Chapter 39:When the Juggernaut Comes To the Second Dimension

Chapter 39:

Hmm... Of course, it's also possible that this is the case because sensibility overwhelms rationality.

Chapter 48 The backbone of being a man?

"But, but...! There's so much blood on his body, it can't be just his own blood, there must be some less Kabane, right?"

Sifang Chuanchangpu was embarrassed by Yongye and Wuming, and it was very embarrassing to watch it back and forth several times. Sifang Chuanchangpu, who lacked assertiveness and courage, could not make a decision at this time.

Unlike ordinary warriors, Yongye has always been the leader of the original armored and iron city warriors, although these warriors on the original armored iron city have turned to the other side because of his physical changes.

Hmm... I believe that if there are traces of infection in Sifang Chuanchangpu, in addition to the die-hard warriors who really abide by the Bushido and have some other feelings for Sifang Chuanchangpu, other samurai who only want to survive will also be. Definitely will betray the first time.

However, even if he lost the support of the samurai, Yongye's own strength was the strongest in the Iron City, and it was far inferior to those of the other samurai. Although he was seriously injured, Wuming, who was the second strongest, also stood by him. side of...

In the current situation, once there is a conflict between the two sides, I am afraid that even if the aggregate monsters can be dealt with later, they will not be able to persist to the next fortress. Therefore, Sifang Chuanchangpu really has no way to show the courage at this time. to make a decision...

"What's wrong with a little blood? Even if there is a suspicion of being infected, it's still locked up for three days, isn't it?!"

Ignoring Sifang Chuanchangpu's inner entanglement, Wuming still stared at the samurai who raised their guns at them, stating the general rules.


"No, this method can't be used on him, Yong Ye is too dangerous! After becoming a skill thief, there is no injury limit, even you Kabaneri will not be his opponent at all! The entire armored city will die! He must die for all of us!"

The warriors knew Yongye's strength very well. They concluded that Wuming could not defeat Yongye, who had no injury restrictions after becoming Kabane, and expressed a resolute attitude of exclusion. Yong Ye, who watched indifferently, threw a self-determination bag and said what they had said to the bitten warriors in the past.

"Lord Yongye! Let's see how strong you are as a man!! Are you not a Sword Saint?! Don't humiliate the honor of the title of Sword Saint?"

The impassioned voice made Yong Ye glance at the warrior, but he only glanced at it, and he just felt bored and ignored it.

Not only is it boring, but his lungs hurt when he talks. If he can, he doesn't want to talk to this kind of person, and he's lazy to justify anything. Anyway, they won't believe what they say, right?

Therefore, the one who spoke on his behalf was still dissatisfied and angry, with a dangerous light reflected in his eyes, Wuming.

"What are you kidding?! Asshole! If you have the ability..."

"—Stop arguing!"

Just when the tension between the two sides was tense, and it seemed like a conflict was imminent, Ikoma, shirtless and unclothed, with several metal bars and belts on his upper body suddenly ran over and interrupted their words.

"The aggregate monster has swallowed up the Kabane and the corpse under the boiler pit has grown bigger! And it is running towards the Iron City! Now is not the time for infighting! Hurry up and find a way to solve it! Otherwise, wait for it We'll all die here if we catch up!"

"Say, that's what I said... Let's talk about this matter for a while. Let's find a way to deal with that monster first."

There is nothing to do about the status quo. Considering that Yongye has not shown any signs of becoming Kabane, Sifang Chuanchangpu can only temporarily give priority to dealing with the gathered monsters.

Although... the samurai under her did not agree, and planned to persuade them to say something, but Yong Ye, who was hungry and couldn't bear it, ignored them, just greeted Wuming, and staggered into the end of the countdown with the sword as a staff. Second carriage.


Returning to the carriage that I didn't know why, but not long after I left, I felt inexplicably a little long-lost, Yong Ye immediately took out the sack stored here from under the bed without saying a word.

Because the hunger was too unbearable, he ignored the blood and dust on his hands and took out the food he had collected from the city directly from the sack. These rare goods, all uncategorized, are stuffed into their mouths.

Wuming, who came in later, was still angry at the attitude of the previous group, but when he saw his reincarnation of a starving ghost, he couldn't help laughing immediately.

