Chapter 26:When The Incubus Enters The World Of Quick Transmigration

Bamboo Horse Tour 26

After Lu Anlan discovered Xiang Yang, she was very anxious: "Xiang Yang, he saw Xiang Yang!"

After being interrupted by Lu Anlan's voice, You Ning found out that Lu Anlan's body that he was still using had this situation happen again, and You Ning felt a little unbelievable.

Seeing that Su Fu had put away the human body over there, he stared at Su Fu intently. He lost the patience to talk to Lu Anlan, and only said: "Go and play by yourself."

Lu Anlan wanted to make a sound, but the world suddenly turned around in front of her eyes.

This feeling is not the first time, the last time he returned to the body when making jewelry. This is the second time.

The demon returned the body to him again.

Lu Anlan didn't dare to disturb again, he got used to it a bit, then walked out of the room lightly, closed the door for the two of them, then took out his mobile phone and called Xiangyang. He desperately wanted to explain to Xiang Yang.

But when the call was made, he suddenly felt that he shouldn't have called.

—It's actually good to let Xiang Yang misunderstand him like this.

In this way, Xiangyang will be disappointed and sad, but after a period of time, he will gradually forget it and find the bright future that should belong to him.

But... Lu Anlan clenched the phone tightly, and did not press the red "hang up" until the call was automatically hung up because no one answered.

He stood there hesitated for a moment, and finally walked towards Yang's room.

In the end, Lu Anlan found Xiangyang in the bar. He was so drunk that he lay on the table and muttered Lu Anlan's name.

Lu Anlan stared at him blankly, but couldn't help it after a long time, stretched out her hand to caress his frowning eyebrows.

Xiang Yang moved and opened his eyes in a daze. It took him two seconds to focus his sight. Before Lu Anlan withdrew his hand, he grabbed that hand and said aggrievedly: "An An..."

Lu Anlan's heart was completely softened by the cry, he let Xiang Yang hold his hand, pulled him closer, and watched Xiang Yang almost piously put his mouth on the back of his hand.

"Yangyang..." Lu Anlan couldn't help calling out, this is what they called when they were young.

It's just that after Lu Anlan graduated from Xiangyang Primary School, she stopped calling him that, for fear that he would feel childish and make Xiangyang lose face in front of outsiders. But he indulged Xiang Yang from his childhood to now.

Hearing this sound, Xiangyang whimpered like a puppy, let go of Lu Anlan's hand, and hugged him tightly instead, repeating "An'an" unconsciously in his mouth, like that full of love and grievance Finally found a way to vent with the object.

Lu Anlan's eyes turned red, and she also hugged Xiangyang tightly.

Lu Anlan slowed down, blinked back the tears, helped Xiangyang up, and coaxed: "Come on, stop drinking, I'll take you back to your room to rest."

Xiangyang's friends all laughed at him as a wife slave, and this time he was drunk, he obeyed Lu Anlan's words, like a puppy finally found his master, wagging his tail happily and followed his master, he would go wherever Lu Anlan said. Where to go, Lu Anlan will do what he says.

Xiang Yang's alcohol capacity is actually very good, he can get drunk, Lu Anlan doesn't even know how much he drank.

After taking Xiangyang back to the room, he asked the waiter for hangover soup, and after coaxing Xiangyang to drink it, he took off the formal attire for the banquet for Xiangyang, and then wiped Xiangyang with a hot towel blushing. body, make him more comfortable.

In fact, Lu Anlan had done this kind of thing before, but he didn't know that Xiang Yang liked him at that time, so he didn't think there was anything wrong. But now, while he was wiping Xiangyang, listening to his comfortable moaning voice, he felt impulsive.

He felt his face was hot, and seeing that Xiang Yang didn't feel any discomfort, he decided to throw away the towel and not wipe it off.

Just as he was about to get up, someone hugged his waist suddenly. He raised his head to look towards the sun, and met a pair of drunken and affectionate eyes.

