Chapter 35:When the Juggernaut Comes To the Second Dimension

Chapter 35:

Although the front part of Kabane was almost wiped out soon, the crimson light spots that kept adding to the team during the continuous movement of Yongye continued to come up. , collide with it.

When Kabane behind him tried to grab him, Yong Ye took a roundabout kick and kicked ** Kabane's body who was trying to attack from behind.

A dull sound like an explosion sounded in the tunnel, and Kabane, who was kicked and hit the wall, had all his internal organs except his heart broken.

This level of injury is absolutely fatal to ordinary people, but to Kabane... the internal organs are useless, and this is not harmful at all.

Knowing this very well, Yong Ye grabbed Kabane on the ground and jumped out before he got up, and stepped on Kabane's head directly, causing it to explode, and quickly turned sideways to avoid the thieves. The Blade of the Technician.

Even if he was surrounded by a small number of enemies, but with his overwhelming power, he could still continue to slaughter these dead and resurrected monsters one by one. On the surface, this move is as easy as usual. .

The blood is splashing, the skull is blasting, the internal organs and brains are flying in the sky, and the nameless can only lie on the ground, forgetting the pain for a while, staring blankly at the best embodiment of violence, this is an understatement Like a scene of slaughtering monsters, his mouth opened slightly, but no sound was heard.

The chilling murderous aura emanating from Yong Ye’s body made people shudder. He slaughtered Kabane, who didn’t know his life or death, with astonishing momentum.

However, even if this is the case... even if these Kabane are not strong individually, and can even be called weak for him, but ah... powerful, he can't compete with this seemingly endless opponent for too long.

Regardless of his fierce offensive in the early stage, Kabane, who was fighting like a broken bamboo, has no power to fight back, but as time goes by, his physical strength will gradually become exhausted. The most important thing is that with just one negligence, he may be in this corpse. In the group, Kabane seized the opportunity to take a bite, as long as one bite is equivalent to the end.

"Quantity, what a terrible weapon..."

Yong Ye held a single blade in both hands, and took a step back vigilantly, calmly and slowly, constantly adjusting his breathing that gradually became more and more intense.

In fact, not everything he said to Wuming was the truth, because even if he left Wuming and kept killing him in the depths of the tunnel, it would not make much sense, and the probability of survival would not be higher than it is now. high.

Chapter 43 There is nothing to give up

If you want to say why the survival probability of abandoning the nameless is not higher than not throwing it now, there are four reasons...

First, he doesn't know the road here. Who knows how many forks there are and how to get there?

Second, he couldn't be sure if there would be more Kabane waiting for him in the depths of the passage, or wouldn't it be worse if he entered the wrong road and encountered more Kabane in the dead end?

Third, it doesn't really make any difference whether he protects Wuming or not, because his blood seems to be very fragrant to Kabane, and usually he can't see anything abnormal, but now he's bleeding out, these Kabbahs All of them just rushed at him, treating him as a rare delicacy and ignoring the nameless reason on the ground.

Fourth, now at the outermost periphery of this landslide, it is only necessary to persevere and wait for Wuming to get up again, and it is not impossible for them to dig here by themselves. Of course... at this time, we can only pray that the soil layer of the landslide is not very thick, and if it is bad, just hold on here, wait for Wuming to get up, and then go to the depths to search for the road together, two people will be better than one person anyway.

Therefore, it is naturally better to protect Wuming first, and when Wuming recovers, let her be his help, whether it is digging a landslide or searching for a road, it is very good.

Although... the number of Kabane is really a headache for him, but there is no better choice at present.

Maybe this is his last battle, not necessarily.

In the face of the countless Kabane that appeared in an endless stream, Yong Ye, who was constantly exhausting his physical strength, couldn't help but think so.

The battle continued to simmer.

Although Kabane's corpses were piled up like mountains, they did cause Yong Ye to be seriously injured.

On Yong Ye's clothes that were covered with splashed blood, blood from his own body gradually appeared.

However, although there are scars, it is fortunate that these are knife marks rather than bite marks, which were made by the dagger thief disguised as Kabane and scratched on his chest when he was not ready.

Of course, it should have been stabbed in, but Yong Ye's response was not slow. When the dagger stabbed him, he cut off Na Kabane's hand.

