Chapter 38:When the Juggernaut Comes To the Second Dimension

Chapter 38:

Yong Ye knew very well that when he used meditation, he not only healed the wound, but also expelled the foreign body in his body, that is, the blood of Kabane.

This ability not only allows him to carry out emergency repairs, but also enables him to obtain the ability to be invulnerable to all poisons. Whether it is a virus or anything, as long as he has time to use meditation, he can eliminate it. Of course, the premise is to use it. Time to meditate...

But ah, even if he really won't become Kabane, someone has to believe it, right? Due to inexplicable rules, he cannot disclose the inheritance of the Sword Saint to outsiders, and only he can use that knowledge.

He was not naive enough to think that those who were already in a panic because of fear could believe that he would not become Kabane just because of his one-sided words.

And Wuming listened to Yongye's words, thinking of the fear of Kabane in this world, and couldn't help but panic.

She relied on the ability of night vision to pick up a long knife from the weapons scattered on the ground before others came, and put it in Yongye's hand, she also picked up another knife at the same time, Expressed his determination in a firm tone.

"You didn't give up on me in the end, so I... will definitely protect you!"

"...I'm really grateful...but I can stand up by myself without any help..."

Yong Ye, who had regained a certain amount of physical strength, used the knife as a stick to support his body. In order to understand his current physical condition, he refused Wuming's support and relied on his own strength, and stood up again staggeringly.

"—Is there anyone in there! Wuming and Lord Yongye! Are they in here!"

The sound of falling stones at the exit of the tunnel stopped, and immediately someone shouted into it.

Obviously, the person who dug the tunnel did not want to enter this dark tunnel, for fear that Yongye and Wuming in it would die and Kabane would wait for them inside.

Chapter 47 Changes in Attitude

Yong Ye's lungs were severely injured, and although it was urgently repaired, it was still difficult to even breathe, and naturally it was impossible to answer loudly.

Wuming didn't answer because of his complicated mood. He just held Yong Ye, who was inconvenient in the dark with one hand in silence, and held a knife in the other, with the joy of being rescued and the vigilance of those who came. Complex leads the way for him ahead.

"Great! Both of you are fine!"

Seeing the two figures approaching one after the other, the big warrior Arakawa Kibito, who served the Sifang River family, immediately greeted him happily.

However, when the two approached and appeared in a well-lit place, he saw Yong Ye, who seemed to be fished out of a pool of blood, covered in blood from himself and Kabane, with tattered clothes and many wounds. The smile froze immediately.

"Lord Yongye... Could the wound on your body be caused by Kabane...?"

"He was just injured by the weapon of the thief!"

Compared with the indifferent Yong Ye, Wuming, who was quite nervous about this question, directly answered the question for Yong Ye.

"But...even so, Kabane's blood must have touched the wound, right? Although none of us have been touched by Kabane's blood, but in this case..."

Huanghe Jibei is a very good person, and Zhai Xinhou is talking about a person like him. Even though he is very entangled and embarrassed, he did not point his gun at Yongye.

The other warriors who followed, however, aimed their guns at Yong Ye, with a terrified and nervous expression, and murmured unconsciously with trembling lips.

"Too dangerous... This man is too dangerous..."

"He will become Kabane... People like him will become Kabane and will definitely be a skill thief, and no one will be able to live by then..."

"It must be now, or it will be too late..."

Aside from Arakawa Kibitu, the other three warriors had the same attitude and wanted to get rid of Yongye before he became Kabane.

"Heh... If you have the ability, try to shoot... Even if I am like this... just the three of you can't be my opponent...!"

Lifting the knife as a crutch, Yong Ye, who was in an attacking stance, couldn't see the slightest trace of friendliness in his eyes, some...just dark and cold killing intent.


It was obvious that they were only facing people who had difficulty walking, but the three warriors were forced by their aura. They acted instinctively as if a woman had encountered a beast. When they stepped back, they even fell directly to the ground. Fingers pulled the trigger involuntarily.

The bullet was powered by steam and flew from the muzzle, but because of the fall, the muzzle went up and hit the ceiling and was shot in the air.

"You bastards! If you want to hurt this guy, pass me first! If you act rashly, I will—kill you!"

Wuming held Kunai in one hand and a long sword in the other hand, standing in front of Yongye in a dignified manner, the murderous intent in his words was not fake.

Although she has not experienced kendo practice, she has learned a lot. No matter what she can use, she can use it very well. After resting on the ground for so long, she has recovered a lot of physical strength. At this distance, she has to deal with three, even if With the four gun-wielding warriors including Arakawa Kibitu, it wasn't too difficult for her.

"Don't! Don't do it! Everyone calm down, we are not enemies, we are here to save you!"

Among the samurai at the scene, only Arakawa Kibitu remained rational, and did not directly identify Yongye as an infected person that must be eliminated.

Of course, the main reason may be that, although Yong Ye and Wuming look very embarrassed, the dead camel is bigger than the horse, and now the conflict is afraid...

Wooooooooo~! Wooooooooo~!

Outside the cave, the familiar whistle sounded suddenly, attracting everyone's attention to the direction of the cave entrance.

"Is it an emergency?! The Iron City is sounding the alarm! Let's get out of here first!"

When an emergency alert appeared, Arakawa Kibitu immediately turned around and prepared to leave, while the other three samurai stared at each other and hesitated to do so.

Wuming ignored their hesitations, and while guarding them, he helped Yong Ye to go outside, and together with him, he walked towards the Iron City.

Leaving the dark and dull underground tunnel, and looking up from the ground of the boiler pit, the surrounding area is like a terraced field rising step by step. Dense golden spots of light quickly crawled towards the ground from the edge of the huge terraced pit.

And this monster is also the monster Yong Ye witnessed on the top of the mountain fortress. Although the shape is different, this kind of creature is originally composed of a large number of Kabane, and it should be normal to change its body shape. right?

The warriors of the Iron Fortress did not come here to save people, but to take a Type 48 guard gun that fell for some reason when the fortress at the bottom of the pit fell.

Passing by here and saving people by the way, after all, Yong Ye and Wuming are also fighting powers, so they cannot be easily wasted.

Of course, this refers to the thoughts of most people. If it is Sifang Chuanchangpu who directed this operation, then with Sifang Chuanchangpu's character, saving people may be the main purpose.

Well... not to mention that for now.

At present, the aggregation monster did not attack them immediately, but to absorb and aggregate human beings and Kabane, whether it was a corpse or a living one, all of them were absorbed on the body, and together they increased its own volume.

He kept reversing and planned to exit the Iron Fortress at the bottom of the pit. The previous scene similar to Ikoma's exposure of Kabaneri's identity appeared on Yongye's body like a copy.

To say the reason is naturally the same as in the previous tunnel, because of the wound on his body and the blood of Kabane.

Sifang Chuanchangpu was behind the samurai, covering his mouth with both hands to prevent the exclamation from appearing, and looked at Yongye with sad eyes.

"These wounds on your body, Your Excellency Yong Ye..."

"Eternal Night will not become Kabane!"

On the outer aisle of Jia Tiecheng, Wuming stood in front of Yong Ye as before, ready to fight with a knife in one hand and Kunwu in the other.

She believes that Yong Ye will not become Kabane. If you want to ask the reason and basis, there is really no reason. This is the so-called... girl's intuition?

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