Chapter 28:When The Incubus Enters The World Of Quick Transmigration

In the name of the father 01

"Jiang Chi, I gave birth to a daughter for you." Said the woman sitting opposite You Ning.

Seeing that You Ning was unmoved, he emphasized again: "I gave birth to a daughter for you, a ** man!"

After she said that, she shivered her shoulders, as if she felt sick when she recalled it.

You Ning finally raised his eyes to look at her, but he didn't have the anger or guilt she imagined, but looked at her mockingly, put his hands and fingers on the table, and said, "You think I will trust you to climb the bed. Didn't know who I was before?"

Zhou Min didn't expect You Ning to speak so bluntly. He froze for a moment, stared and said: "Your parents gave me the medicine, I don't know anything about it!"

You Ning sneered: "Really? Then why did you agree to get married later? Why didn't you call the police? It wasn't because you gave me the medicine for the purpose of marrying me?"

Zhou Min quickly searched for rebuttals in his mind, but he was interrupted by You Ning just as he opened his mouth.

"After marriage, post pictures and show off your wealth in the circle of friends. Is this your compulsion?" You Ning didn't save her any face, "Don't use Yingying as an excuse, I've been discussing divorce with you until now, you mentioned her custody right There was one and only one time, and the reason why you haven’t signed it is because the alimony I gave you didn’t reach the figure you expected. Am I right.”

Zhou Min was dumbfounded, she didn't understand why Jiang Chi, who could not talk to her more than three sentences a day before, was so flirtatious today! Did he take the wrong medicine?

You Ning continued to count her evil deeds: "You cheated first, and you are the wrong party in the marriage. If I sue..." When he said this, he raised the corner of his mouth coldly at the woman, "You may not get any money arrive."

Zhou Min racked his brains, and finally choked out a sentence: "If it weren't for you, I would need to find another man?"

"But you asked for it." The question turned around and came back, You Ning pushed the divorce agreement in duplicate on the table in front of her, with a commanding tone, "Sign it, don't make me repeat the first Three times."

Zhou Min looked at You Ning's cold, almost heartless face, then at the amount of alimony on the divorce agreement, picked up the pen and put it down again, and checked each word of the agreement one by one. After a long while, she found one of them, and did The finger with manicure was on the line: "What do you mean? I don't even have the right to visit Yingying?"

Speaking of this, Jiang Chi in his body took a step ahead of You Ning, stared at the woman in front of him coldly, and said a few words full of murderous intent: "You are not worthy."

"..." Biological instinct made Zhou Min aware of the danger of this man, her aura instantly weakened, she didn't dare to catch any flaws, signed the agreement swiftly, and finally stuffed the thin piece of paper into her bag indiscriminately , and left the office quickly.

After the woman left, the man who was dangerously and coldly restrained in an instant, he leaned lazily on the back of the chair, his already bright face became more and more soul-stirring because of his expression.

You Ning raised his legs, put his heels on the floor, turned the chair lightly to play, and said to Jiang Chi, "It's rare, finally willing to say something."

However, the human soul in the body returned to its original tranquility, as if it didn't exist at all.

You Ning curled his lips, feeling bored, he picked up a book and read it casually. The title of the book is "In the Name of the Father".

After the previous transaction was completed, You Ning did not go back, but spent a while with Su Fulang in Lu Anlan's world, and after feeling that there was no novelty, he went to the second trader's world.

This world is very interesting, it is a novel written by an author, the name is "In the Name of the Father" \- this is the book that You Ning is reading now.

However, the title of the book has been modified. Its original name was "Silver Wolf". It is a suspenseful criminal investigation novel.

But later, the author was hit hard by the reality, and frantically changed the text, setting, protagonist, and plot, changing what was originally a good and upright criminal investigation novel into a satirical novel full of unrighteous views and negative energy. .

The author died not long after the novel was completed. He also didn't know that another complete world would be generated because of the novels in which he poured too much emotion and emotion.

