Chapter 27:When The Incubus Enters The World Of Quick Transmigration

Bamboo Horse Tour 27

Xiang Yang went to buy a cake for Lu Anlan, but when he turned around, he found that Lu Anlan was gone.

He was in a hurry to find it, and followed people's gazes to notice the young man beside Fu Yan.

The young man smiled with crooked eyes, and his good looks beat all the stars. He didn't need any deliberate movements to inexplicably attract the attention of others, as if he was the protagonist in a novel with a halo of heartthrob.

Xiang Yang shook off the strange thoughts in his mind, only to notice that his An An was opposite them, talking to that unbelievably beautiful boy.

Secondly, Xiang Yang noticed that the young man and Fu Yan were extremely close, and Xiang Yang, who was also a sweetheart, could see the jealousy of that Boss Fu at a glance.

Xiang Yang understands that kind of eyes that wish only he could see.

As for the scene he saw last night, he believed that there should be a real reason, not what he seemed to be on the surface.

Furthermore, An An spent last night with herself. When they were there, there was no trace on An An's body, and, moreover, it was special...

It made Xiangyang doubt whether this was An An's first time. After all, An An and Shu Yu had been together before.

Of course he didn't dislike him, if there was anything, he would only blame that scumbag Shu Yu, how could he be willing to blame his family, An An. Of course, if not, then Xiang Yang would really laugh out loud.

Xiang Yang, who later learned the truth, really laughed very loudly. After all, there is something about a rival in love, whoever hears it can't help but want to set off firecrackers Lele.

Having said that, when Xiang Yang arrived and found that Lu Anlan was crying, it made him dizzy, and he frantically tried to comfort him for a while.

Asking Lu Anlan why, he just buried his head in front of his chest and shook his head. Xiang Yang had no choice but to accompany him quietly, and when he had cried enough, he opened the cake box and fed it to Lu Anlan spoon by spoon.

Then Lu Anlan took Xiangyang to have dinner with his parents, and when he arrived, he introduced to his parents: "Dad, Mom, this is Xiangyang."

His father was confused and didn't know why: "Yeah, I watched him grow up, what's wrong? I got amnesia when I didn't know it?"

Mother Deer rolled her eyes, elbowed her dull husband, and motioned him to look at the tightly held hands of the two young men.

"..." The old father's face suddenly became quite complicated.

Xiang Yang was so familiar with them that he couldn't pretend to be gentle at all, so he could only smirk and shout after Lu Anlan: "Dad, Mom, I'm An An's boyfriend. No, no, Aunt Jiu, Uncle Lu..."

After finishing speaking, Xiang Yang carefully looked up at Lu Anlan's eyes, and found that Lu Anlan was laughing at him instead of being angry, so he breathed a sigh of relief.

Mother Lu looked at Xiang Yang's small movements, and the disgust in her eyes seemed to turn into reality.

But they watched Xiang Yang grow up, and they knew everything about him, and they all knew his character, so he was generally a good boy.

However, as an elder, you still have to put on a posture and give some pressure appropriately.

So Mama Lu put on a straight face and said, "Do I agree with you shouting that? I want to be with us Xiaoan, but I honestly don't agree!"

Father Lu was about to take down his horse, and when he heard his wife's direct rejection, he took his wife's hand and signaled her not to go too far and hurt the hearts of the children.

"Mom—" Lu Anlan didn't expect his mother to object, and was a little anxious.

Xiang Yang also stared at her aggrievedly: "Aunt Jiu, I will definitely treat An An well, I will listen to whatever he says!"

Mother Lu snorted, and didn't say whether to answer or not. She only picked on his faults: "Look at you, you've been fooling around all day, you're not serious, you just know how to play. Yes, sister Qiu is for you. You have acquired a large fortune, but if you continue to play like this, what will happen when you get old? Don’t say that you have never thought about the future—if you didn’t go with my family’s Xiao’an for the rest of your life, stay away from our family’s Xiao’an now.”

Xiang Yang dreamed of spending the rest of his life with his An An, but the fact that Lu Anlan was with him really made him so happy. After hearing what Lu's mother said, he realized that he couldn't live like this for the rest of his life, and couldn't let An An follow him After suffering, he replied: "Yes, Aunt Jiu is right. I will definitely not just think about playing again in the future. I don't care if I don't go back to the Xiang family, but I don't have an elder to teach...Uncle Lu, you teach Can you teach me how to manage the property?"

It's a good thing for a child to be self-motivated, and Father Lu didn't think about getting off his horse, so he directly agreed: "Okay, come to our company when you start school and have no classes."

Mother Lu glared at him again, and Father Deer murmured softly, "So what was wrong, he glared at me again..."

