he forgot where he was for a moment, and directly hugged You Ning horizontally, as if he had to clean up well tonight.

Xiangyang was standing at the end of the corridor, standing like pouring water, his legs should have stepped out to catch up at this moment, and asked Fu Yan what he was going to do to his family An'an, but he couldn't move, he was afraid that the answer he would get was What he couldn't bear \- he saw An An fall into Fu Yan's arms with his own eyes, without any force.

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