"Silver Wolf?" You Ning turned the pages of the book and said to Jiang Chi, "Is this your previous code name?"

Jiang Chi still didn't respond, and You Ning was very bored. He wanted to find someone very much right now, but for some reason, he couldn't remember who that person was, and he didn't know why he wanted to find someone so much.

"Strange..." Jiang Chi ignored him, and he said to himself, "My memory was sealed? Why? Who did it?"

You Ning called his cat and stroked it twice to calm down. The cat who has been pretending to be a cold AI is very docile today, and even jumped into his arms actively, with a look of "please ** it up"-although this is the normal way for his cat to open it.

Su Fu, who was disguised as a black cat, stretched out his tongue and licked the back of You Ning's hand, well, I haven't seen you for a few days, and I miss this little succubus a bit.

During the previous transaction, Su Fu made an appointment for the next transaction to seal each other's memories and play a love game with the little succubus. can see it from the black cat's clear eyes—he cheated!

In the last world, because of the direct contract between the monster and its owner, Su Fu couldn’t play tricks directly, and he was afraid of being discovered by You Ning at the beginning. After all, the personalities of the archangel and this clingy cat are very different. So it must be left to show off its cuteness occasionally to win trust.

And at the same time copy the bond between the cat and its demon, just like a piece of binding data. After copying it, he will directly pretend to be a black cat and accompany You Ning. The original version is useless and can be thrown back.

The cat that was kicked away was stunned: No, boss, didn't we agree to introduce someone to me, and then I'll borrow your body for you? ? ?

The innocent kitten burst into tears online: Master, you have to be careful! This old angel seemed to have premeditated it!


Rubbing cats is really easy to calm people's minds. You Ning no longer thinks about his suspected amnesia problem, but continues to pet cats with one hand and continue to read the book with the other.

The black cat archangel looked at You Ning's perfect jawline, then at the book in front of him, jumped onto the table, and brought out a piece of soft and fragrant cake and a cup of hot sweet milk tea for You Ning.

You Ning let out a "huh", stretched out his hand and kneaded the black cat's round face, and sighed: "It's really right to keep a cat."

The black cat shook its ears, and gave a "meow" to You Ning. If it weren't for his black hair, You Ning would have smiled evilly at his reddish ear tips.

It's a pity that Yuning couldn't see it.

After he finished kneading, he continued to read. In the book, after Jiang Chi, code-named Silver Wolf, retired from the army, he returned home and inherited the family business. He actually has a younger brother. The original plan of the family was that the younger brother would inherit the family business, and he would continue to serve the country.

But the younger brother was found to be * by his family and insisted on being with his own * man, so his stubborn father broke a leg with his own hands. The younger brother did not sue his father, but eloped with his lover with a disabled leg.

Jiang Chi was shocked when he heard the news. His father was also a soldier before, but he had a strong desire to control, was stubborn, and old- fashioned. His family was his home. Their family only felt like a home when his father was away, and it seemed like a prison at other times.

It was also because of this that Jiang Chi entered the military camp early.

Another reason for his shock is that his younger brother is also ** like him.

At this point in the beginning of the book, in the author's original world, readers have already scolded the world.

—WTF? The male protagonist, it doesn’t matter if you don’t write about the female protagonist without CP, what the * is being gay? What the * is my younger brother also a base? ! Dad is still so stubborn and rude?

—Look at the yarn! Full of fire! I'm afraid the author has a brain hole!

The plot develops even more outrageous later. Jiang Chi, who inherited the family property and served as the president, was discovered by his father because of his delay in falling in love.

But the son has already abolished one, and this one can't be abolished, so the father came to make a show. He stuffed the marriage partner he had chosen for his son into his son's room, and said that if it didn't work, he would drug him.

Seeing this, readers have already waved their fists and said goodbye.

—cnm, this is the first time I see a male protagonist who is so qjed, an idiot author of a novel!

- I rely on! Too many disgusting! A ** guy who was forced to sleep with a woman... I can't stand it anymore.