Mother Lu was angry: "I really don't have any tacit understanding with you..."

Lu Anlan sat with Xiang Yang, watching the daily flirting and scolding of the opposite parents, and felt that there was nothing more beautiful than this.

A month of cruises is over, and early spring is here.

On the day the giant ship docked, Lu Anlan and Xiang Yang stood on the deck together, enjoying the spring breeze and sunshine and the warmth of the people around them.

At that time, the shore was already red and the willows were green in spring, just waiting for the bamboo horses to swim hand in hand.

Later, Lu Anlan successfully graduated from University A, and Xiangyang Investment opened a studio for him. When he got off work and Xiangyang passed by the street, he saw a beggar in ragged clothes. , only the dirt and horrible scars on the face are left, which can scare a child at a glance.

Xiang Yang stopped and touched his body, but there was no change, so he gave him a hundred yuan.

The beggar lowered his head and bowed to them with his knotted hair, and his vocal cords seemed to be damaged, as if he was saying thank you.

Lu Anlan sat in Xiangyang's car and let out a deep breath.

He knew that it was Shu Yu.

When the last member of the group of five was arrested, the police also learned of a big drug lord related to the Shen family through a certain channel. After more than a year, the police finally destroyed their lair and successfully rescued some villagers , including Shu Yu who was tortured out of shape.

When Lu Anlan heard the news, he didn't try to understand Shu Yu's current situation. Now, he just wanted to live his life well.

He often thinks of You Ning. Demons are inherently inferior and like to play tricks on people, but Lu Anlan is still very grateful to him. It was You Ning who took him away from these things and left him a quiet and beautiful life. Life.

If it were him, he really didn't have the confidence to get revenge without implicating anyone.

Xiang Yang snapped his fingers in front of Lu Anlan, "Baby, what are you thinking, so serious?"

Lu Anlan blushed slightly, "How many times have I told you, don't call me that!"

Xiang Yang's head is still smart. After studying with Father Lu for two years, he has already exuded a kind of president's air, and his clothes have also matured. Every time Lu Anlan looked at Xiangyang, who was full of hormones, and heard him calling her "baby", Lu Anlan couldn't help but her heart beat faster.

Of course, when Lu Anlan said it, the CEO immediately became a puppy again, and said wronged: "But you are my darling."

Lu Anlan blushed and looked out of the window, compromised: "Anyway, when I have dinner with Lin Yuanxiaoxia and the others, don't call me that."

Xiang Yang: "Okay, baby."

When he was dragged into that remote village, Shu Yu thought about committing suicide, but the fear of death in his previous life still remained in his heart, he was very afraid, he was afraid of death.

Furthermore, because of that very real dream, he believed that he should be able to wait for rescue and get back on the track of his life.

Later, he did wait for rescue, but he was already useless. He was fed new drugs by those drug dealers, used to test drugs, and was used as a punching bag by those people, who beat him every now and then... There was no good ground on his body.

But it doesn't matter, those ** people are still dead after all. He can go back. Xiang Chaodong does not recognize Xiangyang, he is the only son, as long as he has money, these injuries can be healed. He, he...he still has hope!

But reality and imagination are two different things.

He went to the villa area in his memory, and was directly escorted away by the security guards, without even seeing his face facing east.

Later, he was defeated by hunger and drug addiction, and was forced to beg. In addition, his appearance is quite miserable, and he can still get a lot of money in a day.

He gradually got used to this bad life.

One day, a middle-aged couple passed by, and his wife stopped in front of him and gave him a hundred yuan. Shu Yu was stunned for a long time before bowing his head to take it.

That's his mother. She was holding the arm of a strange man, smiling happily, she didn't recognize him. Because in her memory, Shu Yu would never be in such a mess.

Shu Yu silently put the one hundred yuan into the bottom of the tattered clothes, did not chase after it, and did not intend to use the money.

Later, Shu Yu became addicted to dreaming. Every time he can dream of how he will become all-powerful after getting the Xiang family.

The dream was real, and as the days passed, he began to feel that the dream was his reality and that reality was just a nightmare.

Today he had another nightmare.

He was begging at a certain street corner, and met Lu Anlan and Xiangyang. The two of them were together, Lu Anlan glanced at him, Xiang Yang gave him a hundred, and then they walked side by side away from his sight.

He held the one hundred and looked up at the sky. Because of eye problems, his vision was a little blurred, and everything around him was a little blurred—it really was a dream. He felt a little cold in the dream, is it because winter is coming?

Wear more when you wake up, it's not good to have a cold. He has to go to a certain rich man's reception tomorrow.

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