"Are you that hungry? Pay attention to what you eat, I don't know if you thought you were hungry for half a year~"


Wu Yan glanced at Wuming who was squatting beside him, but Yong Ye still didn't speak, not only because his lungs hurt when talking, but more importantly because his mouth was too full.

Although he didn't get along for a long time, he had already had a high resistance to nameless ridicule.

"Well... I also know that it is definitely inconvenient for you to speak now, so you should eat slowly and not in a hurry."

Wuming patted Yong Ye on the shoulder, stood up and walked towards the door, as if she was about to leave here, and when she opened the door, facing Yong Ye's incomprehensible gaze, she turned to face Yong Ye. Ye explained and warned.

"The fusion group is too fast and it won't take long before the armored city is caught up, so I have to cooperate with those people to solve the fusion group first, and you will be back when you are alone, so be careful! "

"...Integrated groups?...How to solve it?"

Yong Ye, who took a sip of water and forcibly swallowed the food, came up with this name out of curiosity. If there was no accident, this should be the name of the aggregate monster, but compared to this, he was more curious about how Wuming planned to deal with the big guy.

You must know that the monster is very large. It is a monster gathered by countless Kabane. Even in his heyday, it is impossible to be an opponent. Even if he kills a few Kabane on that monster, he will be easily smashed.

"The fusion group is made of a kabane as the core, and the groups of kabane are assembled into a huge object, which will continue to absorb humans and kabane and grow and grow, whether it is alive or dead, it can be absorbed. Generally, It's pretty tricky."

"Then how do you... solve that monster..."

"Don't force yourself to speak, and don't worry. As long as you kill the blue light-emitting Kabane at the core, you can solve it. Originally, it was very difficult, but those people just got a 48-type guard gun. The 48-style guard artillery blasted the Kabbah that covered the periphery, and I was able to break into and kill the core inside, and then jumped back to the high-speed armored iron city before the aggregation group disbanded, and quickly escaped from the still alive Kaba in the aggregation group. range of attack."

"…You must be careful."

"Uncle, you must be careful. If I haven't come back, don't open the door when other people come."

"...don't worry I'm not a kid, and...I have this."

In the face of Wuming who was very worried about his safety, Yong Ye nonchalantly knocked on the unscabbard Tachi that he picked up beside him, indicating that she didn't need to worry about herself.

"Well... In short, you have to be careful, because everyone is afraid of your ability to become Kabane."

Although he was worried that Yong Ye, who was seriously injured, was left alone, Wuming left the carriage in a state of turning back and forth in one step.

Because if she doesn't go, no one else can be up to the task of attacking the center of the fusion group. When the Iron City is knocked down, everyone will die.


After Wuming left, Yong Ye locked the car door from the inside, and then began to eat.

After eating almost feeling his stomach full, he started his second meditation.

However... the effect of his second meditation was very different from what he expected.

Since the previous meditation used up all the energy in the body, eating is only to achieve satiety and a certain degree of replenishment. There is no way to fully replenish that kind of body energy in a short period of time. If you just replenish food, the energy efficiency of meditation is terrifyingly low.

The effect of this second meditation, even if all the food in the stomach is digested, is not satisfactory.

Because of the existence of energy conservation, meditation also requires energy to repair the body, and the main energy required for repair is probably something similar to life force, and some similar to the power of the soul.

Although the specifics are explained in the inheritance of Wuji Juggernaut, and the method of exercise is also given, unfortunately because of the time problem, he has not yet figured it out. In lieu of this energy consumption, the energy efficiency is terribly low as mentioned earlier.

That potential energy also exists in ordinary human beings, it is just a matter of whether it is more or less, but it will not be used normally. In Yongye’s case, because the system has used the soul of the deceased to enhance his power several times, the energy is higher than that of ordinary people. much more.

However... even if he is more than ordinary people, it is still far from enough. It is not an easy task for Yongye to completely repair his own damage, and it is not something that can be completed in two or three days.

At least in the first use of meditation, the energy is consumed in the eternal night, because the energy recovery is slow, and it is difficult to achieve continuous and efficient meditation treatment. Feeling completely powerless.

Therefore, in this case, he can no longer consume the power of this kind of biological essence. At present, he can only give priority to repairing the muscle tissue of the body, preparing to let himself at least move freely and restore a certain combat power.

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