Later, the woman became pregnant. Jiang Chi married her, the marital status was extremely poor, and the family relationship was naturally extremely poor.

As time passed day by day, the daughter grew up, because of her cuteness and vivaciousness, and Jiang Chi's love for her daughter was revealed between the lines, the readers felt less resentment, and began to hope that the author would write seriously and stop torturing Jiang Chi. pool up.

But the author only used the facts to show that how sweet and obedient her daughter was, it was all for the purpose of turning Jiang Chi, a good young man, into a sinner.

After marriage, his wife cheated, and the two divorced, but Jiang Chi cared too much about his daughter, and he didn't want to let his mother's love leave unbearable traces in his young daughter's heart. He didn't tell his daughter the truth, and let his ex-wife visit her occasionally , Give her a not too bad childhood.

It's a pity that later, the daughter went to the house of her ex-wife's current boyfriend, and the daughter was given by that man... After the ex-wife found out, she didn't dare to avenge her daughter, and even concealed it from Jiang Chi, deceiving Jiang Chi's daughter to play with them for a few more days.

Jiang Chi wasn't suspicious at first, but after he didn't receive his daughter's scheduled call that night, he felt something was wrong. He was worried and booked a plane ticket overnight.

But when he arrived, there was only the body of his daughter whose internal organs had been hollowed out. The ex-wife had already been silenced, and her boyfriend ran away with the money.

Jiang Chi watched over his daughter's body all night in the morgue that day.

One night later, the former silver wolf was gone, replaced by a frightening murderous "judge".

Although he killed those scum who molested children, or abducted and trafficked children, but because of his extremely brutal methods and demonstrative nature, he uploaded the killing video and released it to the whole Internet, which made the people extremely panic.

At this time, the protagonists in the novel finally appeared. They took over this extremely difficult case and launched a hunt for Jiang Chi.

But because of Jiang Chi's previous medals and military achievements, no one doubted him.

It wasn't until Jiang Chi found the ex-wife boyfriend who was hiding and killed him with his own hands that he was suspected by the protagonists.

The two protagonists written by the author are also very fascinating. One is Jiang Chi's former teammate in the army, and the other is a weak chicken who only relies on golden fingers to judge cases, always hides behind his colleagues for protection but is called a detective.

Later, when readers of the book saw the protagonist appearing on the stage, they began to suspect that the author was satirizing some office workers who did not do practical things. But the scolding continued, mainly because Jiang Chi's former teammate had a righteous and passionate heart, but he was always led by the nose by that weak chicken with golden fingers, as if he was a blind mentally retarded.

At the end of the story, Jiang Chi, who had killed hundreds of people, finally came to his daughter's grave after many battles between the two parties. clearly stated and relevant evidence provided.

The crimes of everyone who had killed him, besides his own, were listed. But when he started and was hunted down, he never implicated any innocent people, and even saved hundreds of trafficked children.

But these are not reasons to cover up his crimes, and he has never been what people call a "judge". His killings are based on hatred, and there is no so- called fairness.

Everyone knew he was a murderer, but what they didn't know was that he was actually just a father.

In the end, he swallowed a gun and committed suicide in front of his daughter's grave in front of the two protagonists.

——If there is an afterlife, I am willing to use my life in exchange for Yingying's safe growth and a safe life.

The author has something to say:

Let me tell you here, I didn't clean up the original owner, and I didn't instill the correct concept of killing only guilty people. (please don't barge)

He knew very well that he was committing a crime and was wrong. He obviously collected criminal evidence, but chose to do it himself instead of handing it over to the police because his mentality had been distorted, and it was his bottom line not to harm innocent people.

His ideals, future, family affection and love are all gone. He lives only to avenge his daughter.

But if he had to do it all over again, he would definitely not choose this way.

So the purpose of his deal with the mention was different from that of Lu Anlan, it was not for revenge, but for peace.

As for why the author of that book wrote it like that, the students probably guessed it, and it will be explained later.

ps: The title of the novel is written casually, so don’t really compare it with a book with the same title.

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