Chapter 2:When the Juggernaut Comes To the Second Dimension

Chapter 2:

(PS: Since many people questioned that Yong Ye was the sword saint who used a knife, so I will explain it here.

The scope of the sword in Chinese culture is different from that of other cultures. Except for modern China, including ancient China, there is no distinction between swords and swords in other countries, and the sword is also defined as a kind of sword.

Just like the actual translation of saber (sword knight) should be: saber, saber. It is not an accurate sword, but a sword. The same sword is just a sword, a knife, and a blade is just a blade, a sword, etc. There is no specific sword in English. )

PS2: Regarding the issue of Kabane cutting the head to death, I don’t know about this issue for the time being. The original text didn’t say it, but it’s not wrong to cut the head to completely lose the ability to move. The first and second episodes of the anime have no name. The picture of beheading Kabane, the beheaded Kabane completely lost the ability to move, the light of the eyes dimmed, and both the head and the body lost activity.

Therefore, being beheaded is no different from being dead.

Don't apply it to other author's second design and Baidu Encyclopedia. You don't know the content edited by that person. If you don't have a detailed description, or you can't find the place to set it, please follow our setting. Kabane is not the ** of war. Xingtian, therefore, we believe that beheading is equal to death.

In addition, regarding the rationality of beheading Kabane by ordinary people, normal warriors only need to overcome their fear to defeat Kabane who is strong but slow in melee combat.

For example, in the fourth episode, Jiuzhi Laiqi, the guard of Sifang Chuanchangpu, finally picked up an ordinary knife to melee with Kabane, cut several Kabane like vegetables, and also beheaded Kabane, but in the end because of the needs of the plot , stabbed the thief in the heart and broke the knife, causing himself to be stabbed by the thief. )

Chapter 2 The fleeting time

After completing the mission patrol, Yong Ye went to Masuda Toshiki. He had a hunch that this Xuyi would repeat the mistakes of the previous one soon. For his own life, he had to obtain something that could survive. Like... swordplay?

This broken system can't help much for the time being, so Yong Ye can only rely on himself. Fortunately, Yong Ye and this uncle are divided into a group.

So he had the cheek to ask Masuda Toshiki, who should be able to use a sword as a samurai, to teach him how to use a sword.

"You... don't know how to use a sword??"

Masuda Toshiki looked at Yong Ye with a surprised look on his face. He had no idea that the young man who had dared to raise a sword and cut off Kabane's head with a single sword could not use a sword.

"...not at all..."


Masuda Toshiki fell into silence and then couldn't believe it. He pointed to the gun in his hand, and asked Yong Ye a question tentatively, "Are you sure, are you going to use the sword instead of this to deal with Kabane?"

"This thing can't kill Kabane, can it?"

Glancing at the gun in Masuda Toshiki's hand, Yong Ye couldn't help shaking his head. He had seen the steam gun fire and hit, but couldn't kill Kabane at all, and he deeply doubted its performance.

In addition, since the inheritance belongs to the Juggernaut, although there are some problems with the inheritance, it is also the so-called golden finger and reliance, so it is better to believe in the sword in the hand?

At least, compared to the steam gun that can only repel Kabane, the samurai sword that can kill the enemy is better, especially the inexplicable state last time.

"Since you have decided, let me teach you!"

Seeing that Yong Ye wanted to fight with a samurai sword, Masuda Toshiki couldn't help feeling overjoyed. His own genre finally didn't have to be destroyed in his own hands. You must know that most of the people these days are fighting with Kabane with guns! The opportunity to use the sword is getting fewer and fewer, and not many people dare to fight it in close combat.

Masuda Toshiki patted Yong Ye on the shoulder hard, showing off his identity to Yong Ye.

"I'm a direct disciple of Shinto-style! Follow me and make sure you become a master of Kendo!"

For this obviously ostentatious tone, Yong Ye just silently glanced at the knife on his waist that he had never seen drawn before. Even when he dealt with Kabane last time, Masuda Toshiki was just using a gun. 80% of the name of the second middle school was made up by Masuda Toshiki himself?