Something in Lu Anlan's heart is collapsing at this moment.

He thought, just be selfish for once, Shu Yu has already been taken away, this transaction is almost completed, maybe he will disappear tomorrow morning.

He wanted to hug Xiang Yang once before disappearing. He wanted to truly feel the temperature of this little sun.

Xiang Yang was half drunk and half awake, consciously he felt that this was reality, but intellectually he thought it was a dream. It wasn't until An'an, who was holding him, didn't pull his hand away from him, but covered his hand with one hand, leaned down to kiss him, that he was sure—

This is a dream. A beautiful dream.

In the dream, he hugged his An'an, feeling his tenderness and warmth.

This dream is so beautiful, when Xiang Yang woke up, there was still a smile on the corner of his mouth, but because of the headache after being drunk, the smile froze.

Fuck! What a pain! How much the ** did I drink last night? !

Xiangyang rubbed his head to touch the mobile phone on the counter, stretched his leg back because of the movement, and then touched a smooth and warm leg.

Xiang Yang immediately froze, his head turned backwards like a rusty machine, and frantically searched for everything related to last night in his mind.

Seeing An An's formal appearance, he had a nosebleed, so he hid in the room to relieve himself once; then he accompanied An An to the banquet; after the banquet, he went to find An An, but he didn't expect him to be drunk in Fu Yan's arms, and Fu Yan took him away—remember During this period, my heart hurts like hell; when I come again, I go to the bar to get drunk; after that, An An finds him and takes him back to the room...

Yes, could it be his An An?

If not, what if someone came over and was regarded as An An by him?

Xiang Yang swallowed nervously.

Then Xiang Yang saw the back of his head, and the beating heartbeat due to nervousness gradually calmed down. Even if it was just the back of the head, he would never admit that it was Lu Anlan.

But why is An An here with him? !

Xiang Yang swallowed again, it was so loud that he was embarrassed to hear it, and at the same time, the heartbeat that was on the way to slow down jumped up again, like a drum, and he couldn't bear to listen to it even more.

He called softly: "An'an? An'an?"

Lu Anlan said "No", muttered "Don't make noise", then shrank her head back into the quilt, as if she was very tired and wanted to continue sleeping.

Xiang Yang didn't dare to disturb him, and sat there for a while, only to realize that he was not wearing anything while shivering from the cold.

Fuck! No way? Wasn't that a dream last night?

Xiang Yang almost lifted the quilt by a corner with shaking hands. He glanced at himself first, and then hurriedly put down the quilt, his face flushed red, and his heartbeat accelerated again. Not knowing whether it was a guilty conscience or remembering something, he glanced at the ground, and then he didn't dare to look directly at it.

Fuck! How can you use so many? Can Ann bear it? Xiangyang, are you ** human?

Xiang Xiaoyang: Wronged, I have held back for so long, let me try it for you!

Xiang Yang felt his head hurt even more. He was also worried about Lu Anlan's situation, so he lifted the quilt again with trembling hands and took a look at Lu Anlan. With just one glance, he hastily covered the quilt again.

Ahhhhh! Xiang Xiaoyang, you beast! Why do you take a look and... you go down for me! go down!

Xiang Xiaoyang glared at his elder brother.

Xiang Yang had a splitting headache. When he lifted the quilt for the third time with trembling hands, a hand stretched out from under the quilt, and pressed down the corner of the quilt he lifted.

"What are you doing!" She could feel a bit of cold wind blowing from the bed in winter, not to mention that Xiangyang had blown it three times. Lu Anlan woke up even if she didn't want to wake up.

Hearing the slightly coquettish and complaining voice, Xiang Yang's whole body went numb.

Xiang Yang, who came back to his senses, immediately retracted the quilt obediently and covered it well. By the way, he also tucked the corner of the quilt for Lu Anlan, and said with a guilty conscience: "I, I just want to see how you are An An... I'm sorry, I last night..."

