Chapter 34:When the Juggernaut Comes To the Second Dimension

Chapter 34:

Not long after Wuming sensed Kabane's approach with the help of Kabaneri's ability, Yong Ye also heard a lot of subtle abnormal sounds behind him.

In the tunnel that I passed by before, a large number of golden and crimson light spots have appeared at this moment, the dense footsteps stumbled and the weird whimper that Kabane often made, the two superimposed and echoed in the dim tunnel with only faint lights. It makes people shudder.

Rough estimation and speculation through sound, a large number of Kabane have appeared in this tunnel now, and it is likely that a large number of Kabane are pouring into the channel deeper.

And his speculation was soon confirmed by nameless.

"...There are too many, not just in front of you, there are at least hundreds of Kabane behind... In a place like this where there is nowhere to escape... Definitely dead..."

"No, this tunnel is so wide that there are more than enough for fifteen people in parallel. Kabane's formation is loose. If the tunnel is not very long, my luck is not very bad. In theory, one person can still break through the encirclement."

"...Really?...That's also..."

Listening to Yong Ye's words, Wuming quickly understood the potential meaning of his words, being alone, that is to say, leaving her as a burden...

Although intellectually I can understand this kind of behavior of abandoning myself to survive alone, but emotionally it is still somewhat unacceptable, but even so...

"...You are very strong, there is no need to be like me, who can't even move...the weak guy is with...waiting to die..."

Knowing that she was about to be abandoned, she covered her face with her hands again, not wanting Yong Ye to see her expression, but her voice was clearly choked up.

Biting her lip tightly, she didn't want to let herself cry, she didn't want to lose her last dignity, so instead of begging, she chose to accept, even though she didn't actually want to die...

"...Really, I said, if you don't want to die, just say no. Every day the strong will give birth to the weak and the weak will die. Although I also think that is correct, you finally think that you are You are weak, but you don’t actually want to die, don’t you?”

Taking advantage of Kabane's slowness and still some distance from him, Yong Ye squatted on the ground and reached out to grab Wuming's hand covering his eyes, raised her hand, and looked at the girl's dirty face, He could clearly see the tears running down his cheeks.

He knew that unlike himself, although Wuming was obviously brainwashed by the theory that the strong gave birth to the weak and the weak died, this child was only a child after all, and he was still vulnerable under such circumstances.

"You, you bastard! What are you doing?"

She was seen crying because she was abandoned, and the angry girl's face froze as if she was going to eat people, and she glared fiercely at the man who had no gentlemanly manner.

"Actually, I just want to say that if you can be frank and say your true thoughts, it's not that I can't protect you. Don't be so negative."

"I don't want to! I'm even before I die, and you still want to play with me?!"

"No, I'm serious, didn't I say it? I'm a kind uncle with depth and connotation. It's okay to trust me a little bit."

"In an environment like this, plus a burden like me, how can I escape?!"

"Well, it's really cumbersome."

"Yeah! I'm a burden! You bastard!! If you want to run away, run away! What are you wasting time on me for?! I can't do it anymore?"

Infuriated by Yong Ye's unexpected honesty, the girl had an urge to die with him, but... that was just an impulse. Basically, she already understood the meaning of the person in front of her. As long as she spoke, the guy in front of her might really be able to do it. stay.

But...what's the point of staying? It's just one more person to die... So her choice is still the same as before—to accept death.

"Are you serious? Do you really want to die?"

Cabanne was very close, and there was only about thirty meters left.

"...Yeah, I'm the weak, so the weak have nothing but death..."

"Well, the survival of the fittest is a very correct view in this world."

"Give me a knife, aren't you the best at filling people? I don't want to become Cabanne..."

Turning her face away, the girl closed her eyes again, letting the tears in her eyes flow down, as if she was deliberately trying to anger Yong Ye, she closed her eyes and waited for death, looking for a break.

Chapter 42 The weak can't even choose how to die

"No... don't rush to die, I haven't finished speaking yet."

Regarding Wuming's words and actions at the moment, he shook his head indifferently, and Yong Ye said lightly.

"Although I agree with what you said, you must know that the weak cannot even choose how to die, and if they are weak, even the power of death is in the hands of the strong."

"...What?! Don't even let me die?!"

"Personally, I am very optimistic about your potential. I feel that you are also a good child. If possible, I hope you can live."

"It makes no sense at all..."

"Isn't it agreed last time? You can usually solve it. When you are too tired to fall asleep, I will protect you from the attacks of humans and Kabane."

The distance between Kabane was less than ten meters, Yong Ye also got up and faced the group of Kabane again, holding the scabbard with his left hand, and the handle of the knife with his right hand, ready to draw the knife.

"You... are you planning to abide by the agreement?"

"Although this transaction is a loss, I personally feel that I still respect the agreement I recognized."

"...There are too many... Give it up, you are human... If you accidentally bite, you will become Kabane...!"

At this moment, Wuming doesn't know what to do anymore, her body can't move, her weapons are lost, she deeply feels that she can't do anything.

"Give up? It's not really desperate now, and it's not that there is no hope if you fight, so I'm going to give it a try."

"...Why do we have to do this... We have only known each other for ten days!"

"That's right, why would I do this?"

Hearing the incomprehensible question of the girl behind him, Yong Ye pondered for a moment, shook his head, and said helplessly.

"Didn't you say it? I like you very much, so there is no way I can ignore you. Hmm... Although there are some deeper reasons, but you should be like this."


"You think too much, how is it possible."

Faced with this misunderstanding, Yong Ye decisively denied it.

"Although I am still not strong enough, no matter how weak I am, I believe I will not fail here."

After that, without saying anything to Wuming, he took a step forward and looked around in a circle.

Even though there were a lot of Kabane in front of him, he still rushed forward without hesitation, and drew out the long knife with a cold killing intent around his waist.

A white light pierced through the sky, cut through the space with frightening sharpness, easily chopped off the heads of two Kabane, stepped forward, Yong Ye rushed in front of Kabane again, and knocked the samurai away. The knife was raised horizontally and then chopped down, and another Kabane fell.

Without stopping, he seemed to be riding the wind and rushed towards the Kabane group. Before the first Kabane could react, he slashed the three Kabane gathered together. Before the flower splashed, he turned his eyes to the side again, and swung the sword with both hands indiscriminately, but it was not Kabane, a skill thief. The slashes form a horizontal line.

In an instant, the severed head flew lightly into the distance, and blood poured out from his neck like a fountain. Kabane, who was cut in the waist, also began to separate from his body. .

Yong Ye, with his powerful individual strength, launched a ** slaughter against the ignorant and fearless Kabane.

But then there was another group of Kabane who were unaware of their fear. He didn't have the slightest rest. He only continued the slaughter that he was best at in this world, cutting his arms from his shoulders without mercy, and then backhanding. With one swing, the blade hits the body, and the opponent's upper and lower body are separated from the waist.

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