Chapter 37:When the Juggernaut Comes To the Second Dimension

Chapter 37:

He generally knows the inheritance of the Promise Sword Saint, and also understands the abilities of the Promise Sword Saint, but it is not completely just the basics. I think it is necessary to upgrade to further unlock that knowledge.

But now it's more important than how to become stronger... how to keep oneself alive is more important. The inheritance of the Promise Juggernaut allowed him to acquire the knowledge of Promise Swordsmanship from the very beginning. The ability to unlock again is the same as that of the Warcraft Juggernaut. It still requires a thousand standard souls to advance to the third level.

Because of a thousand standard souls, allowing him to acquire the Inheritance of the Promise Sword Saint at the beginning, it is equivalent to the second- level state that he can unlock the ability of a Promise Sword Saint after acquiring the knowledge of the elementary level Promise Swordsmanship.

There are two options, one, Alpha Raid; two, meditation. The third intermediate-level Wuji Kendo is temporarily unavailable, so there is no need to think about it.

Alpha Assault is an offensive ability that is not considered now, but the special meditation ability is exactly what he needs now who is seriously injured.

In this way, the choice is naturally clear.

He needs the "meditation" method of Wuji Dao to heal his injury.

After another instillation of knowledge, Yong Ye, who was able to breathe temporarily with his uninjured unilateral lung, pulled out the broken spear pierced through his chest with his trembling hands, accompanied by the blood mist sprayed around him. , he also spit out a lot of blood again.

With a pale face, he didn't even have the ability to stand up. Although he wanted to lie still on the ground, he endured the pain in his chest with one hand on his chest, and one hand barely supported himself to stand up, allowing himself to sit cross-legged.

Ordinary meditation cannot heal one's wounds on its own, but the way of Wuji is different. This special meditation is usually the practice of improving Wuji's swordsmanship, but when there is an abnormality in the body, it can mobilize the hidden potential of the body to heal the body.

Of course, because this is the primary level, it can only be done like this, just mobilize the hidden power of the body, speed up the healing of the injury, and prevent the blood loss.

Having just acquired this complete meditation knowledge, Yong Ye immediately followed the description of the knowledge, and stumbled for a while before entering the meditation state, controlling his own blood and trying to repair the perforation in the lungs, preventing the blood from the blood vessels from continuing to drain.

That's about it... At present, all he can do now is to make emergency repairs and barely keep his life going.

That's all, just repairing the main blood vessels, filling the loopholes in the left lung, he used up his own body energy, and with the current he can't repair the injury at one time, he simply fainted...

Now he should be glad, although it was only a rough treatment, after preventing the blood loss, due to the obstruction of the pleural cavity on both sides, the uninjured unilateral lung can breathe normally. On the premise that there is no serious bleeding now, he cannot die temporarily. .

"...Yongye? Hey...don't scare me! Uncle?! Don't die... Cheer up, cheer up... Get up! Aren't you strong?!... Don't die, don't die—!"

Wuming made a sound like he was about to cry, and carefully touched Yongye, who was still scarred, and wanted to wake up Yongye, who looked no different from the dead.

She once again wanted to cry because of her uselessness, because of her risky mess in the boiler.

"...don't shake hurts..."

After being shaken and forcibly awakening his consciousness, Yong Ye, who was lying on the ground, immediately felt a throbbing pain in his chest, and his voice was still the same as before, like a leaking bellows. Pain in the lungs.

The repair is not complete, but he can save his life by using meditation for the first time. He feels that this is already very good, and it is greed if the requirements are too high.

Chapter 46 Rescue

"Great, you...not're still alive! Still alive, uncle is still alive...!"


Yong Ye's awakening made the overjoyed girl pounce on the ground regardless of everything, and hug him directly, while Yong Ye groaned unconsciously because of the pain.

The black and bright short hair swept across his cheeks, making Yong Ye people feel itchy unconsciously.

In addition, he can clearly feel the soft touch of Wuming's overgrowth, but in contrast, the constant pain from the wounds all over his body is even better.

"You... idiot... If you thank me, just let me go...! If you don't let go... I'll be killed by you..."

"Ah... I'm sorry, I'm sorry... That's great, that's great..."

The girl closed her eyes tightly, bit her lip, her eyelashes trembled, and soon she smiled desperately with tears in her eyes, as if she was crying, no... she was crying at all.

Although he couldn't see it, Yong Ye could feel it. One drop, one drop, one drop, water droplets appeared one after another, and they kept slapping his cheeks. It was the touch of warm water droplets.

...It turns out that no one will cry? Unconsciously, this thought popped into his mind.

"...Cough cough... Thank you for the time being, it's good to be alive, but... instead of feeling this... Is there anything to eat? After strenuous exercise... I'm really hungry..."

After thanking the girl, regardless of the girl's ignorance, he didn't give her time to ask questions, as if he was diverting his attention, or if he was really hungry, Yong Ye recovered from the hunger in his stomach. The girl with the ability to move, said her situation.

"Oh, oh? Something to eat? I'm looking for..."

The girl who instinctively obeyed his words, groped her body with both hands, but found nothing, only a kunai she carried with her, and quickly realized that she had no food at all.

"Sorry... I'm Cabaneri, I don't eat human stuff..."

"Also...I don't think you will either..."

With a helpless sigh, Yong Ye put his hands on the ground, trying to sit up.

"No way! Your body..."

"It's okay, I won't die in a while."

"But... well, be careful..."

Staring at Yong Ye for a while, the girl finally succumbed to his will and carefully helped him sit up.

Yong Ye glanced around, it was completely dark, and the circuit had been completely destroyed due to the collapse of the tunnel, so the light bulbs were naturally extinguished.

To be honest, he can't see Wuming, and he can recognize Wuming by sound, but Wuming can see him unexpectedly. Maybe Kabaneri has the ability of night vision?

" always feels... maybe we'll be... trapped here."

"No! We will go out, we will go out!"

Wuming was so excited that he denied Yongye's words. Before Yongye could open his mouth to refute, the sound of falling stones and human voices came from the place where the tunnel entrance collapsed.

If there is no accident, it should be the people on the Iron Fort who dug the collapsed tunnel to find them.

"Listen! Sure enough, someone came to save us!"

"Yes, yes, I just joked with you just to ease the atmosphere... Could it be that I'm not suitable for joking? Well... Compared to this... it's just someone coming, don't be so excited, and... compared to this kind of thing ...I think there's going to be a lot of trouble."


Wuming asked suspiciously, but Yong Ye didn't answer her immediately, but groped on the ground beside him to find the weapons used by Kabane earlier.

"Yongye? What are you doing?"

"...find me a knife...tachi or katana."


"What do you think about my situation... what would those people on the Iron City think of me?"

"Hey... Although you have wounds all over your body, there are no wounds that Kabane bit you!"

"I haven't been bitten by Kabane... However, I have a lot of Kabane's blood on my body... There are so many wounds... How do those people generally behave in this situation... Don't you know? That group of books People who panic just blindly seek to protect themselves...but they can do anything."

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