Lu Anlan interrupted him, "Stop talking, I'm tired and want to sleep." After finishing speaking, she fell asleep again with the quilt covering her head.

In fact, the face under the quilt also burst into red.

There was a slight sound from the side, Xiang Yang was pulling the quilt again, Lu Anlan was afraid that he would see her current state, so she said in a muffled voice, "What are you doing?"

"Don't sleep with your hands covered, it's boring." Xiang Yang said cautiously.

Hearing Xiang Yang's voice, Lu Anlan suddenly felt that he was being embarrassed for something now, that he didn't have much time left, and he really didn't have time to be awkward anymore.

He didn't show his head, but approached Xiangyang, hugged him, and rubbed against his hot chest with the sound of his heartbeat, coaxing and coquettishly saying: "Stop talking, sleep with me for a while." .”

The moment Lu Anlan hugged him, Xiang Yang felt his heart was about to burst out of his throat. He opened his mouth and took a few breaths before gently lifting the quilt covering Lu Anlan's head. At that moment, he felt like he was lifting the red hijab.

When seeing the person under the hijab, beauty, happiness, surprises, and sweetness came one after another, filling the entire chest.

Xiang Yang almost had tears in his smile, he stroked Lu Anlan's hot face, hugged him, lay together under the quilt, and said in a trembling voice: "Okay, I will listen to our family's An'an."

Lu Anlan lowered his head, his eyelashes fluttered slightly, and his throat was choked up. He rested his pillow on Xiangyang's arm, closed his eyes and let out an "um".

—This is probably the warmest winter I have ever had.

In the afternoon, Lu Anlan took the initiative to look for Su Fu, and the demon was indeed following him, but he didn't hide from humans, and everyone on the ship could see him. Reluctant to tear it off him.

This made the archangel frown frequently, pulling the demon with a slightly angry face to push him back into the room.

Lu Anlan walked towards them, seeing someone looking this way, he awkwardly called Su Fu "godfather", and then said to You Ning: "My lord, I'm ready."

On the way here, Lu Anlan had already thought it through. He looked at Xiang Yang's happy face and couldn't bear to hurt him any more. He thought, please beg this demon to "return" Lu Anlan to Xiangyang and his parents.

You Ning has played him until now, but no one has noticed the abnormality, and the puppet he made must not be much worse.

No one will find out.

And after he disappears, naturally there will be no more feelings, and all the sorrow and reluctance will disappear with his disappearance in an instant.

It was the best ending he could think of.

You Ning casually said "hmm" twice, and said to him: "Last night, the police have taken the Shen family back, Shu Yu was taken away by Shen Yi's second uncle, and his destination will be a poppy planting village. I don't think it will end well. Are you satisfied with the result? If you are satisfied, remember to give a five-star praise." After finishing speaking, he even winked at Lu Anlan.

Lu Anlan smiled, and said sincerely: "Yes, very good. Thank you."

You Ning nodded: "Okay, it's over, what should you do?"

Lu Anlan's eyes widened in surprise, and she didn't dare to imagine this sentence, so she could only carefully ask in confusion: "What did you say?"

You Ning bent his mouth, leaned on Su Fu lazily and bonelessly, and said: "The soul is different from the body, it will not grow old with time, it is only a few decades, for a perfect dish, I have to wait rise."

"I, I didn't understand..."

You Ning didn't say any more, just pouted behind Lu Anlan, "Hey, someone is here to see you. Oh—Professor?"

As they talked here, more and more eyes gathered on You Ning. Once Su Fu finished speaking, he couldn't bear it anymore, and left with the disobedient little succubus.

When Xiang Yang hurried to Lu Anlan's side, Lu Anlan realized what You Ning had said.

What the devil meant was that he was willing to wait for him for several decades, and after he had lived his entire life, before collecting rewards.

Starting from this life, Lu Anlan finally shed the tears she had endured for a long time.

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