If Yong Ye had an overwhelming dominant position in this battle before, then now, as the current situation gradually deteriorates, the two sides have become evenly matched.

But in this battle, the scene of flying flesh and blood inexplicably made Yong Ye feel happy, the unbridled use of force, and the slaughter of life made him feel more indulgent than ever before.

Although his reason told him that now is not the time to do this, he should deal with Kabane in a quicker, easier and less laborious way, but the unconscious fighting consciousness guided by the large number of dreams is unknowingly affect him...

- More blood to shed! Kill more lives! Make more deaths!

Affected by the unconscious, he became more focused on attack than usual and despised defense, resulting in neglect of defense.


Wuming looked at Yong Ye, who was slaughtering blood in close combat, with a complicated expression. She didn't know what to do, no matter what she did or what she said, she didn't know what to do, because she couldn't do anything.

But she, who has always been staring at Yongye, understands that the situation has changed now.

Kabane, who was beaten to the point of being helpless in the early days, was not a vegetarian either. Their biggest advantage was not quality but quantity.

After recovering from the slaughter, Kabane gradually unconsciously formed an encirclement from all directions, besieging Yong Ye, who was constantly wielding a sharp blade and bloodthirsty at the center. With each attack of Yong Ye, the number of corpses continued to increase.

But on the other hand, the thieves who used various weapons and mastered fighting skills and swordsmanship were also inflicting wounds little by little.

Under the attack of swords and claws, the black robe was cut countless times, and the skin tissue under the clothes was also engraved with long scars.

His body was covered with the enemy's blood, minced meat, and brains, and the dried blood was covered with fresh blood.

Yong Ye was full of frantic aura. Facing Kabane who was pressing step by step, he continued to wave the blade without any confusion, making the blade pierce the air and make a tearing sound while moving at a high speed. Crafting produces a large number of blood flowers and corpses.

At this moment, the number of Kabane in front of him seems to be the same as at the beginning, and he has not seen any reduction, but he has actually killed at least more than one hundred Kabane.

And the rest of Kabane killed more than he killed, and even more than at the beginning. Yong Ye, who had regained his senses under the effect of pain, knew very well that continuing this behavior would definitely be a dead end. .

Before he had high hopes for a thousand soul upgrades, he was still short of twenty-six standard units of souls, and just as he was going to fight hard to kill twenty-six Kabane, he was here for himself. When creating a way of life in a desperate situation, he found that among the Kabane in front of him, there were three Kabane who were obviously thieves.

Under normal circumstances, he would naturally not fear the enemy, but now... it is very difficult, especially with a large number of Kabane beside those Kabane.

He smiled miserably, but he didn't flinch.

Because of this situation, no matter whether you advance or retreat, you will die, and the only option you can choose is to fight to the death.

Anyway, no matter what the result is, even death is not unacceptable to him, so let's give it a try.

He didn't think he was superior, and he didn't think he had any reason not to die.

After all, he knew very well that, unlike most people with family members, even if he died, no one would grieve or cry because of him.

Likewise, he couldn't think of anything that he couldn't give up.

So even if he dies, he has nothing to worry about, and nothing to regret. At most, he probably just hasn't lived enough, and hasn't found an insignificant reason such as the meaning of survival, right?

Chapter forty-four is still a little unwilling

After wiping the blood on his face, he made up his mind to live towards death, and Yong Ye, who did not shy away from death, stepped forward and fought with the three thieves who were holding a spear, a pair of swords, and a single sword.

The swords were intertwined, the swords and the eaves clashed, and the sparks danced wildly. The three skill thieves showed an amazing tacit understanding, which was much more difficult to deal with than Yongye expected.

The thieves of the second sword style have a very fast attack speed. The continuous double swords are swung in an airtight manner, and they constantly launch fast attacks, while the single sword thieves like Yongye have both offense and defense. At the same time, they also protect the double sword A thief of knives and spears.

Skill thieves who use long spears are the most insidious. Behind the two skill thieves, from time to time, they suddenly take advantage of the length of their weapons to attack Yongye.

"Damn...Did these three thieves cooperate with each other during their lifetimes?"

Three-on-one, no... not just three-on-one, behind the three Kabane, and beside Yong Ye, there are a large number of Kabane to help him out, the situation is extremely unfavorable.

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