"Cough, cough..." Masuda Junshu also found Yong Ye looking at the knife on his waist, coughed a few times in embarrassment, and then said helplessly, "This is true, I am really a descendant of Shinto, only But the courage needed to go up to melee with Kabane is too much, and I am really powerless."

"I can't be like you...I can be careless...I still have a wife and children...I can't die yet, so I hope that you, who have the courage I don't have, can inherit the Shinto flow, or in other words, only like you Is the talent suitable for kendo?"


This word made Yong Ye bow his head and smile bitterly. He just wanted to enhance his ability to protect himself. After all, the situation in this world proved to be dangerous. If Kabane broke the city again, would he have to rely on the steam gun to... escape?

...use something that doesn't kill the other party, so he can only run away, but he doesn't like running away.

What is necessary to survive is not to hide for self-preservation, but to have the strength to fight head-on.

This may be the hidden character of Yong Ye, or it may be the subconscious influence brought by the Juggernaut system, but it is not important, at least this time, Yong Ye will not think about such extravagant things, as long as it is a good thing, it will just become more Being braver before doesn't seem like a big deal.

After that, Yong Ye began to accept Masuda Toshiki's Shinto-style kendo practice. The original intention was not to kill the enemy, but to increase his ability to protect himself in this chaotic world.

Unfortunately, it didn't take long for Xuyi to be destroyed by Kabane again, and then, in half a year, he changed three waves of leaders.

Masuda Toshiki also died at the last station a month ago. Before his death, he had already handed over all the tricks of the Shinto-style to Yongye. Although not all of them could be used, he might have used the inexplicable bond with the sword brought about by the system. , he has already become a kendo master who surpassed Masuda Toshiki, a samurai who does not use swords.

With his superb swordsmanship, during these three escapes, he killed more than 120 Kabane, and his level rose to level 2. The upgrade brought subtle physical strengthening, making Yongye's body gradually surpass that of ordinary people. When it was dangerous, he was forced to deal with two Kabanes and dozens of Kabanes by himself.

It's a pity that the requirement of thousands of levels at the third level is really difficult, and the Juggernaut's skills so far only have the ability of a fatal blow, which has disappointed Yongye for a long time, who thought that the new ability would appear at the second level.

Moreover, this skill is only knowledge, and he needs to comprehend and practice it himself. There is no legendary divine light from heaven, so that he can use this skill perfectly in an instant...

This time, Yong Ye once again took a county seat, the county seat named Jia Tiecheng. The county town was full of weeping civilians and panicked warriors.

Jia Tiecheng's goal is where Yongye doesn't care, anyway, it must be a new fortress, and he is used to living with the flow.

"Human adaptability is terrifying..."

Yong Ye looked at the samurai sword in his hand, which he picked up from the corpse, and couldn't help sighing softly.

Just in the middle of the night, when he was about to rest, the radio in the Iron City issued a warning.

"I'm going to pass through the abandoned station, please prepare for a collision!"

Not long after the alarm, Yong Ye in the carriage felt a series of vibrations, and then came the shouts of samurai from outside.

"Lord Yongye, the Iron Fortress encountered Kabane! Please join the support as soon as possible!"

A samurai with a steam gun walked out of Yongye's single room, and shouted in a panic to the katana sword sitting on the chair.

Oh, I forgot to mention that, because of the relationship between strength and record, Yongye is different from the public. It has its own single room. Well, if you have strength, you have privileges. This is unchanged.

Especially now that this is a place that is on the verge of doomsday.

...the end of the world, it's really annoying...

Chapter 3 Cruelty necessary for survival

Yong Ye glanced at the steam gun in the hand of the person who came, and couldn't help frowning, but he didn't say anything. After all, those who had the courage to melee Kabane were only a minority.

Without the blessing of the mysterious state, even he dared to go to melee after a period of adaptation.

However, in fact, it is not for survival. After all, the steam gun is unreliable, and the only thing you can rely on is the samurai sword in your hand.

They followed the people to the worst-attacked carriage, where the samurai used steam guns to attack Kabane, who was lying on the outside of the train.

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