Chapter 36:When the Juggernaut Comes To the Second Dimension

Chapter 36:

"…It can only be this way."

He stomped his foot fiercely and quickly retreated, twisting the sheath to the back and left, alerting the movements of the thief and Kabane, and quickly retracting the knife into the sheath between the electric light and flint.


It can be heard that the heart made a high-pitched agitation due to the massive consumption of physical energy and the loss of blood. When Kabane and the skill thief gradually got closer, his eyes froze, and when he stepped forward to attack, he suddenly unsheathed. The blade was blessed with the power of a fatal blow, preempting the opponent's weapon before it reached the body, inspiring a slash that broke the air, and with a huge momentum from left to right, the two thieves were connected with the sword, and they were cut in two.

Not only the two thieves, but even the five Kabane in the back row, under this blow, turned into two pieces, and fell down like harvested wheat.

However, Yong Ye didn't stop there. He listened to the sound of his heart, which was more intense after the fatal blow, almost burst out violently. A skill thief who uses a spear to sneak attack.

The long knife he held high wanted to slash it in half with an amazing momentum from top to bottom, but... the speed of the skill thief, who had been accumulating energy for a long time, was faster than the exhausted one.

With a little coldness, the spear penetrated his body without hindrance.

The spear tip emitting a cold light pierced through his chest, penetrating his body with a blood mist, and a red spear tip covered with blood emerged from his back.

Even if he avoided it in time, it was not his heart that had been penetrated, but the left lung of his chest was undoubtedly penetrated.

In this day and age, injuries of this magnitude are absolutely doomed.

The figure paused unnaturally, breathing became difficult, blood gushing out of his mouth, and his sense of smell was completely occupied by the smell of blood.

" die...I want to...pull you up..."

Slashing the blade on the barrel of the gun to cut it off, Yong Ye, who had difficulty breathing, took the small half of the spear stuck on his body, and stabbed the long knife into the heart of the thief who had lost his weapon, as if it had penetrated itself. The same, pierced his body with this samurai sword.

However, this is not the end, there are still a lot of Kabane around, and he, who has tinnitus, seems to vaguely hear the screams of the girl behind him.

But now it seems that it is not the time to care about these things. His physical condition is very bad and his physique is getting weaker and weaker, and his breathing is getting more and more difficult. It seems that he will die soon.

It's true that a normal person will not be able to get through this kind of penetration, but Yongye's physique is much better than a normal person's. Even if his breathing becomes difficult, he can still fight reluctantly.

Although it seemed that it was time to give up, but... he didn't want to become Kabane, so he dragged his severely injured body and continued to fight despite the severe pain in his chest.

As the battlefield passed, Yong Ye gradually disappeared at the corner of the tunnel.

At the original location, the girl lying on the ground raised her head hard, looked at his back, shook her head forcefully, and cried out something that Yong Ye couldn't hear.

The facts in front of her made her unbelievable. She had clearly suspected that person, suspected that he was a ruthless and ruthless executioner who could kill his companions.

Although this impression gradually changed in the process of getting along, she still couldn't understand why the other party had to do this for herself?

The girl felt despair at the fact that she could only be protected by others. When the tip of the gun penetrated Yong Ye's body and looked at the trembling back, she felt a tearing pain in the depths of her chest.

Regret or despair? Now she can't figure it out at all.

At this moment, she was crying like a helpless child...

She got to know herself again...she's not strong...

The sound of fighting continued, and the girl quietly waited for death to come.

Originally, it should be like that.

However, with a loud crash in the distance, everything returned to an eerie calm.


"Cough, cough...Sh, damn...that's it going to end like this...?"

Blood poured into the trachea, and some couldn't stand the feeling of drowning, and Yong Ye couldn't help but start coughing.

While coughing up a lot of blood, he also knelt on the ground and couldn't stand up again. He spoke like a leaking bellows, and his vision was pitch black due to excessive blood loss.

The loud noise and collapse that Wuming had heard before was precisely the result of Yongye's reluctance to drive the battered body, and the fatal blow he slammed once again cut off the most important support column in this section of the tunnel, causing the collapse. of.

Although the remaining specially-made reinforced blade finally couldn't bear the collapse and turned into dust, he also led away the Kabane in the outer part, leaving Kabane in the other half of the collapse, making himself Safe from the Kabane threat.

There are Kabane's corpses all around, and the road has been blocked, but Yong Ye, who is kneeling on the ground, is constantly bleeding, not only from his mouth, but also from his chest.

With this level of injury, with the medicine of this era, the only option is to wait for death, and his wound was also stained with a lot of Kabane's blood.

Although no one has been infected with Kabane through Kabane's blood, at least he has not heard of it, and all he sees are Kabane who have been bitten, but the possibility of becoming Kabane is very high when stained with blood .

---Is this the end? Just close your eyes and you'll be free.

To get relief from this world that has long been hopeless and which he does not like.

... However, it's still a little unwilling to come to an end like this.

Chapter 45: The Way of Promise

One thousand standard souls are enough, but unfortunately, it is meaningless. Leveling up can strengthen physical fitness, but it cannot heal injuries.

Although he does not know what the so-called Sword Saint of Warcraft is, he can understand from the knowledge in the inheritance that the Sword Saint does not have the ability to heal himself. It is a full-time combat unit, and Not part-time shaman.

It should have been like this... but... at this moment of death.

Unconsciously, he penetrated into the depths of his own consciousness, and discovered the broken and strange system, the unusual place.

In the depths of consciousness, there is an option next to the vague upgrade option.

With the existing 1,000 standard soul power, open and repair another lost inheritance \- the Promise Sword Saint.

Is it to continue the path of Warcraft Juggernaut, advance to gain stronger physical power and control new abilities, or open a new inheritance?

Undoubtedly, although he who lost the past does not know what the Promise Sword Saint is, he can only take the form of a dead horse as a living horse doctor and choose to start a new inheritance.

In the next instant, there was no shining golden light or divine light from heaven, just like when he obtained the fatal blow skill, but a large amount of knowledge poured into his mind, causing him, who was already suffering from brain hypoxia, to fall to the side because of his pain. .

The inheritance of Wuji Juggernaut is relatively more inclined to impart a part of knowledge, that is, knowledge about skills, and then rely on one's own comprehension and exercise. The inheritance of the stocking-like Warcraft Juggernaut must be complete and perfect, so there will be defects in the early stage.

This is an ancient tradition from an unknown world.

Wuji Kendo, or to be more precise, the Wuji Way.

Which one is stronger, the Warcraft Juggernaut or the Promise Juggernaut, is like asking which one is more powerful than a long spear or a long sword. There is no real answer. The specifics can only depend on the person who has obtained the inheritance.

By the way, why Yong Ye keeps saying that the system is broken, it is naturally because the system will only slowly increase his physical fitness for a period of time after the upgrade, and even the skills do not directly let him control the skills. The ultimate goal is to give him complete knowledge of the ability so that he can activate the minimum ability. If he wants to strengthen or fully control this ability later, he needs to see his own training and cultivation.

If you don't exercise by yourself, then knowledge is always just knowledge. Even if you upgrade and acquire the knowledge of the next stage, the ability will not change in the slightest.

The ability to put two inheritances in the same system is not the same, and the soul representing experience is also not universal, so Yongye is still the original body, but he has acquired the knowledge of the infinite way.

Without fainting, Yong Ye, who barely opened his eyes, felt that his life had become even weaker after such a tossing.

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